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The Rifleman: The Assailants

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Arthur H. Nadel

Arthur H. Nadel is an American film and television director. He began as an editor.

Some common subjects in the films of Arthur Nadel:


Minorities and Civil Rights:


Nadel and prolific Rifleman screenwriter Arthur Browne Jr. made the Elvis Presley vehicle Clambake (1967), a film also produced by The Rifleman producers Laven, Gardner and Levy.

The Rifleman: The Assailants

The Assailants (1962) is Nadel's first film as a director. It is an entertaining macho fantasy.

Nadel went on to re-make this unofficially as a The Virginian episode, No Drums, No Trumpets (1966). Both films have a similar plot premise. But The Virginian episodes are three times as long as The Rifleman. This lead to a great deal of development and change of the political background, characters with new personalities, and new plot incidents. I enjoyed both films.

The Big Valley: Hide the Children

Hide the Children (1966) is is a powerful look at the prejudices faced by Gypsies. By implication, it offers full support of the Civil Rights movement, then in progress in real life.