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Joseph Kane

Joseph Kane is an American film and television director, especially of Westerns.

Some common subjects in the films of Joseph Kane:

Story Structure:

Subjects: Imagery: Costumes:


Here are ratings for various films directed by Joseph Kane. Everything at least **1/2 is recommended.

Feature films:

Cheyenne: Laramie:

Gold Mine in the Sky

Gold Mine in the Sky (1938) is a Western. It is rich in delightful music, with near constant songs from Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette.

Cheyenne: War Party

War Party (1957) is a lively episode of Cheyenne.

Cheyenne: Deadline

Deadline (1957) is Kane's second episode of Cheyenne.

Deadline sometimes shows a geometric visual style:

Cheyenne: Big Ghost Basin

Big Ghost Basin (1957) is a Western-mystery combination. It is one of the best episodes of Cheyenne. The mystery elements are eerie, suspenseful and richly puzzling.

Big Ghost Basin is based on the short story "The Fire Killer" by Steve Frazee. Frazee was a Western writer who was also prestigious in the mystery field, for his tales that hybridized crime and the Western. "The Fire Killer" is reprinted in The Best Western Stories of Steve Frazee (1989).

The basic premise, a mystery about an unknown monster (?) attacking in the countryside by night, is also the subject of the French film Le Pacte des loups / The Brotherhood of the Wolf (Christophe Gans, 2001). The two films have very different solutions, however.

Bob Hover, one of the actors, is perhaps better known as a bodybuilder, and a model for physical culture magazines of the era. This is likely one of his best roles.