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Color in the Arts

This is a portal with links to articles on my sites about Color in films and painting.


Film Directors (these articles discuss the directors' color approaches, along with many other aspects of their films): My list of purple-and-yellow costumes in film and comic books.

My own mystery short story, set against making a film in two-color Technicolor (light-hearted fun):

Banning the Blues

"If it be true, as veteran Polish director Aleksander Ford once observed, that the cinema of tomorrow is the cinema of wide screen and color, then Sirk's formal achievements will have led the way towards a more sensuous future." Andrew Sarris, "The American Cinema" (1968).

My 10 favorite uses of color in Music Videos:


Kazimir Malevich, Liubov Popova, Olga Rozanova

American Still Life Painting

Mystery Fiction

Writers of prose mystery fiction include color imagery in their stories: