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This lists my favorite TV episodes. These are recommended viewing.

It is NOT a complete list of episodes for these programs.


W: Written by: both story and script

St: Story

Scr: Script. The writer did the script, but not necessarily the story of the show.

D: Director

C: Costumes by. Usually this is for the whole series.

Ph: Photographed by

(120) The show is 120 minutes long - a double episode. Similarly, (30), (60), (90).

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Drama Anthologies


See my articles on Paul Nickell and Robert Mulligan.

6-29-49 JUNE MOON Scr: Gerald Goode D: Walter Hart based on play by by Ring Lardner & George S. Kaufman

8-17-53 SENTENCE OF DEATH Scr: Adrian Spies D; Matt Harlib based on the 1948 short story by Thomas Walsh

11-30-53 CONFESSIONS OF A NERVOUS MAN W: Georg Axelrod D: Paul Nickell

5-31-54 THE DEATH AND LIFE OF LARRY BENSON W: Reginald Rose D: Paul Nickell

9-20-54 TWELVE ANGRY MEN W: Reginald Rose D: Franklin J. Schaffner

11-8-54 AN ALMANAC OF LIBERTY W: Reginald Rose D: Paul Nickell

5- 2-55 SUMMER PAVILION W: Gore Vidal D: Paul Nickell

1- 2-56 DINO W: Reginald Rose D: Paul Nickell

2-25, 3-4-57 THE DEFENDER W: Reginald Rose D: Robert Mulligan


5-16-55 FRANCE'S GREATEST DETECTIVE Scr: Wells Root based on article by: Irving Wallace D: Peter Godfrey


10-12-55 DAY IS DONE W: William Tunberg D: Frank Borzage

12-7-55 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR St: W.R. Burnett Scr: Frank S. Nugent D: John Ford

12-21-55 THE SILENT PARTNER St: Barbara Hammer & George Marshall Scr: Barbara Hammer D: George Marshall

1-11-56 IT'S ALWAYS SUNDAY St: Jesse Goldstein & Frank Fox Scr: D.D. Beauchamp D: Allan Dwan

2-22-56 AFFAIR IN SUMATRA St: Hobart Donavan Scr: Michael Fessier D: Byron Haskin

9- 5-56 THE DAY I MET CARUSO Scr: Zoe Akins D: Frank Borzage Based on a short 1955 piece by: Elizabeth Bacon Rodewald

9-12-56 HIGH AIR St: Borden Chase Scr: A.I. Bezzerides D: Allan Dwan


11-2-55 THE OX-BOW INCIDENT Scr: David Dortort D: Gerd Oswald based on the screenplay by: Lamar Trotti, novel by: Walter Van Tilburg Clark


2-19-56 TRAGEDY IN A TEMPORARY TOWN W: Reginald Rose D: Sidney Lumet


4-16-58 THREE PLAYS BY TENNESSEE WILLIAMS W: Tennessee Williams D: Sidney Lumet


5-29-56 THE BOY NOBODY WANTED Scr: Laszlo Gorog D: Richard Kinon based on an article by: Winfred Van Atta & Gwendolen Sherman


3-31-57 CINDERELLA W: Oscar Hammerstein D: Ralph Nelson

58 COOL AND LAM Scr: Edmund L. Hartmann D: Jacques Tourneur based on novel "Turn On the Heat" by Erle Stanley Gardner


11-14-60 THE MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF TADPOLE CHAN W: Albert Beich D: Jacques Tourneur

1-30-61 DRAGON BY THE TAIL W: Albert Beich D: Jacques Tourneur

4-24-61 FRIGHTENED DOLL W: A.I. Bezzerides D: Jacques Tourneur


11-15-63 THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR (Hope, Crosby) W: Albert E. Lewin & Burt Styler D: Jack Arnold

11- 9-66 DEAR DEDUCTIBLE W: Raphael David Blau D: Jess Oppenheimer

2-1-67 THE LADY IS MY WIFE St: Jack Laird Scr: Halsted Welles D: Sam Peckinpah


12-28-64 CAROL FOR ANOTHER CHRISTMAS W: Rod Serling D: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Drama Series


10-28-60 THE MAN ON THE MONKEY BOARD W: Sterling Silliphant D: Roger Kay

10-26-62 LIZARD'S LEG AND OWLET'S WING W: Sterling Silliphant D: Robert Gist


12-3-62 CHICAGO GAINS A NUMBER W: Elliot L. Sims D: Lamont Johnson


12-23-63 CREEPS LIVE HERE W: Philip H. Reisman Jr. D: Walter Grauman


10-8-63 I DON'T EVEN LIVE HERE W: Milt Rosen D: Abner Biberman

1- 5-65 FROM THE BROW OF ZEUS W: Mel Goldberg D: Ron Winston

PARIS 7000

3- 5-70 SHATTERED IDOL (William Shatner) W: Richard Caffey & John Wilder D: Jeannot Szwarc


11-16-71 SEPTEMBER SONG W: Jerome Ross D: Leo Penn

Made for TV Movies


9-23-69 THE IMMORTAL (90) Scr: Robert Specht D: Joseph Sargent based on the novel by James Gunn

11-18-69 RUN A CROOKED MILE (120) W: Trevor Wallace D: Gene Levitt

1- 9-70 SOLE SURVIVOR (90) W: Guerdon Trueblood D: Paul Stanley

3- 9-70 THE MASK OF SHEBA (120) W: Sam Rolfe D: David Lowell Rich

9-22-70 HOW AWFUL ABOUT ALLAN (90) Scr: Henry Farrell based on Farrell's novel D: Curtis Harrington

1-26-71 THE FEMINIST AND THE FUZZ (90) W: James Henerson D: Jerry Paris

3- 1-71 RANSOM FOR A DEAD MAN (120) Scr: Dean Hargrove D: Richard Irving St: Richard Link & William Levinson

2-28-71 INCIDENT IN SAN FRANCISCO (120) Scr: Robert Dozier D: Don Medford based on "Incident at 125th Street" By J E Brown Photography: William W. Spenser

4- 6-71 ESCAPE! (90) W: Paul Playdon D: John Llewellyn Moxey Art Director: Walter M. Jeffries

9-21-71 CONGRATULATONS, IT'S A BOY (90) W: Stanley Z. Cherry D: William A. Graham

10- 8-71 THE FACE OF FEAR (90) Scr: Edward Hume D: George McCowan based on "Sally" by E V Cunningham

11-26-71 A DEATH OF INNOCENCE (90) Scr: Joseph Stefano D: Paul Wendkos based on the novel by Zelda Popkin

11-30-71 BRIAN'S SONG (90) Scr: William Blinn D: Buzz Kulik based on "I am Third" by Gale Sayers

11- 6-71 REVENGE! (90) Scr: Joseph Stefano D: Jud Taylor based on a novel by Elizabeth Davis

12-17-71 DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES (90) Scr: Robert Dozier D: Walter Grauman based on "To Save His Life" by Kelly Roos

12-17-71 THEY CALL IT MURDER (120) Scr: Sam Rolfe D: Walter Grauman based on "The D.A. Draws a Circle" by Erle Stanley Gardner

1-22-72 THE PEOPLE (90) Scr: James M. Miller D: John Korty based on the stories by Zenda Henderson

2-15-72 CALL HER MOM (90) W: Ken Solm & Gail Parent D: Jerry Paris

2-20-72 THE ADVENTURES OF NICK CARTER (90) W: Ken Pettus D: Paul Krasny

3- 3-72 HEAT OF ANGER (90) W: Fay Kanin D: Don Taylor

9-27-72 SAY GOODBYE, MAGGIE COLE (90) W: Sandor Stern D: Jud Taylor

10-17-72 GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE (90) W & D: Peter Hyams

11- 6-72 MAGIC CARPET (120) W: Ranald McDougal D: William Graham

11-28-72 HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (90) W: Joseph Stefano D: John Llewellyn Moxey

11-29-72 THE HEIST (90) W: Lionel E. Siegel D: Don McDougall

12-19-72 YOUR MONEY OR YOUR WIFE (90) Scr: J. P. Miller D: Allen Reisner based on the book by John Craig

1-30-73 BIRDS OF PREY (90) St: Rubert Hitzig & Robert Boris Scr: Boris D: William A. Graham

2-14-73 THE GIRLS OF HUNTINGTON HOUSE (90) Scr: Paul Savage D: Alf Kjellin based on the novel by Blossom Elfman

2-26-73 THE STRANGER (120) W: Gerald Sanford D: Lee H. Katzin

2-27-73 I LOVE A MYSTERY (120) (Made in 1966) W & D: Leslie Stevens

3-17-73 THE MAGICIAN (90) St: Joseph Stefano Scr: Laurence Heath D: Marvin Chomsky

3-23-73 GENESIS II (90) W: Gene Roddenbery D: John Llewellyn Moxey

3-24-73 PARTNERS IN CRIME (90) W: David Shaw D: Jack Smight

3-31-73 HITCHED (90) W: Richard Alan Simmons D: Boris Sagal

11-28-73 CATHOLICS (90) Scr: Brian Moore D: Jack Gold based on Moore's novella

12-11-73 THE CAT CREATURE (90) St: Bloch, Douglas Cramer & Wilford Lloyd Baumes Scr: Robert Bloch D: Curtis Harrington

12-19-73 PIONEER WOMAN (90) W: Suzanne Clauser D: Buzz Kulik

1-23-74 THE QUESTOR TAPES (120) St: Gene Roddenberry Scr: Roddenberry & Gene L. Coon D: Richard Colla

1-26-74 HEAT WAVE (90) St Herbert W. Solov Scr: Peter Allan Fields & Mark Weingarten D: Jerry Jameson

1-31-74 THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MISS JANE PITTMAN (120) Scr: Tracy Keenan Wynn D: John Korty based on the novel by:

2- 9-74 THE ELEVATOR (90) W: Bruce Shelley & Dave Ketchun D: Jerry Jameson

4-23-74 PLANET EARTH (90) St: Gene Roddenberry Scr: Roddenberry & Juanita Bartlett D: Marc Daniels

5- 6-74 THE UNDERGROUND MAN (120) Scr: Douglas Heyes D: Paul Wendkos based on the novel by Ross MacDonald

9-17-74 THE SEX SYMBOL (90) W: Alvah Bessie D: David Lowell Rich based on his novel "The Symbol"

12-17-74 THIS IS THE WEST THAT WAS (90) W: Sam Rolfe D: Fielder Cook

12-19-74 JUDGE DEE IN THE MONASTERY MURDERS (120) Scr: Nicholas Meyer D: Jeremy Kagan based on "Judge Dee at the Haunted Monastery" by Robert Van Gulik

1-14-75 THE DEAD DON'T DIE (90) W: Robert Bloch D: Curtis Harrington

2-19-75 THE FAMILY NOBODY WANTED (90) Scr: Suzanne Clauser D: Ralph Senensky St: Helen Doss, based on her book

2-25-75 JOURNEY FROM DARKNESS (120) St: Steven Pouliot Scr: Peggy Chantler Dick D: James Goldstone

2-27-75 IN THIS HOUSE OF BREDE (120) Scr: James Costigan D: George Schaefer based on the novel by Rumer Godden

3-24-75 CROSSFIRE (90) W: Phillip Saltzman D: William Hale

4- 2-75 DEAD MAN ON THE RUN (90) W: Ken Pettus D: Bruce Bilson

4-12-75 GIBBSVILLE: THE TURNING POINT OF JIM MOLLOY Scr & D: Frank D. Gilroy based on short stories by: John O'Hara

4-18-75 FIRST LADIES DIARIES: RACHEL JACKSON (90) W: Jerome Alden D: Ira Cirker

5- 4-75 BARBARY COAST (120) W & Creator: Douglas Heyes D: Bill Bixby

5-14-75 PROMISE HIM ANYTHING (90) W: O. O. Fry D: Edward Parone

5-20-75 DEATH AMONG FRIENDS (90) W: Stanley Ralph Ross D: Paul Wendkos

10- 2-75 FEAR ON TRIAL (120) W: David W. Rintels D: Lamont Johnson

3-19-76 TIME TRAVELLERS (90) St: Rod Serling Scr: Jackson Gillis D: Alexander Singer

5- 1-76 TWIN DETECTIVES (90) St: Specht & Robert Carrington & Everett Chambers Scr: Robert Specht D: Robert Day

5-16-76 F. SCOTT FITZGERALD IN HOLLYWOOD (120) W: James Costigan D: Anthony Page

11-22-76 THE SAVGE BEES (120) W: Guerdon Trueblood D: Bruce Geller

2-25-77 SST - DEATH FLIGHT (120) St: Guerdon Trueblood Scr: Robert L. Joseph & Meyer Dolinsky D: David Lowell Rich

4-28-77 SNOW BEAST (120) W: Joseph Stefano D: Herb Wallerstein

1977 COMPUTERCIDE W: Robert W. Foster & Anthony Wilson D: Robert Michael Lewis

12-17-77 THE INCREDIBLE ROCKY MOUNTAIN RACE W: Tom Chapman & David O'Malley D: James L. Conway

3-14-78 PERFECT GENTLEMEN W: Nora Ephron D: Jackie Cooper

5-26-78 KATE BLISS AND THE TICKERTAPE KID St: John Zodorow Scr: William Bowers & Zodorow D: Burt Kennedy

9-13-78 CLONE MASTER W: John D. F. Black D: Don Medford

10-2,3-78 LITTLE WOMEN W: Suzanne Clauser D: David Lowell Rich

11- 3-78 HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS! W: Jordan Crittenden & Peter Gethers & David Handler & Persky D: Bill Persky

12-20-78 ISHI: THE LAST OF HIS TRIBE Scr: Dalton & Christopher Trumbo D: Robert Ellis Miller

3-25-79 SOONER OR LATER W: Carol & Bruce Hart D: Bruce Hart

4-10-79 THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN GUN W: James D. Parriott D: Alan J. Levi C: Grady Hunt

4-15-79 THE BILLION DOLLAR THREAT W: Jimmy Sangster D: Barry Shear

4-28-79 I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS Scr: Leonora Thuna & Maya Angelou D: Fielder Cook

4-30-79 SAMURAI W: Jerry Ludwig D: Lee H. Katzin


1967 ALADDIN (The Prince Street Players) D: Nick Havinga

6-17-73 THE FABULOUS DR. FABLE W: George Wells D: Bernard Girard Music: Billy Goldenberg

11-23-73 JULIE ANDREWS ON SESAME STREET Head W: Bob Ellison D: Dwight Hemion

1974 ANOTHER APRIL (30) W: Lila Garrett D: Alan Rafkin




1976 Scr: Douglas Heyes D: (most episodes) Heyes Adaptation: Stephen & Elinor Karpf D: (6th hour) Allen Reisner (10 hours) (The best hours are 1, 2, 6, and 8).


10-27-78 GENERATIONS W: Loring Mandel D: Glenn Jordan


Art Directors: Michael Eve & Richard Lake C: James Dark Producer: Joan Brown

FLICKERS (6 episodes) (1980) W: Roy Clarke D: Cyril Coke

PICTURES (7 episodes) (1981) W: Roy Clarke D: Carol Wiseman



Please see my articles on Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen comic books.

4-28-56 JIMMY THE KID W: Leroy H. Zehren D: Philip Ford


Please see my article on Batman comic books.

3-9,10-66 TRUE OR FALSE FACE / HOLY RAT RACE W: Stephen Kandel D: William A. Graham

3-1,2-67 A PIECE OF THE ACTION / BATMAN'S SATISFACTION (Van Williams as the Green Hornet) W: Charles Hoffman D: Oscar Rudolph

2-1,8-68 THE GREAT ESCAPE / THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY W: Stanley Ralph Ross D: Oscar Rudolph


10-21,28-66 BEAUTIFUL DREAMER W: Ken Pettus & Lorenzo Semple Jr. D: Allen Reisner


1-25-74 SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST (Plane forced down on island) W: Mann Rubin D: Leslie H. Martinson


11-10-76 BLACK MAGIC (Vincent Price) W: Arthur Rowe D: Barry Crane


12-6-75 SCUBA DUBA (Brian Byers as scuba diver) W: Sidney Morse D: Arnold Laven


11- 7-75 THE NEW, ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN (90) W: Stanley Ralph Ross D: Leonard J. Horn

1-19-79 CAPTAIN AMERICA St: Don Ingalls & Chester Krumholz Scr: Ingalls D: Rod Holcomb


2-16-77 WONDER WOMAN IN HOLLYWOOD W: Jimmy Sangster D: Bruce Bilson

10-28-77 THE QUEEN AND THE THIEF W: Bruce Shelley D: Jack Arnold

4-21-78 THE MURDEROUS MISSILE W: Dick Nelson D: Dick Moder

10- 6-78 THE DEADLY STING W: Dick Nelson D: Alan Crosland

10-20-78 DISCO DEVIL W: Alan Brennert D: Leslie H. Martinson

1-26-79 SPACED-OUT W: Bill Taylor D: Ivan Dixon

3-10-79 A DATE WITH DOOMSDAY W: Roland Starke & Dennis Landa D: Curtis Harrington


4-5,12-78 DEADLY DUST W: Robert Janes D: Ronald C. Satlof

Science Fiction


9-30-59 MOON PROBE W: Arthur Weiss D: Walter Doniger

10-7-59 MOON LANDING W: James Clavell D: Walter Doniger

11-4-59 LOST MISSILE W: Michael Plant D: Walter Doniger

12-30-59 QUARANTINE W: Stuart J. Byrne D: Walter Doniger


1-31-67 THE LEECHES W: Daniel B. Ullman D: Paul Wendkos

4- 4-67 STORM (Hurricane, priest) W: John Kneubuhl D: Paul Wendkos

12-26-67 TASK FORCE (Publisher, Linden Chiles) W: Warren Duff D: Gerald Mayer

2-27-68 THE MIRACLE (Crystal, small town) St: Robert L. Collins & Norman T. Herman Scr: Robert L. Collins D: Robert Day


Created by: Leslie Stevens

12-20-72 THE GOLD MACHINE W: Leslie Stevens D: Russ Mayberry


2-19-79 MURDER ON THE RISING STAR St: Michael Sloan Scr: Donald P. Bellisario, James Carlson & Terrence McDonnell D: Rod Holcomb

The Twilight Zone


Please see my articles on Lamont Johnson, Joseph M. Newman.

3-11-60 A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE W: Richard Matheson D: Ted Post

5- 6-60 WILLOUGHBY W: Rod Serling D: Robert Parish

11-11-60 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER W: Rod Serling D: Douglas Heyes

12-23-60 THE NIGHT OF THE MEEK W: Rod Serling D: Jack Smight

1-20-61 THE WHOLE TRUTH W: Rod Serling D: James Sheldon

2- 3-61 PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS W: George Clayton Johnson D: James Sheldon

2-10-61 TWENTY TWO Scr: Rod Serling D: Jack Smight Based on an anecdote by: Bennett Cerf

5-12-61 THE MIND AND THE MATTER W: Rod Serling D: Buzz Kulik

6- 2-61 THE OBSOLETE MAN W: Rod Serling D: Elliot Silverstein

9-15-61 TWO W & D: Montgomery Pittman

10-27-61 THE GRAVE W & D: Montgomery Pittman

12-22-61 FIVE CHARACTERS IN SERACH OF AN EXIT Scr: Rod Serling D: Lamont Johnson Based on a story by: Marvin Petal

1- 5-62 NOTHING IN THE DARK W: George Clayton Johnson D: Lamont Johnson

2- 9-62 KICK THE CAN W: George Clayton Johnson D: Lamont Johnson

2-23-62 THE LAST RITES OF JEFF MYRTLEBANK W & D: Montgomery Pittman

4- 6-62 FOUR O'CLOCK Scr: Rod Serling D: Lamont Johnson Based on a story by: Price Day

4-13-62 HOCUS-POCUS AND FRISBY Scr: Rod Serling D: Lamont Johnson Based on a story by: Frederic Louis Fox

1-24-63 HE'S ALIVE W: Rod Serling D: Stuart Rosenberg

9-27-63 IN PRIASE OF PIP W: Rod Serling D: Joseph M. Newman

1-31-64 BLACK LEATHER JACKETS W: Earl Hamner, Jr. D: Joseph M. Newman

The Outer Limits


10- 7-63 THE MAN WITH THE POWER W: Jerome Ross D: Laslo Benedek

10-28-63 THE MAN WHO WAS NEVER BORN W: Anthony Lawrence D: Leonard J. Horn

11- 4-63 O.B.I.T. W: Meyer Dolinsky D: Gerd Oswald

12- 9-63 IT CRAWLED OUT OF THE WOODWORK W: Joseph Stefano D: Gerd Oswald

12-30-63 THE ZANTI MISFITS W: Joseph Stefano D: Leonard J. Horn

2-17-64 THE CHILDREN OF SPIDER COUNTY W: Anthony Lawrence D: Leonard J. Horn

2-24-64 SPECIMEN: UNKNOWN W: Stephen Lord D: Gerd Oswald

3- 2-64 SECOND CHANCE W: Lou Morheim, Line Dane D: Paul Stanley

4- 6-64 THE SPECIAL ONE W: Oliver Crawford D: Gerd Oswald


5- 4-64 THE FORMS OF THINGS UNKNOWN W: Joseph Stefano D: Gerd Oswald

10-17-64 DEMON WITH A GLASS HAND W: Harlan Ellison D: Byron Haskin

Nanny and the Professor


3- 4-70 NANNY ON WHEELS (driving exam) W: Austin & Irma Kalish D: Gary Nelson

3-11-70 STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS W: John McGreevey D: Gary Nelson

4- 1-70 THE GAMES FAMILIES PLAY (Hal Buckley) W: Rick Mittleman D: Richard Kinon

4-29-70 NANNY AND THE SMOKE FILLED ROOM (election) W: Lila Garrett & Bernie Kahn D: William Wiard

9-25-70 THE HUMAN ELEMENT (A Car Race) W: Arthur Alsberg & Don Nelson D: Jack Arnold

11- 6-70 THE GREAT BROADCAST OF 1936 W: Arthur Alsberg & Don Nelson D: Jay Sandrich

3-12-71 KID STUFF W: John McGreevey D: Gary Nelson

3-26-71 THE COMMUNICATION GAP (Student loves professor?) W: Michael Morris D: Russ Mayberry

11-29-71 THE GREAT DEBATE (Basketball pros Vs College) W: Michael Morris D: Hollingsworth Morse

12- 6-71 ONE FOR THE ROAD (Hal's first trip alone) W: Arthur Alsberg & Don Nelson D: Bruce Bilson

12-27-71 WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AUNT FELICITY? (doll) W: Austin & Irma Kalish D: Bruce Bilson



9-18-64 THE ADDAMS FAMILY GOES TO SCHOOL (pilot) W: Seaman Jacobs & Ed James developed for television by: David Levy D: Arthur Hiller

10-30-64 HALLOWEEN WITH THE ADDAMS FAMILY W: Keith Fowler & Phil Leslie D: Sidney Lanfield


9-30-72 DEAR JOAN, WE'RE GOING TO SCARE YOU TO DEATH (Joan Crawford & Kelly Jean Peters) W: Jonathan Stone D: John Newland


1-11-74 GUESS WHO'S FEEDING THE PIGEONS (Sally Field gets involved with mobsters in park) W: William Davenport & Lou Derman D: Richard Duchowski


12-10-77 MISTER NICE GUY (Mirror spell) W: Martin Donovan D: Charles R. Rondeau

12-24-77 TABITHA'S TRIANGLE (Dack Rambo as Politician) W: George Yanok D: Murray Golden


10-14-78 THE BEST SELLER (Bookstore Clerk: Desi Arnaz, Jr.) W: Skip Webster D: George McCowan

10-27-79 THE RED BARON St: Herman Groves Scr: Groves & Sam Orr D: Earl Bellamy



10-25-53 HUMPHREY BOGART SHOW W: Hugh Wedlock Jr. & Howard Snyder D: Ralph Levy


(2 Guests) W: Arthur Stander & Phil Sharp D: Ezra Stone


1-17-55 THE GRANDFATHER CLOCK W: Lou Derman & Herbert Finn & Parke Levy D: Jerry Thorpe


4- 6-55 THE BIG TELECAST (Margie's father interviewed at home on "The Important Person" TV show) W: D: Hal Yates


12-11-57 MR. BEAL MEETS HIS MATCH W: Roswell Rogers D: Peter Tewksbury

3- 2-59 BETTY MAKES A CHOICE (Betty tries out for a musical) W & D: Peter Tewksbury

5-18-59 THE GREAT ANDERSON MYSTERY W: Roswell Rogers D: Peter Tewksbury


2- 7-58 CHILD CARE (Babysitting) W & Creator: Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher D: Norman Tokar


1-24-60 DENNIS AND THE BIKE (Dennis tries to win a bike by counting beans in jar) W: William Cowley & Peggy Chantler D: Charles Barton


3-24-63 LUCILLE IS 40 (Wig, Night Must Fall spoof) W: Art Baer & Ben Joelson D: Stanley Prager


10-20-63 GRINDL: FEMME FATALE W: Jerry Davis & Lee Loeb D: Stanley Prager

10-27-63 ONE ANGRY GRINDL W: Jerry Davis & Lee Loeb D: William D. Russell


10-3-66 THE PRODUCER W: Gerald Gardner & Dee Caruso D: Ida Lupino & George Cahan

12-5-66 AND THEN THERE WERE NONE W: Ron Friedman D: Jerry Hopper


2-14-66 LUCY DATES DEAN MARTIN W: Robert O'Brien D: Maury Thompson

3-14-66 LUCY THE GUN MOLL (Robert Stack & Untouchables parody) W: Robert O'Brien D: Maury Thompson


2-28-72 KIM FINALLY CUTS YOU-KNOW-WHOSE APRON STRING (Lucie Arnaz moves out and gets own apartment) W: Bob Carroll Jr. & Madelyn Davis D: Coby Ruskin


9-10-67 ON AGAIN, OFF AGAIN, LOHENGRIN (Pilot) W & Creators: Bob Carroll Jr. & Madelyn Davis D: Desi Arnaz

2- 4-68 I'D TELL YOU I LOVE YOU, BUT WE'RE NOT SPEAKING (Fight & Group Therapy) St: Robert Daniels & Marc Howard Scr: Daniels, Howard, Bob Carroll Jr. & Madelyn Davis D: Desi Arnaz


2-16-67 MY SON, THE BULLFIGHTER W: Elroy Schwartz D: James V. Kern


2- 7-67 A STAR IS BORN? W: Dick Conway & Al Schwartz D: Charles Barton


1-29-69 LAW PARTNERS W: Jay Sommers & Dick Chevillat D: Richard L. Bare


1- 6-67 THE GENERAL SWAP W: Harvey Bullock & R.S. Allen D: Gene Reynolds


1- 6-70 MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE STUDIO W: Joseph Bonaduce D: Gary Nelson


12- 4-74 (William Conrad/Florence Henderson) D: Jeff Margolis

2- 4-76 (Ragtime) (Jim Nabors/Kate Smith/Arlene Golonka)


2- 8-74 SHUFFLING OFF TO BUFFALO (Felix's Brother) W: Mark Rothman & Lowell Ganz D: Frank Buxton


2-22-75 TED BAXTER'S FAMOUS BROADCASTERS SCHOOL W: Michael Zinberg D: Jay Sandrich


1- 4-75 TOBIN'S BACK IN TOWN (Fred Willard: Ellen's old boyfriend) W: Michael Zinberg D: Peter Bonerz

10-18-75 CAROL'S WEDDING W: Gordon & Lynn Farr D: Michael Zinberg


11-23-73 THE ENDANGERED SPECIES (Nita Talbot) W: Ed Jurist D: George Tyne

12- 7-73 THE WIFE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN (Joan Rivers) W: Sid Dorfman D: Ernest Losso


8-17-73 MIXED DOUBLES (Teetotaling group mistaken for wife-swappers) W: Bob Ellison D: Peter Baldwin


11-24-77 CHICKS AND TURKEYS (Thanksgiving) W: David Pollock & Elias Davis D: Peter Baldwin

12-22-77 BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOONLIGHT (Christmas) W: Al Gordon & Jack Mendelsohn D: Peter Baldwin


C: Al Lehman

1- 7-78 PUMPING IRON (Bodybuilding) Pr & W: Jack Burns D: Lee Bernhardi


12-22-78 SWAN SONG FOR AN UGLY DUCKLING (Terry Lester) W: Terri Ryan D: Dennis Donnelly


10-10-82 ANATOMY OF A STAIN (Cleaners and candy bar) W: Peter Casey & David Lee D: Bob Lally


2-28-78 MY FAVORITE ORKAN (Mork from Ork) W: Joe Glauberg D: Jerry Paris

11-22-83 VOCATIONAL EDUCATION (Roger as Principal) W: Brian Levant D: Jerry Paris

Gomer Pyle


Creator: Aaron Ruben

12-25-64 SERGEANT OF THE WEEK W: Art Baer & Ben Joelson D: Coby Ruskin


3- 8-67 SING A SONG OF PAPA W: Aaron Ruben D: Coby Ruskin

9-15-67 THE RECRUITING POSTER W: Jack Elinson & Irving Elinson D: Coby Ruskin

11-3-67 THE SHOW MUST GO ON W: Norman Paul D: Coby Ruskin

12-29-67 GOMER, THE PRIVILEGED CHARACTER W: Rick Mittleman D: Peter Baldwin

3-22-68 GOMER AND THE NIGHT CLUB COMIC W: Harvey Bullock & R.S. Allen D: Coby Ruskin

10-25-68 JUST MOVE YOUR LIPS, SERGEANT W: Harvey Bullock & R.S. Allen D: John Rich

3-21-69 PROXY PAPAS W: Harvey Bullock & R.S. Allen D: John Rich



10-19-56 THE AFFAIR OF THE THREE NAPOLEONS W: Sidney Marshall D: Budd Boetticher


Costumes: Tommy Thompson

9- 2-61 STARTING SIGNAL W: Stanley H. Silverman D: Leon Benson


1-22-65 THE LORELEI W: Albert Aley D: Don Medford


9-25-67 TRIAL BY FIRE RAID W: Peter Allan Fields D: Sutton Roley

11-20-67 HIDE AND GO SEEK RAID W: Marc Weingart D: Sutton Roley

1-22-68 THE DECOY RAID W: Robert Sherman D: Sutton Roley


3-1,8-68 FOUR O'CLOCK ARMY W: Carey Wilber D: Alex Nichol

Detective Tales and Thrillers


12-25-52 THE CHRISTMAS CAPER W: Arthur E. Orloff D: Erle C. Kenton


12-23-54 THE CASE OF THE BAD BARGAIN W: Alvin Boretz D: William Beaudine


Costumes: Paul McCardle

10-1-54 THE PAISLEY GANG W: E. Jack Neuman D: Thomas Carr

4- 3-59 THE GIRLS AND GUNS CASE W: John Taylor D: James V. Kern


Costumes: Tommy Thompson

12-13-57 DEAD ON 'B' DECK W: Arthur Weiss D: Philip Ford


7- 5-60 A CASE OF RADIANT WINE W: John Carpenter (Arnold Manoff) D: Fielder Cook


3- 1-62 TAKEOVER St: Theodore Apstein Scr: Sy Salkowitz D: Bernard L. Kowalski

11-20-62 ELEGY W: Herman Groves D: Robert Butler


C: Vincent Dee

10-9-61 LADY KILLER Scr: John Hawkins D: Dick Moder based on the novel "Lady Killer" (1958) by Ed McBain


Costumes: Bob Wolfe

10-31-61 THE COMPULSION TO CONFESS W: David Zelag Goodman D: Walter Grauman


C: Elmer Ellsworth

4-6-65 A. P. B. W: Daniel B. Ullman D: William Gordon


4-22-65 JUNGLE OF FEAR W: John McGreevey D: Earl Bellamy Costumes: Helen Colvig


3- 5-67 FLIGHT PLAN W: Francis Cockrell D: William Hale


9-26-67 FAST GUN W: Albert Ruben D: Alex March


3- 6-69 BURGLARY: DR-31 W: Burt Prelutsky D: Jack Webb

3-28-69 TURNABOUT W: William O'Hallaren D:


7-1-68 CALL TO DANGER W: David P. Harmon D: Lamont Johnson Art Dir: Marvin Chomsky


11-4-73 PUBLISH OR PERISH W: Peter S. Fischer D: Robert Butler


Ph: Ben Colman

9-30-70 THE MURDER OF A SMALL TOWN W: Robert Dozier D: Harvey Hart


10-20-70 THE SONG OF WILLIE W: Steffi & Tony Barrett D: Gene Nelson



9-21-71 CONTRACT: KILL IRONSIDE W: Steven Karpf & Elinor Karpf D: Don Weis

10-24-74 SETUP: DANGER! W: William D. Gordon & James Doherty D: Russ Mayberry


1- 4-72 BAIT ONCE, BAIT TWICE St: Jerome Ross Scr: Will Lorin D: Alf Kjellin


12-9-74 THE ASSASSIN W: Frank Telford D: Phil Bondelli


12- 1-74 BAPTISM OF FIRE (Peter Haskell & William Shatner) W: Michael Phillip Butler & Christopher Trumbo D: Jeffrey Hayden


12-20-74 SHOEFLY St: Joshua Hanke & Daniel B. Ullman Scr: Edward DeBlasio D: Alvin Ganzer


10-29-75 SET-UP CITY (Charles Durning) W: Michael Butler D: Curtis Harrington


10-14-78 THE DESTRUCTORS W: D: Curtis Harrington


4-14-78 (Pilot) (90) W: Robert A. Cinader & Joseph Polizzi D: Bruce Kessler

1- 7-79 THE BABYSITTERS St: Robert A. Cinader Scr: Cinader & Joseph Polizzi D: Jules Irving



See my article on Robert Mulligan.

7-29-52 THE CROOKED FRAME Scr: Mel Goldberg D: Robert Mulligan based on novel by: William P. McGivern

10-14-52 THE BLUE PANTHER Scr: Max Ehrlich D: Robert Mulligan based on the short story "Red Goose" (1934) by Norbert Davis

10-28-52 ALL HALLOW'S EVE Scr: Halsted Welles D: Robert Mulligan based on the short story "Markheim" by Robert Louis Stevenson

11-11-52 THE MOVING TARGET W: Robert Anderson D: Robert Mulligan

11-18-52 MONSIEUR VIDOCQ Scr: Victor Wolfson St: Dana Lee Thomas & Henry Thomas D: Robert Mulligan

12-30-52 THE INVISIBLE KILLER Scr: Basil Beyea D: Robert Mulligan based on the short story "Invisible Killer" (1951) by Bruno Skoggard

2- 3-53 MUTINY BELOW Scr: Raphael Hayes St: Cedric Mentiplay D: Robert Mulligan

2-17-53 THE QUARRY Scr: James P. Cavanagh St: Marc Brandel D: Robert Mulligan

3- 3-53 THE KISS-OFF Scr: Richard Lortz D: Robert Mulligan based on the short story "The Kiss-Off" (1951) by John P. Foran

4-28-53 F.O.B. VIENNA W: Raphael Hayes D: Robert Mulligan

6- 9-53 THE MAN WHO CRIED WOLF Scr: Robert Anderson St: Morton S. Fine & David Friedkin D: Robert Mulligan

7-28-53 THE DANCE Scr: James P. Cavanagh D: Robert Mulligan based on the short story "The Dance" (1926) by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Highway Patrol


Costumes: Tommy Thompson

4- 2-56 MOTORCYCLE A (2 Motorcyclists in leather jackets, Clint Eastwood, undercover officer) W: Don Brinkley D: Lambert Hillyer

6-11-56 MISSING WITNESS (Reporter, Sgt. Corey, murder witness) W: Don Brinkley D: Lew Landers

12-17-56 MOTEL ROBBERY (Rhodes Reason as motel robber, Richard Tretter as motel manager) W: Laurence Heath D: Gilbert Kay

12-56 EX CON (reformed ex con runs gas station) W: Stuart Jerome D: Lambert Hillyer

57 COUNTERFEIT (print shop makes counterfeit payroll checks) W: Lou Huston D: Eddie Davis

1-14-57 MIGRANT WORKERS (Robbery, leather jackets) W: Don Brinkley D: Paul Guilfoyle

11-18-57 THE SNIPER (farm area killings, forensic detection, Jamie Russell as excon in uniform-like clothes) W: Bob Mitchell D: Jack Herzberg

12-23-57 CHAIN STORE (man robs chain stores he works for, William Bakewell) W: Don Clark D: Herbert L. Strock

1-13-58 MOTHER'S MARCH (handyman on motorcycle and in Perfecto jacket, steals funds) W: Ellis Marcus D: Herbert L. Strock

3-24-58 FEAR (Family man is secretly Polka Dot Bandit) W: Jack Rock D: Eddie Davis

4-21-58 CREDIT CARD (Thieves hijack cars and credit cars, attack gas stations) W: Jack Rock D: Eddie Davis

6- 9-58 HOSTAGE OFFICER (officer kidnapped, radio) W: Jack Rock D: Derwin Abrahams

11-24-58 TRAIN ROBBERY (train with payroll, remote station) W: Robert J. Shaw D: Jack Herzberg

2-23-59 FRAMED COP (William Boyett's Sergeant framed for revenge; train station finale) W: Nathan McGinnis D: Jack Herzberg

3-23-59 DIVERSION ROBBERY (Modern architecture, maze of fire roads, Ed Nelson) W: Lou Huston D: Derwin Abrahams

5-18-59 AUTO PRESS (killer in suit and leather coat, auto junkyard, roadblocks) W: Bob Mitchell D: Leon Benson

6-15-59 DETOUR TO DEATH (Fake cops detour then rob people) W: Joel Riordan D: Monroe P. Askins

59 CARGO HIJACK (Steve Ihnat as trucker in leather jacket, cross cutting) W: Richard Adam D: Lew Landers

Naked City


10-7-58 NICKEL RIDE W: Sterling Silliphant D: Douglas Heyes

10-28-58 VIOLENT CIRCLE W: Sterling Silliphant D: Douglas Heyes

11-25-58 THE BIRD GUARD W: Sterling Silliphant D: William Beaudine

4-14-59 BAKER'S DOZEN W: Sterling Silliphant D: George Sherman

11-16-60 KILLER WITH A KISS W: Leonard Praskins & Sloan Nibley D: Lamont Johnson

5-10-61 C3H5(NO3)3 W: Gilbert Ralston D: William A. Graham

6-14-61 THE DAY THE ISLAND ALMOST SANK W: Jerry Thomas D: William Conrad

11-28-62 DUST DEVIL ON A QUIET STREET St: Anthony Lawrence Scr: Anthony Lawrence & Howard Rodman D: George Sherman

12-19-62 SPECTRE OF THE ROSE STREET GANG St: Jerome Gruskin Scr: Alvin Sargent & Jerome Gruskin D: James Sheldon

The Detectives


C: Robert B. Harris

10-23-59 SHOT IN THE DARK W: Christopher Knopf D: Arnold Laven

10-30-59 THE HIDING PLACE W: Donald S. Sanford Alpert D: Joseph H. Lewis

4-29-60 FLOATING FACE DOWN W: Michael Plant D: Felix E. Feist

9-29-61 TOBEY'S PLACE W: Michael Morris D: Paul Wendkos



10-30-61 PRIMER FOR PIONEERS W: Budd Schulberg D: Andrew V. McLaglen

1- 1-62 THE BRAND W: E.M. Parsons D: Jack Herzberg

1-15-62 FORCE TEN W: Stephen Kandel D: John Florea

4-10-62 KILLER IN CALICO W: Stuart Jerome D: Jack Herzberg

Burke's Law


9-26-61 WHO KILLED JULIE GREER? W: Frank D. Gilroy D: Robert Ellis Miller. This episode was the pilot for "Burke's Law".


C: Robert B. Harris Theme: Herschel Burke Gilbert Art Director: Bill Ross

9-20-63 WHO KILLED HOLLY HOWARD (pilot) W: Albert Beich & William H. Reight D: Hy Averback

9-27-63 WHO KILLED MR. X W: Lewis Reed D: Don Weis

10-11-63 WHO KILLED HARRIS CROWN (Don Taylor, Don Rickles) W: John Meredyth Lucas D: Don Weis

10-25-63 WHO KILLED ALEX DEBBS W: Harlan Ellison D: Don Weis

11- 1-63 WHO KILLED SWEET BETSY W: Edith Sommer D: Hy Averback

11-15-63 WHO KILLED WADE WALKER W: Bob O'Brien D: Stanley Z. Cherry

11-29-63 WHO KILLED THE KIND DOCTOR W: Edith Sommer D: Don Taylor

12-13-63 WHO KILLED CYNTHIA ROYAL (ok: but watching BL, "Right to Sing the Blues", Avalon as Beatnik) W: Jameson Brewer & Day Keene D: Charles Haas

12-20-63 WHO KILLED ELEANORA DAVIS (photography, golf pro) W: Don Taylor D: Hermann Hofmann

12-27-63 WHO KILLED BEAU STARR (pool, oxygen, Agnes Moorehead) W: John Meredyth Lucas D: David McDeardon

1-24-64 WHO KILLED MADISON COOPER W: Lewis Reed D: Jeffrey Hayden

1-31-64 WHO KILLED APRIL (Tim's Mother) W: Hans Beith D: Lewis Allen

2-14-64 WHO KILLED CARRIE CORNELL (William Shatner) W: Jay Drattler D: Bryan Paul

2-21-64 WHO KILLED HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS W: Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov D: Don Weis

2-28-64 WHO KILLED MARTY KELSO (Hollywood agent, Glynis Johns, John Ericson) W: Tony Barrett D: Don Taylor

3-27-64 WHO KILLED MOLLY W: Albert Beich D: Don Weis

4-10-64 WHO KILLED ANNIE FORAN (Cassavetes) W: Tony Barrett D: Lewis Allen

4-24-64 WHO KILLED THE ELEVENTH BEST DRESSED WOMAN IN THE WORLD (all women; young movie star) W: Edith Sommer D: Don Weis

9-16-64 WHO KILLED THE SURF BROAD W: Tony Barrett D: Don Taylor

9-23-64 WHO KILLED VAUDEVILLE W: Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov D & Choreo & Act: Gene Nelson

10-7-64 WHO KILLED THE HORNE OF PLENTY W: Tony Barrett D: Richard Kinon

10-28-64 WHO KILLED CORNELIUS GILBERT (Tim Kidnapped) W: Lewis Reed D: Don Taylor

11-11-64 WHO KILLED THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD W: Stephen Kandel D: Gene Nelson

11-25-64 WHO KILLED THE TALL ONE IN THE MIDDLE (Poor, but bad singer, salesman) W: Tony Barrett D: Don Weis

12- 9-64 WHO KILLED 711 (Conried, Baking) W: Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov D: Sidney Lanfield

12-23-64 WHO KILLED THE SWINGER ON A HOOK (Dick Clark, death list) W: Tony Barrett D: Lewis Allen

1- 6-65 WHO KILLED THE STRANGLER (Wrestling) W: Larry Gordon D: Sam C. Freedle

1-20-65 WHO KILLED THE TOY SOLDIER W: Lorenzo Semple Jr & Andrew McCullouch D: Jerry Hopper

1-27-65 WHO KILLED ROSIE SUNSET W: Tony Barrett D: Paul Wendkos

2-24-65 WHO KILLED THE 13TH CLOWN (trampoline, chase, Terry Thomas) W: Charles Hoffman D: Jerry Hopper

4-21-65 WHO KILLED THE JACKPOT W: Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov D: Richard Kinon

4-28-65 WHO KILLED THE GRAND PIANO W: Larry Gordon D: Fred De Cordova



10-31-70 LOG 55: MISSING CHILD W: William P. McGivern D: Christian Nyby

3-18-71 LOG 106: POST TIME W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Christian Nyby

4-15-71 LOG 125: A SAFE JOB W: William P. McGivern D: Jean Yarbrough

1-10,17-73 CLEAR WITH A CIVILIAN (2-Part show) W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Dennis Donnelly

3-13-74 A CLINIC ON 18th STREET W: Joseph Calvelli D: Jack Webb

1-14-75 POT SHOT W: Jim Carlson D: Dennis Donnelly

4-1-75 GUS CORBIN W: Leo Gordon D: Dennis Donnelly

Starsky & Hutch


C: David Rawley

9-10-75 SAVAGE SUNDAY W: Fred Freiberger D: Claude Ennis Starrett, Jr

9-24-75 DEATH RIDE W: Edward J. Lakso D: Gene Nelson

11- 5-75 THE BAIT St: James Schmerer & Dan Ballock Scr: Schmerer & Ballock & Lakso D: Ivan Dixon

11-19-75 CAPTAIN DOBEY, YOU'RE DEAD W: Michael Fischer D: Michael Schultz

12-17-75 SHOOTOUT W: David Harmon D: Fernando Lamas

1- 7-76 THE HOSTAGES W: Edward J. Lakso D: George McCowan

3- 3-76 A COFFIN FOR STARSKY W: Arthur Rowe D: George McCowan

10-23-76 NIGHTLIGHT W: Ron Friedman D: George W. Brooks

11- 6-76 THE SPECIALIST W: Robert Earll D: Fernando Lamas

11-20-76 TAP DANCING HER WAY RIGHT BACK INTO YOUR HEARTS W: Edward J. Lakso D: Fernando Lamas

12-18-76 IRON MIKE St: Arthur Norman Scr: Norman & Ron Friedman D: Don Weis

1-22,29-77 THE SET-UP W: Joe Reb Moffly D: George McCowan

2- 5-77 SURVIVAL W: Tim Maschler D: David Soul

4-15-77 STARSKY AND HUTCH ARE GUILTY W: David Harmon D: Bob Kelljan

1-25-78 A BODY WORTH GUARDING St: Sam Paley Scr: Edelstein & Paley D: Rick Edelstein

2-15-78 CLASS IN CRIME W: Don Patterson D: Paul Michael Glaser

5- 3-78 PARTNERS W: Rick Edelstein D: Charles Picerini

5-10-78 QUADROMANIA W: Anthony Yerkovich D: Rick Edelstein

9-19-78 THE GAME W: Tim Maschler D: Leo Penn

11-14-78 DANDRUFF W: Ron Friedman D: Sutton Roley

11-28-78 THE GROUPIE W: Robert Dellinger D: Nick Colasanto

1- 6-79 THE GOLDEN ANGEL W: Joe Reb Moffly D: Sutton Roley

Amateur Sleuths


(See my article on the creators of the Norths, Frances and Richard Lockridge.)

6-19-53 MURDER ON THE MIDWAY W: Buckley Angell D: Ralph Murphy

2-23-54 HAND PAINTED MURDER St: Donn Mullally Scr: Charles Belden & Lee Erwin D: Lew Landers


5-29-67 A TIME TO BE BORN W: Albert Ruben D: Paul Bogart

6-12-67 THE ASSASSINS W: Albert Ruben D: Lamont Johnson

7-10-67 FACES W: Alvin Sargent D: Robert Stevens


12-18-72 FEMALE INSTINCT (PILOT) St: Leonard Stern & Alan Sharp Scr: Leonard Stern & Hugh Wheeler D: Leonard Stern

12-19-73 CORPSE AND ROBBERS St: Don Ingalls Scr: Leonard Stern D: Leonard J. Horn

3- 5-74 THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT! W: Tony Barrett & Robert Foster D: Leonard J. Horn

Ellery Queen


Please see my article on mystery writer Ellery Queen.

3-23-75 ELLERY QUEEN / TOO MANY SUSPECTS (Pilot) (120) Scr: Richard Levinson & William Link D: David Greene based on the novel "The Fourth Side of the Triangle" by Ellery Queen

10- 9-75 THE ADVENTURE OF THE 12TH FLOOR EXPRESS W: David H. Balkan & Alan Folsom D: Jack Arnold

10-19-75 THE ADVENTURE OF MISS AGGIE'S FINAL PERFORMANCE St: Fischer, Richard Levinson & William Link Scr: Peter S. Fischer D: James Sheldon

10-30-75 THE MAD TEA PARTY Scr: Peter S. Fischer D: James Sheldon Based on the short story by: Ellery Queen

11-13-75 THE ADVENTURE OF VERONICA'S VEILS W: Robert Pirosh D: Seymour Robbie

2- 8-76 THE ADVENTURE OF THE SINISTER SCENARIO W: Robert Pirosh D: Peter H. Hunt

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries


2-13-77 THE MYSTERY OF THE WITCHES HOLLOW W: Michael Sloan D: Ronald G. Satlof

3- 6-77 THE DISAPPEARING FLOOR W: Larry Alexander D: Fernando Lamas

3-27-77 THE FLICKERING TORCH MYSTERY W: James Henerson D: Ivan Dixon

9-11,18-77 THE HARDY BOYS AND NANCY DREW MEET DRACULA W: Glen A. Larson & Michael Sloan D: Joseph Pevney

11- 6-77 THE STRANGE FATE OF FLIGHT 608 W: Christopher Crowe D: Ronald G. Satlof

1-22-78 THE HOUSE ON POSSESSED HILL W: Michael Sloan D: Daniel Haller

5- 7-78 THE CAMPUS TERROR St: Mark Griffiths & Steven Ujnaki Scr: Griffiths, Ujnaki & Christopher Crowe D: Jack Arnold


5- 1-77 THE MYSTERY OF THE GHOSTWRITER'S CRUISE St: Susan Woolen Scr: Michael Sloan D: Alvin Ganzer

1- 1-78 THE LADY ON THURSDAY AT TEN (Hutch: Brian Culhane Chico: Ron Enriquez) W: Christopher Crowe D: Joseph Pevney

Private Eyes


1958? THE FAT MAN W: Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts D: Joseph H. Lewis


7-12-58 FINAL CURTAIN St: Richard Ellington Scr: Frank Kane D: Richard Irving

7-26-58 IT'S AN ART W: Frank Kane D: Boris Sagal

8-30-58 NO BUSINESS LIKE ----- W: Fenton Earnshaw D: Boris Sagal


5- 3-59 CROWN OF SILLA W: Gene Levitt D: Lamont Johnson


3- 7-62 THE HEART IS A HANDOUT W: Sy Salkowitz D: Tom Gries


12-30-66 THE RING OF ANASIS W: Herman Miller D: Jacques Tourneur


The series is based on characters created by mystery writer Baynard Kendrick.

2-23-71 PILOT W: Stirling Silliphant D: Joseph Sargent


10-11-72 NO SIGN OF THE CROSS (90) St: Howard Browne & Robert Presnell Jr Scr: Presnell D: Daryl Duke

11-21-73 THE THREE MILLION DOLLAR PIRACY St: Jack Turley Scr: Stanley Ralph Ross & Robert Van Scoyk D: Andrew V. McLaglen


2- 4-73 TO CATCH A DEAD MAN W: Benjamin Masselink D: William Hale

10-7-73 DAY OF THE VIPER W: Barry Oringer D: Walter Grauman

2-10-74 A GOLD RECORD FOR MURDER W: Larry Brody D: George McCowan

2-24-74 RENDEZVOUS WITH TERROR W: Calvin Clements Jr. D: Seymour Robbie

3- 3-74 DARK LEGACY W: Robert W. Lenski D: Gene Nelson

3-24-74 IMAGE IN A CRACKED MIRROR W: Gerald Sanford D: William Hale

4- 1-75 JEOPARDY FOR TWO W: Carey Wilber D: Michael Caffey

11-18-76 BAND OF EVIL W: Robert W. Lenski D: Walter Grauman


12- 1-78 A FAST COUNT W: Gordon Dawson D: Reza Badiyi

10-19, 26- 79 ONLY ROCK 'N' ROLL WILL NEVER DIE (2 part) W: David Chase D: William Wiard


1-10-79 KILL DAN TANNA W: Larry Forrester D: Curtis Harrington

10-3-79 MIXED BLESSINGS (Cassie Yates as Nun) W: David Harmon D: Cliff Bole

Peter Gunn


9-22-58 THE KILL (Pilot) W & D: Blake Edwards

9-29-58 STREETCAR JONES W: Al C. Ward D: Blake Edwards

12-22-58 SISTERS OF THE FRIENDLESS W: Henry F. Greenberg & Malvin Wald D: David Orrick McDearmon

12-29-58 THE LEAPER W: Robert Blees D: Paul Stewart

2- 2-59 MURDER ON THE MIDWAY St: Blake Edwards Scr: Blake Edwards & P.K. Palmer D: David Orrick McDearmon

2-23-59 EDIE FINDS A CORPSE St: Blake Edwards Scr: P.K. Palmer D: Walter Grauman

3- 9-59 THE UGLY FRAME St: George & Gertrude Fass Scr: George & Gertrude Fass & Lewis Reed D: Jack Arnold

3-23-59 KEEP SMILING St: Lester Pine Scr: Lester Pine & Lewis Reed D: Jack Arnold

6-15-59 THE PORTRAIT W: Irwin Winehouse & A. Sanford Wolfe D: Boris Sagal

10-12-59 THE COMIC W & D: Blake Edwards

10-19-59 DEATH IS A RED ROSE St: Blake Edwards Scr: Tony Barrett & Lewis Reed D: Boris Sagal

11-16-59 KIDNAP St: Blake Edwards Scr: Tony Barrett & Lewis Reed D: Boris Sagal

4-18-60 WINGS OF AN ANGEL W: Tony Barrett D: Lamont Johnson

12-26-60 A TENDER TOUCH W: Tony Barrett & Lewis Reed D: Robert Gist

1-30-61 DEATH IS A SORE LOSER W: Tony Barrett D: Robert Gist

3- 6-61 THE DEEP END W: Bill A. McCormack D: Robert Gist

5-22-61 A MATTER OF POLICY W: Tony Barrett & Steffi Barrett D: Robert Gist


12-26-59 HIJACKED St: Arthur A. Ross Scr: Arthur A. Ross & Tony Barrett & Lewis Reed D: Lamont Johnson

Warner Brothers Private Eyes


11-7-58 THE BOUNCING CHIP W: Leonard Lee D: Leslie H. Martinson

11-14-58 TWO AND TWO MAKE SIX W: Frank Gruber D: James V. Kern

12-12-58 VICIOUS CIRCLE St: Jack Emanuel & James Barnett Scr: Richard Macaulay & Frederick Brady D: Leslie H. Martinson

6- 3-60 THE SILENT CAPER W & D: Roger Smith


10-5-59 THE TASTE OF ASHES Scr: Charles Hoffman & Al C. Ward D: Leslie H. Martinson based on novel "The Taste of Ashes" (1957) by Howard Browne

10-12-59 THE MOURNING CLOAK W: Sig Herzig D: James V. Kern

10-19-59 TORCH SONG FOR TRUMPET W: James Barnett & Leo Townsend D: Leslie H. Martinson

11-9-59 THE TIGER MOTH W: Marie Baumer D: James V. Kern

1-11-60 INSIDE MAN Scr: Howard Browne D: Leslie H. Martinson based on film "White Heat"

3- 7-60 TARGET OF HATE St: Richard Matheson Scr: Richard Matheson & William L. Stuart D: Leslie H. Martinson

3-28-60 WALL OF SILENCE W: Sam Ross D: Charles R. Rondeau

4-18-60 IF A BODY St: Irving Elman Scr: Irving Elman & Charles Hoffman D: Leslie H. Martinson

5- 2-60 LAST EXIT St: Douglas Heyes Scr: W. Hermanos D: Leslie H. Martinson


10-3-60 COUNTRY GENTLEMAN St: M.L. Schumann Scr: M.L. Schumann & Anne Howard Bailey D: Irving J. Moore

10-17-60 THE CLOWN St: Lee Loeb Scr: Lee Loeb & Richard Lederer D: Leslie H. Martinson


12-7-60 SWAN SONG FOR A HERO St: Leonard Brown Scr: William Bruckner D: Leslie H. Martinson

Johnny Staccato


9-10-59 THE NAKED TRUTH W: Richard Berg D: Joseph Pevney

9-19-59 MURDER FOR CREDIT St: Laurence E. Mascott Scr: Richard Carr & Laurence E. Mascott D: John Cassavetes

11-26-59 THE POET'S TOUCH W: Roger Hector & Hollis Alpert D: Robert Parrish

1-21-60 NIGHT OF JEOPARDY St: Everett Chambers Scr: Richard Carr & Everett Chambers D: John Cassavetes

Honey West


This series was a spin-off from "Burke's Law".

C: Robert B. Harris

10-1-65 THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN W: Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov D: Paul Wendkos

10-15-65 LIVE A LITTLE, KILL A LITTLE W: Tony Barrett D: Murray Golden

10-22-65 WHATEVER LOLA WANTS W: William Bast D: John Peyser

10-29-65 THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPERS W: Leonard Stadd D: Virgil W. Vogel

11-19-65 A NEAT LITTLE PACKAGE W: Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov D: Murray Golden

12-31-65 A NICE LITTLE TILL TO TAP W: Tony Barrett D: Jerry Hopper

1-14-66 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN W: Jay Simms D: Thomas Carr

1-28-66 THE PERFECT UN-CRIME W: Ken Kolb D: Sidney Miller

2- 4-66 LIKE VISIONS AND OMENS AND ALL THAT JAZZ W: Tony Barrett D: John Florea

2-18-66 COME TO ME MY LITIGATION BABY W: Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov D: Thomas Carr

3- 4-66 THE FUN-FUN KILLER W: Arthur Weingarten D: Murray Golden

3-18-66 LITTLE GREEN ROBIN HOOD W: Ken Kolb D: Sidney Miller

3-25-66 JUST THE BEAR FACTS, MA'AM W: Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov D: James H. Brown

4- 1-66 THERE'S A LONG, LONG, FUSE A'BURNING W: Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov D: Thomas Carr


Please see my article on Mannix


9-28-68 THE SILENT CRY W: Arthur Weiss D: Don Taylor

11-9-68 EDGE OF THE KNIFE W: Stephen Kandel D: Stuart Hagmann

12-7-68 NIGHT OUT OF TIME St: Jerome Ross Scr: Jerome Ross & Warren Duff D: John Llewellyn Moxey

12-14-68 A VIEW OF NOWHERE St: Stephen Kandel & Stanley Adams & George F. Slavin Scr: Stephen Kandel D: John Llewellyn Moxey

1-25-69 SHADOW OF A MAN W: Stephen Kandel D: Sutton Roley

2- 1-69 THE GIRL WHO CAME IN WITH THE TIDE W: Ben Roberts & Don Mankiewicz D: Gerald Mayer

10-18-69 PLAYGROUND W: Ed Adamson D: Paul Krasny

11-8-69 A SLEEP IN THE DEEP W: John Meredyth Lucas D: Gerald Mayer

11-22-69 MEMORY: ZERO W: Lionel E. Siegel & Hendrik Vollaerts D: Harry Harvey Jr.

12-6-69 THE SOUND OF DARKNESS W: Barry Trivers D: Corey Allen

3- 7-70 MURDER REVISITED St: Ed Adamson & Orville H. Hampton Scr: Ed Adamson D: Harvey Hart

10-10-70 FIGURES IN A LANDSCAPE W: Donn Mullally D: Paul Krasny

11-14-70 SUNBURST W: Stephen Kandel D: John Llewellyn Moxey

1- 9-71 WHAT HAPPENED TO SUNDAY? W: Frank Telford D: Paul Krasny

2- 6-71 A GATHERING OF GHOSTS St: Max Hodge Scr: John Meredyth Lucas D: Reza Badiyi

2-20-71 VOICE IN THE DARK W: Edward J. Lakso D: Paul Krasny

9-15-71 DARK SO EARLY, DARK SO LONG W: Robert W. Lenski D: John Llewellyn Moxey

9-22-71 COLD TRAIL St: Boris Sobelman & Ed Waters Scr: Ed Waters D: Barry Crane

10-13-71 WOMAN IN THE SHADOWS W: Karl Tunberg D: Paul Krasny

10-27-71 RUN TILL DARK W: Daniel B. Ullman D: Murray Golden

2- 9-72 A WALK IN THE SHADOWS W: Edward J. Lakso D: Paul Krasny

2-16-72 LIFELINE W: Daniel B. Ullman D: Leslie H. Martinson

11-19-72 HARVEST OF DEATH W: Jerry Thomas D: Paul Krasny

12-3-72 LOST SUNDAY St: Ellis Marcus Scr: Marcus & Alex Hayes D: Reza Badiyi



10-5-71 COUNTRY BLUES W: Ronald Austin & James D. Buchanan D: Allen Reisner

11-9-71 DEAD PIGEON St: George Kirgo & James D. Buchanan & Ronald Austin Scr: James D. Buchanan & Ronald Austin D: Don Taylor

1-31-73 MOVING TARGET W: Worley Thorne D: Lawrence Dobkin

2-14-3 TO RIDE A TIGER W: Robert W. Lenski D: Virgil W. Vogel

2-28-73 THE SEVENTH GRAVE W: E. Arthur Kean D: John Badham

10-31-73 PERFECT ALIBI W: Jack Guss & Ray Brenner D: Robert Douglas

9-18-74 THE HIT MAN W: Robert Heverly D: William Wiard

12-4-74 THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE St: Stephen Kandel Scr: Stephen Kandel & Anthony Spinner D: George McCowan

12-18-74 DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL W: Larry Alexander D: Leslie H. Martinson

2- 5-75 MISSING AT FL307 W: Carey Wilber D: William Wiard

12-17-75 THE GAMES CHILDREN PLAY St: Jack Turley Scr: Albert Aley D: William Wiard

2-11-76 SNAPSHOT W: Leonard Kantor D: Michael Caffey



10-20-64 THE DEADLY GAMES AFFAIR W: Dick Nelson D: Alvin Ganzer

10-27-64 THE GREEN OPAL AFFAIR W: Robert E. Thompson D: John Peyser

2- 8-65 THE SECRET SCEPTRE AFFAIR W: Anthony Spinner D: Mark Daniels

3- 1-65 THE SEE PARIS AND DIE AFFAIR St: Peter Allan Fields & Sheldon Stark Scr: Fields D: Alf Kjellin

3-15-65 THE HONG KONG SHILLING AFFAIR (Glenn Corbett as an American in Hong Kong) W: Alan Caillou D: Alvin Ganzer

3-22-65 THE NEVER-NEVER AFFAIR (Barbara Feldon & Caesar Romero) W: Dean Hargrove D: Joseph Sargent

11-12-65 THE DEADLY TOYS AFFAIR (Jay North as child genius) W: Robert Hill D: John Brahm

4- 8-66 THE MINUS-X AFFAIR W: Peter Allan Fields D: Barry Shear

4-15-66 THE INDIAN AFFAIRS AFFAIR W: Dean Hargrove D: Alf Kjellin

9-23-66 THE SORT OF DO IT YOURSELF DREADFUL AFFAIR W: Harlan Ellison D: E. Darrell Hallenbeck

4-14-67 THE CAP AND GOWN AFFAIR W: Stanford Sherman D: George Waggner

10-16-67 THE MASTER'S TOUCH AFFAIR W: Boris Sobelman D: John Brahm


1-17-67 THE MOULIN RUSE AFFAIR St: Jay Simms Scr: Simms & Fred Eggers D: Barry Shear

2-7-67 THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH AFFAIR St: Robert Bloch & Richard De Roy Scr: Richard De Roy D: E. Darrell Hallenbeck

3-28-67 THE U.N.C.L.E. SAMURAI AFFAIR (Story) W: Tony Barrett D: Alf Kjellin



C: Burton Miller

2-20-68 TOTALLY BY DESIGN St; Alvin Sapinsley Scr; Dean Hargrove & Alvin Sapinsley D: Michael Caffey

2-27-68 WHEN THIEVES FALL IN W: Leslie Stevens D: Don Weis

10-1-68 A SOUR NOTE St: Gene L. Coon & Mort Zarcoff Scr: Gene L. Coon D: Don Weis

1-26-70 TOUCH OF MAGIC W: Oscar Brodney D: Gerd Oswald


9-25-71 ENCORE (William Shatner) W: Harold Livingston D: Paul Krasny


1-13-73 THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN W: Mark Rogers D: Alexander Singer



8-16-54 THINK NO EVIL W: Wiliiam P. Rousseau D: Budd Boetticher


6-29-57 AND THE BIRDS STILL SING Scr: Gene Wang D: Gerd Oswald based on a story by: Craig Rice


2- 6-60 THE CASE OF FRANK CROTTY W: Tom Gries D: Otto Lang


1-25-61 THE TREADMILL W: Peter Stone & James Yaffe D: Don Richardson

11-24-62 THE INVISIBLE BADGE W: William Woolfolk D: John Newland

12-22-62 GRANDMA TNT W: David Karp D: Elliot Silverstein

4-20-63 JUDGMENT EVE W: Reginald Rose D: David Greene

12-21-63 OLD LADY IRONSIDES W: Robert Van Scoyk D: Paul Bogart


2- 6-62 MURDR BY PROXY: EARL KLEGG W: Franklin Barton D: Elliot Silverstein

4-10-62 INSIDE TRACK W: S.S. Schweitzer D: John Peyser


9-9-68 HIGHER AND HIGHER, ATTORNEYS AT LAW W: Irving Gaynor Nieman D: Paul Bogart Created by: Nieman & Jacqueline Babbin


10-22-71 THE PEOPLE VERSUS SLOVICK W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Harry Harris


10-6-78 MURDER ON THE FLIP SIDE W: Lee Sheldon D: Nicholas Sgarro

Perry Mason


Please see my article on mystery writer Erle Stanley Gardner.

5-28-60 THE CASE OF THE IRATE INVENTOR W: Marianne Mosner & Francis Rosenwald D: Gerald Mayer

4- 8-61 THE CASE OF THE COWARDLY LION W: Jonathan Latimer D: Arthur Marks

5-20-61 THE CASE OF THE DUPLICATE DAUGHTER Scr: Samuel Newman D: Arthur Marks based on the 1960 novel by Erle Stanley Gardner

4-28-62 THE CASE OF THE COUNTERFEIT CRANK W: Robert Leslie Bellem D: Jerry Hopper

11-1-62 THE CASE OF THE DODGING DOMINO W: Charles Lang D: Arthur Marks

1- 3-63 THE CASE OF THE SHOPLIFTER'S SHOE Scr: Jackson Gillis D: Arthur Marks based on the 1938 novel by Erle Stanley Gardner

1-31-63 THE CASE OF CONSTANT DOYLE W: Jackson Gillis D: Allen H. Miner

10-15-64 THE CASE OF THE SLEEPY SLAYER W: Samuel Newman D: Jesse Hibbs

9-19-65 THE CASE OF THE FATAL FORTUNE W: William Bast D: Arthur Marks

10-31-65 THE CASE OF THE 12TH WILDCAT W: Ernest Frankel D: Jesse Hibbs


1-20-74 THE CASE OF THE VIOLENT VALLEY (Strikers; series pilot) W: William Bast D: Herb Wallerstein


1-21-90 THE CASE OF THE POISONED PEN W: George Eckstein D: Christian I. Nyby II

3-11-90 THE CASE OF THE DESPERATE DECEPTION W: George Eckstein D: Christian I. Nyby II

Alfred Hitchcock

Please see my articles on Alfred Hitchcock, Joseph M. Newman, Charlotte Armstrong.


Ph: Lionel Lindon

11-13-55 BREAKDOWN St: Louis Pollock Scr: Francis Cockrell & Louis Pollock D: Alfred Hitchcock

12-11-55 GUILTY WITNESS Scr: Robert C. Dennis D: Robert Stevens based on a story by: Morris Hershman

2-24-57 THE END OF INDIAN SUMMER Scr: James Cavanagh D: Robert Stevens based on a story by: Maurice Baudin Jr.

3-17,24,31-57 I KILLED THE COUNT Scr: Francis Cockrell D: Robert Stevens based on a story by: Alec Coppel

3-16-58 THE FOGHORN Scr: Frank Gabrielson D: Robert Stevens based on a story by: Gertrude Atherton

9-27-59 ARTHUR Scr: James Cavanagh D: Alfred Hitchcock based on a story by: Arthur Williams

10-11-60 VERY MORAL THEFT St: Jack Dillon Scr: Allan Gordon D: Norman Lloyd

10-25-60 THE FIVE-FORTY-EIGHT Scr: Charlotte Armstrong D: John Brahm based on a story by: John Cheever

3-14-61 THE HORSEPLAYER W: Henry Slesar D: Alfred Hitchcock

11-7-61 KEEP ME COMPANY W: Henry Slesar based on his story D: Alan Crosland Jr.


3- 1-63 DIAGNOSIS: DANGER W: Roland Kibbee D: Sydney Pollack

10-11-62 I SAW THE WHOLE THING Scr: Henry Slesar D: Alfred Hitchcock based on a story by: Henry Cecil

3-10-63 DEAR UNCLE GEORGE St: Richard Link & William Levinson Scr: James Bridges & Richard Link & William Levinson D: Joseph M. Newman

3-24-63 DEATH OF A COP Scr: Leigh Brackett D: Joseph M. Newman based on the novel by: Douglas Warner

4-12-63 DEATH AND THE JOYFUL WOMAN Scr: James Bridges D: John Brahm based on the novel by: Edith Pargeter

1-10-64 THE GENTLEMAN CALLER Scr: James Bridges D: Joseph M. Newman based on a story by: Veronica Parker Johns

12-21-64 MEMO FROM PURGATORY W: Harlan Ellison D: Joseph Pevney

Danger Man / Secret Agent


9-11-60 VIEW FROM THE VILLA W: Brian Clemens and Ralph Smart D: Terry Bishop

9-18-60 TIME TO KILL (Series pilot) W: Brian Clemens and Ian Stuart Black D: Ralph Smart

9-25-60 JOSETTA W: Ralph Smart D: Michael Truman

10-30-60 THE LONELY CHAIR W: John Roddick and Ralph Smart D: Charles Frend

11-6-60 THE SANCTUARY W: John Roddick and Ralph Smart D: Charles Frend

11-20-60 THE KEY St: Ralph Smart Scr: Jack Whittingham D: Seth Holt

12-4-60 THE PRISONER W: Ralph Smart and Robert Stewart D: Terry Bishop

12-18-60 COLONEL RODRIGUEZ W: Ralph Smart D: Julian Aymes

1-15-61 THE GIRL WHO LIKED GIs W: Marc Brandel and Ralph Smart D: Michael Truman

2- 5-61 THE CONSPIRATORS W: Ralph Smart and John Roddick D: Michael Truman

4-9-61 THE GALLOWS TREE W: Ralph Smart and Marc Brandel D: Michael Truman

4-16-61 THE RELAXED INFORMER W: Ralph Smart and Robert Stewart D: Anthony Bushell

5-21-61 THE CONTESSA W: John Roddick and Ralph Smart D: Terry Bishop

11-24-64 THE COLONEL'S DAUGHTER W: David Weir D: Philip Leacock

12-8-64 NO MARKS FOR SERVILITY W: Ralph Smart D: Don Chaffey

12-29-64 A DATE WITH DORIS W: Philip Broadley D: Quentin Lawrence

1- 5-5 THAT'S TWO OF US SORRY W: Jan Read D: Quentin Lawrence

1-12-65 SUCH MEN ARE DANGEROUS W: Ralph Smart D: Don Chaffey

2- 2-65 A ROOM IN THE BASEMENT W: Ralph Smart D: Don Chaffey

3-16-65 PARALLEL LINES SOMETIMES MEET W: Malcolm Hulke D: Don Chaffey

11-25-65 ENGLISH LADY TAKES LODGERS W: David Stone D: Michael Truman

Mystery: British Isles


2-18-56 THE SILVER CURTAIN Scr: Leslie Slote D: Bernard Knowles based on the short story by John Dickson Carr.


12-12-60 A MAN OF QUALITY Scr: Giles Cooper D: Gerard Glaister based on the novel M. Gallet décédé (Maigret Stonewalled) (1931) by Georges Simenon

1-16-61 THE CACTUS Scr: Roger Burford D: Eric Tayler based on the novel Maigret en meublé (Maigret Takes a Room) (1951) by Georges Simenon


12-20-62 THE CHARITABLE COUNTESS Scr: Gerald Kelsey & Dick Sharples D: Jeremy Summers based on the story by: Leslie Charteris

11-13-64 THE SAINT STEPS IN Scr: John Kruse D: John Gilling based on the novel by: Leslie Charteris


10-17-64 THE 'V' MEN St: John Creasey, based on his novel "Gideon's Vote" (1964) Scr: Alun Falconer D: Cyril Frankel

12-5-64 THE LADY-KILLER St: John Creasey, based on his novel "Gideon's Month" (1958) Scr: David T. Chantler D: Leslie Norman

2- 3-65 THE THIN RED LINE W: Iain MacCormick D: Cyril Frankel


1-18-67 THE FEAR MERCHANTS W: Phillip Levine D: Gordon Flemyng

1-25-67 ESCAPE IN TIME W: Phillip Levine D: John Krish

2-15-67 THE WINGED AVENGER W: Richard Harris D: Peter Duffell & Gordon Flemyng

4-15-67 A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE STATION (Warren: Dyson Lovell) W: "Brian Sheriff" (Roger Marshall & Brian Clemens) D: John Krish

10-30-68 SUPER-SECRET CYPHER SNATCH W: Tony Williamson D: John Hough


10- 9-71 THE MAN IN THE MIDDLE (Terry Thomas) W: Donald James D: Leslie Norman

Westerns: Overview and Bookmarks

These bookmarks take you to sections of this article:

Best Western TV Shows: Westerns: Black & White | Gunsmoke | Wyatt Earp | Have Gun - Will Travel | Rawhide | Jim Bowie | Bat Masterson | Wagon Train | Cheyenne | Maverick | Lawman | The Rifleman | The Virginian | The Big Valley | Bonanza | Laredo | The Wild Wild West | Alias Smith and Jones | Westerns: Color | Wildside | The Young Riders | Westerns, 1980-1993

Western works that also serve as mystery stories are marked with a *.

Please see this list of links, to my articles on Television Westerns. Please see also my list of Television Westerns on Civil Rights.

Westerns: Black & White


1-18-53 GUN TOTIN' PAPA (A clerk is mistaken for an outlaw) W: J. Benton Cheney D: Sobey Martin

3- 1-53 THE PHOTO STUDIO (A lawman is killed while being photographed) W: J. Benton Cheney D: Sobey Martin


12-22-51 GALLOPING HOOFS W: Dwight Cummins D: George Archainbaud

2- 1-52 THE WESTERN WAY W: Norman Hall D: George Archainbaud

9-22-53 STEEL RIBBON W: Robert Schaefer & Eric Freiwald D: William Berke

8-24-54 THE CARNIVAL COMES WEST W: Buckey Angell D: Ross Lederman (Clayton Moore as carnival owner)

9-29-54 BOOTS AND BALLOTS W: Robert Schaefer & Eric Freiwald D: George Archainbaud

10-2-54 OUTLAW WARNING W: Robert Schaefer & Eric Freiwald D: George Archainbaud

10-29-55 THE GOLDEN CHARIOT W: Maurice Geraghty D: Ray Nazarro


53 MARSHAL FROM MADERO W: Joseph F. Poland D: William Berke

53 THE CHASE W: Edward Llewellyn D: Frank McDonald

53 OUTLAW TERRITORY W: Oliver Drake D: William Berke


1-17-53 HANG THE JURY St: Henry B. Donovan Scr: Orville H. Hampton D: Reg Browne


7-24-53 KNAVE OF HEARTS W: Herbert Moulton & Robert Leslie Bellem D: Ted Post


5- 8-55 BILLY AND THE BRIDE St: Joseph Cochran Scr: Joseph Cochran & Laszlo Gorog D: Roy Kellino


8- 6-55 THE BOSTON KID W: and Producer: Steve Fisher D: Montgomery Pittman


9-25-55 PAPER GUNMAN W: and Creator: Morton S. Fine & David Friedkin D: Don Siegel

3- 4-56 THE ASSASSIN W: and Creator: Morton S. Fine & David Friedkin D: Bernard L. Kowalski


3-24-58 THE NEWSPAPER W: Steve Fisher D: Earl Bellamy

3-31-58 SPECIAL DELIVERY W: Samuel A. Peeples D: Earl Bellamy


C: Robert B. Harris

2- 7-58 YOUNG GUN W: Daniel B. Ullman D: Thomas Carr

5- 9-58 THE END OF THE WORLD W: John Robinson D: Don McDougall

9- 9-59 BACK TO CRAWFORD W: Robert Culp D: R.G. Springsteen


C: Robert B. Harris

1-10-59 SIX-UP TO BANNACH W: John Robinson D: Thomas Carr

3-14-59 RAILROADED W: D.D. Beauchamp & Mary M. Beauchamp D: Thomas Carr

3-21-59 DOUBLE FEE W: Ellis Marcus D: Don McDougall

1- 2-60 MENTAL LAPSE St: William F. Nolan Scr: John Tomerlin D: Thomas Carr

1-30-60 JASON St: John Robinson Scr: D. D. Beauchamp & Mary M. Beauchamp D: George Blair

10-19-60 THE TWAIN SHALL MEET W: Norman Katkov D: Richard Donner


59 WRONG ROPE W: Budd Lesser D: Jean Yarbrough *


10-21-60 BROWN W: Bruce Geller D: Sam Peckinpah

11-11-60 THE COURTING OF LIBBY W: Bruce Geller D: Sam Peckinpah

12-30-60 THE PAINTING W: Bruce Geller D: Sam Peckinpah


10-2-61 THE INTERPRETER W: Lawrence Menkin D: Christian Nyby


C: Vincent Dee

2-11-61 THE SHACKLED TOWN W: Clarke Reynolds D: Tay Garnett

4- 8-61 TENSION POINT W: Clarke Reynolds D: Tay Garnett


3-27-60 FAIR GAME W: Richard Newman D: Irvin Kershner *


3-13-64 THE NICEST GIRL IN GOMORRAH (Patricia Barry) W: Dave Lewis and Andy Lewis D: Bernard Girard


12-10-64 POMPEY D: David Duncan D: Joseph H. Lewis

10-10-68 THE DANDY (David Watson as artist) W: Merwin Gerard D: William Wiard


1-31-65 THE VINDICATORS W: Larry Cohen D: Joseph H. Lewis

3- 7-65 COWARD STEPS ASIDE St: Larry Cohen Scr: John Wilder & Jerry Ziegman D: Harry Harris



12-24-55 MAGNUS St: John Meston D: Charles Marquis Warren

12-1-56 GREATER LOVE St: John Meston Scr: Winston Miller D: Ted Post

8-18-56 UNMARKED GRAVE W: Herbert Little, Jr. & David Victor D: Ted Post

4- 6-57 THE PHOTOGRAPHER W: John Dunkel D: William D. Russell

12-7-57 COWS AND CRIBS St: John Meston Scr: Kathleen Hite D: Richard Whorf

12-21-57 KITTY LOST W: John Meston D: Ted Post

12-13-58 ROBBER BRIDEGROOM W: John Meston D: Richard Whorf

2- 7-59 KITTY'S REBELLION St: Marian Clark Scr: John Meston D: Jesse Hibbs

4- 4-59 FAWN W: John Meston D: Andrew V. McLaglen

4-18-59 MURDER WARRANT W: John Meston D: Andrew V. McLaglen

10-3-59 JOHNNY RED St: Les Crutchfield Scr: John Meston D: Buss Kulik

10-31-59 SALUDOS St: Les Crutchfield Scr: John Meston D: Andrew V. McLaglen *

12-26-59 THICK 'N' THIN St: Les Crutchfield Scr: John Meston D: Stuart Heisler

3-18-61 OLD FACES W: John Meston D: Harry Harris

12-3-61 A MAN A DAY W: John Meston D: Harry Harris *

10-13-62 JENNY W: John Meston D: Andrew V. McLaglen

1-26-63 THE BAD ONE W: Gwen Bagni D: Charles Martin

3-23-63 I CALL HIM WONDER W: Kathleen Hite D: Harry Harris

1-23-65 ONE KILLER ON ICE W: Richard Carr D: Joseph H. Lewis *

1-30-65 CHIEF JOSEPH St: Thomas Warner Scr: Clyde Ware D: Mark Rydell

2- 7-72 YANKTON W: Jim Byrnes D: Vincent McEvetty

The Life and Adventures of Wyatt Earp


C: Douglas Stevens

9- 6-55 WYATT EARP BECOMES A MARSHAL W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Lewis R. Foster

9-13-55 MR. EARP MEETS A LADY W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

10-11-55 THE MAN WHO LIED (Wyatt's costume, hired gun) W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

11-15-55 KING OF THE CATTLE TRAILS (Big time Texan tries to corrupt Earp) St: Frank Gruber Scr: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

12-27-55 BEN THOMPSON RETURNS (Good-hearted crook determined to be Wyatt's friend) W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

2- 7-56 THE FRONTIER THEATER (Stage troupe comes to Wichita) W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

2-21-56 THE ENGLISHMAN (English visitor deceived by outlaw) St: Buck Houghton Scr: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

12-25-56 JUSTICE (Justice for the Cheyenne) W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

1-15-57 WYATT AND THE CAPTAIN (Cavalry feels it can murder Indians) W: Maurice Tombragel D: Frank McDonald

2-19-57 COMMAND PERFORMANCE (Visiting prince, hoaxes) W: Daniel B. Ullman D: Frank McDonald

12-24-57 SHADOW OF A MAN (Deputy faces solo test) W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

3-11-58 THE SCHOOLTEACHER (Stagecoach robbery) W: Daniel B. Ullman D: Frank McDonald *

10-7-58 CAUGHT BY A WHISKER (Bank robbery and ingenious plots) W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

10-14-58 THE MYSTERIOUS COWHAND (Wyatt undercover on cattle drive) W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

3-17-59 ONE MURDER - FIFTY SUSPECTS (Hated loan shark murdered) W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald *

3-31-59 THE JUDAS GOAT (Entrapment of alleged gang) W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Frank McDonald

(Girl loves Earp's brother) W: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan D: Sidney Salkow

Have Gun - Will Travel


Please see my articles on Lamont Johnson, Ida Lupino.

10-19-57 THE BRIDE W: Steve Fisher D: Andrew V. McLaglen

11-30-57 NO VISITORS W: Don Brinkley D: Andrew V. McLaglen

12-21-57 THE HANGING CROSS W: Gene Roddenberry D: Andrew V. McLaglen

12-28-57 HELEN OF ABAJINIAN W: Gene Roddenberry D: Andrew V. McLaglen

3-15-58 THE TEACHER W: Sam Rolfe D: Lamont Johnson

3-22-58 KILLER'S WIDOW W: Albert Aley D: Andrew V. McLaglen

3-29-58 GUN SHY St: Frank & Doris Hursley Scr: Frank & Doris Hursley & Albert Aley D: Lamont Johnson

4-26-58 THE FIVE BOOKS OF OWEN DEAVER W: Sam Rolfe D: Lamont Johnson

5- 3-58 THE SILVER QUEEN W: Albert Aley D: Lamont Johnson

6- 7-58 DELIVER THE BODY W: Buckley Angell D: Lamont Johnson

9-27-58 THE MAN WHO WOULDN'T TALK W: Fanya Foss D: Andrew V. McLaglen

10-11-58 DUEL AT FLORENCE W: Bruce Geller D: Andrew V. McLaglen

10-25-58 THE ROAD TO WICKENBURG W: Gene Roddenberry D: Andrew V. McLaglen

11-8-58 YOUNG GUN W: Albert Aley D: Lamont Johnson

5- 2-59 RETURN OF ROY CARTER W: Gene Roddenberry D: Andrew V. McLaglen

5-23-59 HOMECOMING W: Albert Aley D: Andrew V. McLaglen

12-12-59 CHARLEY RED DOG W: Gene Roddenberry D: Ida Lupino

1- 9-60 THE DAY OF THE BAD MAN W: Robert E. Thompson D: Ida Lupino

2-20-60 THE LADY ON THE WALL W: Charles Beaumont & Richard Matheson D: Ida Lupino

4- 2-60 AN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIR W: Shimon Wincelberg & Anita Wincelberg D: James Neilson

4- 9-60 LADY WITH A GUN W: Archie L. Tegland D: Ida Lupino

3-18-61 THE GOLD BAR W: Robert E. Thompson D: Ida Lupino

10-14-61 A PROOF OF LOVE W: Lou & Peggy Shaw D: Richard Boone

12-15-62 TRIAL AT TABLEROCK W: Gene Roddenberry D: Jerry Hopper



1-23-59 INCIDENT WITH AN EXECUTIONER W: James Edmiston D: Charles Marquis Warren *

4-17-59 INCIDENT OF THE DOG DAYS W: Samuel A. Peebles D: George Sherman

10-23-59 INCIDENT OF THE 13TH MAN St: Endre Bohem Scr: Fred Freiberger D: Jesse Hibbs

4- 1-60 INCIDENT OF THE STARGAZER St: Jan Winters & Ted Gardner Scr: Louis Vittes D: Harmon Jones

6- 2-61 INCIDENT OF THE NIGHT ON THE TOWN St: Chris Miller & Eric Fleming Scr: Louis Vittes D: Anton Leader

3-16-62 THE IMMIGRANTS W: Elliott Arnold D: Tay Garnett

4-20-62 HOUSE OF THE HUNTER W: Louis Vittes D: Tay Garnett *

11-28-63 INCIDENT AT CONFIDENCE CREEK W: Jack Turley D: Harry Harris

1- 9-64 INCIDENT OF THE RUSTY SHOTGUN W: Paul King D: Ted Post

3- 5-65 THE VIOLENT LAND W: Buckley Angell D: Harmon Jones

9-14-65 ENCOUNTER AT BOOT HILL W: Anthony Spinner D: Sutton Roley

The Adventures of Jim Bowie


10-5-56 TRAPLINE W: Nat Tanchuck D: Lewis R. Foster

11-9-56 THE SECESSIONIST W: Arthur Rowe D: Lewis R. Foster

11-23-56 THE SELECT FEMALES W: Maurice Tombragel D: Lewis R. Foster

12-14-56 THE SWORDSMAN W: Margaret Fitts D: Lewis R. Foster

1-11-57 THE BEGGAR OF NEW ORLEANS W: Endre Bohem & Louis Vittes D: Lewis R. Foster *

1-25-57 MASTER AT ARMS St; David Bohem Scr: Maurice Tombragel D: Lewis R. Foster

5- 3-57 COUNTRY COUSIN St: Samuel R. Golding, Norbert Faulkner and Everett DeBaum Scr: Everett DeBaum D: Christian Nyby

11-15-57 CHARIVARI W: Lowell S. Hawley D: Anton Leader *

1-31-58 HOME SWEET HOME W: Sid Harris D: Anton Leader

5-16-58 MAN OF THE STREETS W: Gil Orlovitz D: Anton Leader

Bat Masterson


Costumes: Tommy Thompson

Series based on book by Richard O'Connor

10- 8-58 DOUBLE SHOWDOWN St: Frank Pittman & Andy White Scr: Gene Levitt D: Walter Doniger

11-19-58 A NOOSE FITS ANYBODY W: John Elliotte D: Eddie Davis

12-17-58 CHEYENNE CLUB W: D. D. Beauchamp D: Walter Doniger

12-24-58 SHERMAN'S MARCH THROUGH DODGE CITY W: Maurice Tombragel D: Eddie Davis

1-7-59 DOUBLE TROUBLE IN TRINIDAD St: Richard O'Connor Scr: Mikhail Rykoff & O'Connor D: Montgomery Pittman

3-27-59 THE SECRET IS DEATH W: Mikhail Rykoff D: Otto Lang

6-10-59 PROMISED LAND W: D. D. Beauchamp D: Walter Doniger

7-15-59 THE DESERT SHIP W: Wells Root D: Walter Doniger

10-29-59 SHAKEDOWN AT ST. JOE W: Maurice Tombragel D: Alan Crosland Jr.

11-19-59 DEAD MEN DON'T PAY DEBTS W: Daniel B. Ullman D: Lew Landers

12-31-59 THE INNER CIRCLE W: Andy White D: Walter Doniger

3-10-60 THE DISAPPEARANCE OF BAT MASTERSON W: Maurice Tombragel D: Walter Doniger

6-23-60 BLOOD ON THE MONEY W: Mikhail Rykoff D: Alan Crosland Jr.

10-27-60 THE HUNTER W: Joseph Stone & Paul King D: Eddie Davis

11-17-60 DAKOTA SHOWDOWN W: Don Brinkley D: Earl Bellamy

3- 9-61 TERROR ON THE TRINITY W: Andy White D: Elliott Lewis

3-16-61 EPISODE IN EDEN W: Ellis Kadison D: Eddie Davis

5-18-61 FARMER WITH A BADGE W: Alan Woods & Monroe Manning D: Allen H. Miner

Wagon Train


10-16-57 THE LES RAND STORY W: Berne Giler D: Robert Florey

10-16-57 THE CHARLES AVERY STORY W: Aaron Spelling D: Bernard Girard

2-12-58 THE BILL TAWNEE STORY St; Hendrik Vollaerts Scr: Hendrik Vollaerts & Dwight Newton D: David Butler

4-16-58 THE DANIEL BARRISTER STORY W: Norman Jolley D: Richard Bartlett

6-25-58 THE SACRAMENTO STORY W: Thomas Thompson D: Richard Bartlett

12-24-58 THE MARY ELLEN THOMAS STORY St: Howard Christie & James A. Parker Scr: Gene L. Coon & Harry W. Junkin D: Virgil W. Vogel

3- 4-59 THE JASPER CATO STORY St: Frank Phares Scr: Robert Libott & Frank Phares D: Arthur Hiller

4-22-59 THE CLARA DUNCAN STORY W: Richard Collins & Warren Wilson D: Jerry Hopper

6-17-59 THE STEELE FAMILY STORY (based on Pride and Prejudice) W: Jean Holloway D: Christian Nyby

9-30-59 THE STAGECOACH STORY W: Jean Holloway D: William Witney


3- 2-60 THE TOM TUCKETT STORY (based on Great Expectations) W: Jean Holloway D: Herschel Daugherty

6-22-60 THE SHAD BENNINGTON STORY W: Fred Cassidy D: Joseph Pevney

10-25-61 THE CLEMENTINE JONES STORY W: Harold Swanton D: David Lowell Rich



10-11-55 JULESBURG W: Charles Lang D: Richard L. Bare

12-13-55 THE OUTLANDER St: Douglas Heyes Scr: R. Wright Campbell D: Richard L. Bare *

4- 3-56 QUICKSAND St: Roy Huggins & N.B. Stone Scr: Dean Riesner & N.B. Stone D: Leslie H. Martinson

5-15-56 JOHNNY BRAVO St: Roy Huggins & Dean Riesner Scr: Riesner D: Richard L. Bare

5-29-56 THE LAST TRAIN WEST W: Jack DeWitt & Howard Browne D: Richard L. Bare (loosely based on STAGECOACH)

9-25-56 THE LONG WINTER St: Bennett Foster Scr: Montgomery Pittman D: Leslie H. Martinson

10-23-56 THE BOUNTY KILLER Scr: Berne Giler based on a story by: Steve Frazee D: Walter Doniger

12-4-56 LONE GUN St: Norman A. Fox Scr: Frederick Brady & Howard Browne D: Richard L. Bare

12-18-56 THE TRAP St: Leo Gordon Scr: Berne Giler D: Walter Doniger

1-1-57 THE IRON TRAIL St: Montgomery Pittman & Jack Emanuel Scr: Pittman D: Leslie H. Martinson *

1-15-57 LAND BEYOND THE LAW W: Howard Browne D: Walter Doniger

2-12-57 WAR PARTY W: Berne Giler D: Joseph Kane

3-12-57 BIG GHOST BASIN Scr: Wells Root based on the short story "The Fire Killer" by: Steve Frazee D: Joseph Kane *

5-7-57 THE SPANISH GRANT W: Albert Aley D: Thomas Carr

6-4-57 THE BROKEN PLEDGE W: Louis Stevens & N.B. Stone Jr. D: Leslie H. Martinson

9-24-57 INCIDENT AT INDIAN SPRINGS W: George Slavin D: Thomas Carr

10-8-57 THE CONSPIRATORS St: Donald R. Wilson Scr: James O'Hanlon D: Leslie H. Martinson

10-22-57 THE MUTTON PUNCHER W: Wells Root D: Franklin Adreon

11-5-57 BORDER AFFAIR W: James Gunn D: Leslie H. Martinson

12-3-57 TOWN OF FEAR St: Sidney Morse & Berne Giler Scr: Berne Giler D: Richard L. Bare

1-14-58 THE LAST COMANCHERO St: Peter Germano Scr: Sam Rolfe D: Douglas Heyes

1-28-58 THE GAMBLE St: L.L. Foreman Scr: Albert Aley D: Leslie H. Martinson

2-11-58 RENEGADES W: Oliver Drake D: Alan Crosland Jr.

3-11-58 WHITE WARIOR St: Barney Slater Scr: Barney Slater & Howard Browne D: Lee Sholem

4-22-58 THE LONG SEARCH W: George Slavin D: Lee Sholem

5-20-58 DEAD TO RIGHTS St: Melvin Levy Scr: Albert Aley D: Leslie H. Martinson *

10-26-59 TRIAL BY CONSCIENCE W: Alan Lipscott & Bob Fisher D: Lee Sholem

11-2-59 THE IMPOSTOR St: Finlay McDermid Scr: Thomas W. Blackburn D: Lee Sholem

11-6-59 PRISONER OF MOON MESA W: George Slavin D: Leslie Goodwins

1-4-60 GOLD, GLORY AND CUSTER - PRELUDE W: Gerald Drayson Adams D: George Waggner

1-11-60 GOLD, GLORY AND CUSTER - REQUIEM W: Gerald Drayson Adams D: George Waggner

2-1-60 RIOT AT ARROYO SECO St: Arthur W. Silver & Richard Wormser Scr: Sidney Biddell & Richard Wormser D: Lew Landers

2-29-60 OUTCAST OF CRIPPLE CREEK Scr: Ric Hardman D: Arthur Lubin

3-14-60 HOME IS THE BRAVE St: George Waggner Scr: Richard Matheson D; Emory Horger

9-26-60 THE LONG ROPE Based on novel by: William O. Turner Scr: Peter Germano & Eustace Cockrell D: Robert B. Sinclair

5-15-61 THE GREATER GLORY W: Warren Douglas D: Lee Sholem

11-13-61 RETALIATION W: Arnold Belgard D: Paul Landres

12-4-61 LEGACY OF THE LOST W: Arnold Belgard D: Richard C. Sarafian

10-15-62 MAN ALONE W: Warren Douglas D: Robert Sparr

1-29-62 THE IDOL W: Fred Freiberger & Bob Wehling D: George Waggner

11-5-62 DARK DECISION St: Gerald Drayson Adams & Peter Germano Scr: Peter Germano D: Robert Sparr

11-26-62 VENGEANCE IS MINE St: Berne Giler Scr: Berne Giler & Warren Douglas D: Robert Sparr

12-1-62 WANTED FOR THE MURDER OF CHEYENNE BODIE St: Joyce Fierro Scr: Richard Collins D: Paul Landres *

12-17-62 SHOWDOWN AT OXBEND W: Jack R. Usher D: Richard L. Bare *


9-17-57 BRANNIGAN'S BOOTS Scr: Devery Freeman (based on screenplay of "The Boy from Oklahoma") D: Leslie H. Martinson *


4-21-59 SCHOOL FOR COWARDS W: George F. Slavin D: Lee Sholem

9-22-59 GAME AT THE BEACON CLUB St: Arthur W. Silver Scr: Jackson Gillis D: Arthur Lubin

12-15-59 FLIGHT FROM AN EMPIRE St: James Gunn Scr; Albert Aley D: Edward Dein



9-22-57 WAR OF THE SILVER KINGS Scr: James O'Hanlon based on a book by: C.B. Glasscock D: Budd Boetticher

9-29-57 POINT BLANK Scr: Roy Huggins based on a screenplay by: Howard Browne D: Budd Boetticher

10-6-57 ACCORDING TO HOYLE St: Horace McCoy Scr: Russell S. Hughes D: Budd Boetticher

10-13-57 GHOST RIDER W: Marion Hargrove D: Leslie H. Martinson *

1-12-58 RAGE FOR VENGEANCE Scr: Marion Hargrove D: Leslie H. Martinson *

2-28-58 THE BURNING SKY St: Howard Browne Scr: Russell S. Hughes D: Gordon Douglas

3-16-58 BLACK FIRE St: Howard Browne Scr: Marion Hargrove D: Leslie H. Martinson *

4-13-58 SEED OF DECEPTION W: Montgomery Pittman D: Richard L. Bare

10-12-58 THE BELCASTLE BRAND W: Marion Hargrove D: Leslie H. Martinson

11- 9-58 THE JAIL AT JUNCTION FLATS St: Elmer Kelton Scr: Marion Hargrove D: Walter Doniger

11-23-58 SHADY DEAL AT SUNNY ACRES St: Douglas Heyes Scr: Roy Huggins D: Leslie H. Martinson

11-30-58 ISLAND IN THE SWAMP W & D: Montgomery Pittman

12-28-58 HOLIDAY AT HOLLOW ROCK W: Howard Browne D: Richard L. Bare

1-11-59 GUN-SHY W: Marion Hargrove D: Leslie H. Martinson *

1-18-58 TWO BEGGARS ON HORSEBACK W & D: Douglas Heyes

1-25-59 THE RIVALS W: Marion Hargrove D: Leslie H. Martinson

2- 1-59 DUEL AT SUNDOWN St: Howard Browne Scr: Richard Collins D: Arthur Lubin

2-15-59 THE SAGA OF WACO WILLIAMS St: Montgomery Pittman Scr: Gene L. Coon D: Leslie H. Martinson

3-15-59 TWO TICKETS TO TEN STRIKE W & D: Douglas Heyes *

3-22-59 BETRAYAL St: Winston Miller Scr: Richard Macaulay & James O'Hanlon D: Leslie H. Martinson *


9-13-59 PAPPY W & D: Montgomery Pittman

9-27-59 THE SHERIFF OF DUCK 'N' SHOOT W: William Driskill D: George Waggner

10-18-59 A TALE OF THREE CITIES St: Robert Vincent Wright Scr: Leo Townsend D: Leslie H. Martinson

10-25-59 FULL HOUSE St: Hugh Benson & Coles Trapnell Scr: Jerry Davis D: Robert Gordon

11-15-59 EASY MARK St: Jack Emanuel Scr: Jerry Davis & Marion Parsonnet D: Lew Landers

11-22-59 A FELLOW'S BROTHER W: Herman Epstein D: Leslie Goodwins

12-13-59 THE GOOSE-DROWNDER W: Leonard Praskins D: Arthur Lubin *

12-20-59 A CURE FOR JOHNNY RAIN W: Leonard Praskins D: Montgomery Pittman

1-10-60 CRUISE OF THE CYNTHIA B W: Robert Wright D: André De Toth

2-14-60 A FLOCK OF TROUBLE St: James Barnett Scr; Ron Bishop & Wells Root D: Arthur Lubin

