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Adam McKay

Adam McKay is a Hollywood film writer and director.

Ron Howard's Call to Action

Ron Howard's Call to Action (2008) is a campaign film, written by Adam McKay and dirtied by Jake Szymanski. It is short film, with actor-director Ron Howard urging people to vote for Obama.

The Big Short

The Big Short (2015) is about the financial crisis of 2007.

An Unusual Mystery

The Big Short has strong links to the genre of mystery films. It is like a variation on the mystery paradigm:

Economics Films

In the early days of silent film, story films often incorporated economics and financial processes. Corner in Wheat (D. W. Griffith, 1909) shows a commodity trader who corners the wheat market, and the harm this causes regular people. Isn't Life Wonderful (D. W. Griffith, 1924) shows hyper-inflation in Germany. Throughout his career the films of Allan Dwan showed complex financial processes - something documented in detail in the linked article on Dwan. Sometimes these were the central core of the film: The Inside Story (Allan Dwan, 1948) teaches a lesson about keeping money in circulation. Other silent directors examined the roles of wages, labor and industry in people's lives.

All of these films explain their financial processes clearly. They offer accounts that most people can understand. These films mix education about economics, with drama and comedy.

The Big Short revives this 100-year-old tradition. It too is built around economics. It offers the audience explicit education in the economy, Wall Street and financial assets like Credit Default Swaps.

The Big Short also reflects modern interests:

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Eccentric Story Telling

The Big Short has many interludes, in which non-standard techniques of story telling are employed.

One sees unusual techniques in other contemporary works. The TV series Limitless often features them.