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Stuart Taylor

Stuart Taylor was a time traveler. In each story Stuart Taylor, Laura and scientist Dr. Hayward would travel to a different period in time. Many of the stories were adventure tales. They remind one of the costume dramas that were so popular in Hollywood movies of the era. Like the movies, these tales were often full of exciting fights and dramatic suspense scenes.

Stuart, Laura, and Doctor Hayward get ready for (1944). Writer: ? Art: Lee Ames?. The time travelers get involved in the witchcraft persecutions in Salem, Massachusetts.

The most enjoyable feature is on the first page. It shows Stuart Taylor wearing a skeleton costume for a modern day Halloween party.

Through the ages men grit their teeth...and (1944). Writer: ? Art: ?. Stuart Taylor goes back to the time of Casanova, and changes clothes and identities with him. This story has a lot of humorous observations on "great lovers". It wryly suggests that while they might be fun to think about, that they might not be the most admirable people. The mood is good natured, however, and lacking in malice or bitterness.

The artist has made Stuart Taylor look good in his dashing period clothes. His coat has a big collar and cuffs, and he also wears ruffles.