3- 6-60 THE MISFORTUNE TELLER W: Leo Townsend D: Arthur Lubin

3-13-60 GREENBACKS, UNLIMITED W: Robert Vincent Wright D: Arthur Lubin

9-25-60 HADLEY'S HUNTERS St: William Henderson & Jeanne Nolan Scr: Patrick Wallace D: Leslie H. Martinson

10-30-60 A BULLET FOR THE TEACHER St: Barry Cohon & Larry Franklin Scr: Leo Gordon & Paul Leslie Peil D: Coles Trapnell

2-19-61 FLOOD'S FOLLY St: George F. Slavin & Don Tait & Coles Trapnell Scr: George F. Slavin D: Irving J. Moore *

3-26-61 THE FORBIDDEN CITY St: Don Tait & Coles Trapnell Scr: Wells Root D: Richard C. Sarafian *

11-12-61 THREE QUEENS FULL St: William Bruckner & Robert Hamner Scr: William Bruckner D: Michael O'Herlihy

3-11-62 MARSHAL MAVERICK St: Arnold Belgard Scr: Belgard & James O'Hanlon D: Sidney Salkow



10-5-58 THE DEPUTY Scr: Dean Riesner D: Montgomery Pittman based on novel by: Harry Whittington

10-26-58 THE OATH St: Irving Rubine Scr: William F. Leicester D: Leslie H. Martinson

12-7-58 THE INTRUDERS St: David Lang Scr: David Lang & Edmund Morris D: Stuart Heisler

12-14-58 SHORT STRAW W: Clair Huffaker D: Stuart Heisler

1- 4-59 THE OUTSIDER W: William F. Leicester D: Stuart Heisler

3- 8-59 THE POSSE W: William F. Leicester D: Stuart Heisler

3-15-59 THE VISITOR W: Edmund Morris D: Stuart Heisler

3-29-59 THE GANG W: Clair Huffaker D: Stuart Heisler

4-19-59 RIDING SHOTGUN Scr: William F. Leicester D: Alan Crosland Jr. based on a story by: Kenneth Perkins

5-31-59 THE BANDIT W: Oliver Crawford D: Lee Sholem

10-18-59 SHACKLED W: William F. Leicester D: Leslie H. Martinson

11-7-59 THE BREAKUP W: Clair Huffaker D: Paul Guilfoyle

11-15-59 SHADOW WITNESS W: William F. Leicester D: Everett Sloane

12-6-59 9:05 TO NORTH PLATTE W: Clair Huffaker D: Robert Sparr

1- 3-60 LAST STOP W: Clair Huffaker D: Robert Sparr

2- 7-60 TO CAPTURE THE WEST W: Clair Huffaker D: Robert Sparr

2-21-60 THE KIDS W: Ric Hardman D: Robert Sparr

3- 6-60 THE TRUCE W: Ric Hardman D: Robert Sparr

3-27-60 THE LEFT HAND OF THE LAW St: Margaret Armen Scr: Edmund Morris D: Robert Sparr

4-24-60 THE SALVATION OF OWNY O'REILLY W: Ric Hardman D: Robert Sparr

5- 1-60 THE LADY BELLE W: Ric Hardman D: Robert Sparr

5-22-60 MAN ON A WIRE W: W. Hermanos D: Robert Sparr

5-29-60 THE PARTING W: David Lang D: Robert Sparr

10-2-60 THE MAD BUNCH W: Ric Hardman D: Robert Sparr

10-9-60 THE OLD WAR HORSE W: Ric Hardman D: Robert Sparr

10-16-60 THE RETURN OF OWNY O'REILLY W: Ric Hardman D: Stuart Heisler

10-30-60 DILEMMA W: William F. Leicester D: Robert B. Sinclair

12-11-60 CORNERED W: Richard Matheson D: Marc Lawrence

1- 8-61 FIREHOUSE LIL W: Ric Hardman D: Leslie H. Martinson

2- 5-61 HOMECOMING W: Richard Matheson D: Robert B. Sinclair

2-12-61 HASSAYAMPA W: Ric Hardman D: Marc Lawrence

2-19-61 THE PROMOTER W: Howard Browne D: Leslie H. Martinson

2-26-61 DETWEILER'S KID W: Ric Hardman D: Marc Lawrence

3- 5-61 THE INHERITANCE W: John Tomerlin D: Marc Lawrence

3-12-61 BLUE BOSS AND WILLIE SHAY W: Ric Hardman D: Stuart Heisler

4-16-61 THE GRUBSTAKE W: Ric Hardman & Marc McCarty D: Robert B. Sinclair

5-21-61 THE BREAK-IN W: Montgomery Pittman D: Richard C. Sarafian

9-17-61 TRAPPED W: Walter Wagner D: Richard C. Sarafian *

9-24-61 THE JUROR W: Ric Hardman D: Marc Lawrence

10-8-61 THE SON W: John D.F. Black D: Richard C. Sarafian *

10-15-61 OWNY O'REILLY ESQUIRE W: Ric Hardman D: Leslie H. Martinson

11-5-61 THE CATALOG WOMAN W: Ric Hardman D: Leslie H. Martinson *

11-26-61 THE APPOINTMENT W: John D.F. Black D: Richard Benedict

12-24-61 BY THE BOOK W: John Tomerlin D: Irving J. Moore

1- 7-62 THE LOCKET W: Margaret Armen D: Robert B. Sinclair *

1-28-62 THE TARNISHED BADGE W: Margaret Armen D: Richard C. Sarafian

2- 4-62 NO CONTEST W: Berne Giler D: Irving J. Moore

2-25-62 THE BARBER W: John D.F. Black D: Richard C. Sarafian

3- 4-62 THE LONG GUN W: Burt Kennedy D: Burt Kennedy

3-11-62 CLOOTEY HUTTER W: Robert Vincent Wright D: Richard C. Sarafian

3-11-62 HERITAGE OF HATE W: William F. Leicester D: Robert B. Sinclair

4-1 -62 THE BRIDE St: Berne Giler Scr: John Tomerlin D: Richard C. Sarafian

4- 8-62 THE WANTED MAN W: Burt Kennedy D: Burt Kennedy

4-29-62 CORT W: Anthony Spinner D: Burt Kennedy

5-27-62 THE ACTOR W: Richard Matheson D: Richard C. Sarafian

The Rifleman


I liked many more Rifleman episodes than are listed here. Please see my web-book on Joseph H. Lewis for a detailed discussion of Lewis' 49 episodes of The Rifleman.

C: Robert B. Harris

11-11-58 DUEL OF HONOR W: Ken Kolb D: Joseph H. Lewis

11-18-58 THE SAFE GUARD (Claude Akins guards bank safe) W: David Swift D: Joseph H. Lewis

11-25-58 THE SISTER W & D: Montgomery Pittman

1- 6-59 THE PET W: Ken Kolb D: Joseph H. Lewis

2- 3-59 SHIVAREE W: Herbert Little, Jr. & David Victor D: Joseph H. Lewis

5- 5-59 THE WOMAN W: Pat Fielder D: Arnold Laven

6-23-59 BOOMERANG W: Arthur Browne, Jr. D: Joseph H. Lewis

9-29-59 THE PATSY W: Harry Kronman D: Joseph H. Lewis

11-3-59 EDDIE'S DAUGHTER W: William Leicester D: Joseph H. Lewis

11-10-59 PANIC W: Albert Aley D: Joseph H. Lewis

12-1-59 THE LETTER OF THE LAW W: Judy George & George W. George D: Joseph H. Lewis

12-29-59 SURVEYORS W: Dale Eunson & Katherine Eunson D: Joseph H. Lewis *

1- 5-60 DAY OF THE HUNTER W: John Dunkel D: Joseph H. Lewis

2- 2-60 HERO W: Albert Aley D: Joseph H. Lewis

2-16-60 THE SPOILER W: Harry Kronman D: Joseph H. Lewis

2-23-60 HELLER W: Christopher Knopf D: Joseph H. Lewis

3-15-60 THE DESERTER W: Albert Aley D: Joseph H. Lewis

4-12-60 THE SHOTGUN MAN W: Jack Cutis D: Joseph H. Lewis

11- 8-60 THE MARTINET (Captain Perry and his two sons) W: Phillip Satzman D: Joseph H. Lewis

The Virginian


10-3-62 THROW A LONG ROPE W: Harold Swanton D: Ted Post

10-10-62 THE BIG DEAL St: Richard Jessup Scr: Winston Miller D: Earl Bellamy

10-17-62 THE BRAZEN BELL W: Roland Kibbee D: James Sheldon

11-21-62 IT TOLLS FOR THEE W & D: Samuel Fuller

1- 9-63 THE EXILES St: Roy Huggins Scr: Howard Browne & William P. McGivern D: Bernard Girard *

2-20-63 THE SMALL PARADE St: Bernard Girard Scr: John & Ward Hawkins D: Paul Nickell *

3- 6-63 THE MONEY CAGE St: Donn Mullally Scr: Jameson Brewer D: Alan Crosland Jr.

10-9-63 A KILLER IN TOWN W: Bob Duncan & Wanda Duncan D: John English *

10-16-63 THE EVIL THAT MEN DO W: Frank Chase D: Stuart Heisler

11-13-63 RUN QUIET W: Norman Katkov & Ed Adamson D: Herschel Daugherty

12-18-63 SIEGE W: Donn Mullally D: Don McDougall

1-15-64 THE FORTUNES OF J. JONAH JIMERSON W: Carey Wilber D: Don McDougall

1-29-64 THE DRIFTER St: Frank Fenton Scr: Carey Wilber D: Don McDougall

2-12-64 FIRST TO THINE OWN SELF W: Les Crutchfield D: Earl Bellamy

2-19-64 A MATTER OF DESTINY W: Al C. Ward D: Maurice Geraghty

3- 4-64 THE INTRUDERS W: Dean Riesner D: Charles R. Rondeau

4- 1-64 THE SECRET OF BRYNMAR HALL W: Herman Groves D: Robert Totten

9-16-64 RYKER W: Frank Fenton D: Don Richardson

9-23-64 THE DARK CHALLENGE St: Joseph Hoffman Scr: Joseph Hoffman & True Boardman D: Don McDougall

10-28-64 BIG IMAGE...LITTLE MAN St: Frank Chase Scr: Frank Chase & Carey Wilber D: William Witney

11-4-64 A FATHER FOR TOBY St: Tom Seller Scr: True Boardman D: Alan Crosland Jr.

11-25-64 ALL NICE AND LEGAL W: Jean Holloway D: Don McDougall

12-9-64 PORTRAIT OF A WIDOW W: Thomas W. Blackburn & Lawrence Edward Watkin D: Don McDougall

12-23-64 A MAN OF THE PEOPLE St: William Fay Scr: Fay & True Boardman D: William Witney

1-13-65 HIDEOUT D: Don McDougall based on novel "The Mountains Are My Kingdom" (1936) by Oscar Schisgall writing as Stuart Hardy

2- 5-65 LOST YESTERDAY W: True Boardman D: Don McDougall

3-17-65 DANGEROUS ROAD W: John & Ward Hawkins D: Maurice Geraghty *

4-14-65 THE SHOWDOWN W: Gene L. Coon D: Don McDougall

11-24-65 BEYOND THE BORDER W: Martha Wilkerson D: Don McDougall

12-8-65 THE LARAMIE ROAD W: Halsted Welles D: Charles S. Dubin

12-22-65 LETTER OF THE LAW W: Donn Mullally D: Charles S. Dubin

4- 6-66 NO DRUMS, NO TRUMPETS St: Sabaroff & Nadel Scr: Robert Sabaroff D: Arthur H. Nadel

11-9-66 DEADEYE DICK W: Joseph Hoffman D: Ida Lupino

2-15-67 WITHOUT MERCY W: Donn Mullally D: Don McDougall *

3- 8-67 NIGHTMARE AT FORT KILLMAN W: John & Ward Hawkins D: Abner Biberman

3-15-67 BITTER HARVEST W: Andy Lewis D: Don McDougall

9-20-67 THE DEADLY PAST W: Robert White & Phyllis White D: Abner Biberman *

9-27-67 THE LADY FROM WICHITA W: True Boardman D: Don McDougall

10-25-67 AH SING VS WYOMING W: Irve Tunick D: Charles S. Dubin

12-6-67 THE BARREN GROUND St: Joy Dexter Scr: Andy Lewis D: Abner Biberman

12-27-67 THE FORTRESS St: Sy Salkowitz & W.R. Burnett Scr: Sy Salkowitz D: Abner Biberman

2-14-68 THE HELL WIND W: Leonard Praskins & Barbara Merlin D: Don McDougall *

10-9-68 VISION OF BLINDNESS St: Gerald Sanford Scr: Gerald Sanford & James Menzies D: Abner Biberman

12-11-68 NORA W: True Boardman D: Don McDougall

2-19-69 THE ORDEAL St; Merwin Gerard Scr: Don Ingalls D: Michael Caffey

9-24-69 A FLASH OF DARKNESS W: Edward J. Lakso D: Joseph Pevney

10-22-69 THE RUNAWAY W: Gerald Sanford D: Anton Leader

1- 7-70 YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER W: Lois Hire D: James Neilson

2- 4-70 TRAIN OF DARKNESS W: Robert Van Scoyk D: James Sheldon

2-18-70 NO WAR FOR THE WARRIOR St: Robert Earll Scr: Robert Earll & Alvin Sapinsley D: Don McDougall

The Big Valley


9-29-65 BOOTS WITH MY FATHER'S NAME St: Les Pine, Tina Rome, Mel Goldberg Scr: Mel Goldberg D: Joseph H. Lewis *

10-6-65 THE YOUNG MARAUDERS W: Peter Packer D: Paul Wendkos

10-20-65 HERITAGE W: Carey Wilber D: Paul Wendkos

11-24-65 THE WAY TO KILL A KILLER W: Judith Barrows & Robert Guy Barrows D: Joseph M. Newman

12-1-65 NIGHT OF THE WOLF W: Margaret Armen D: Joseph H. Lewis

12-15-65 THE BRAWLERS W: William Norton D: Joseph Pevney

12-29-65 THE INVADERS W: Jay Simms D: Arnold Laven

1-19-66 A TIME TO KILL W: Peter Packer D: Bernard McEveety

2-2-66 TEACHER OF OUTLAWS St: Lou Morheim Scr: Gilbert Ralston D: Michael Ritchie

2-2-66 BARBARY RED W: Judith Barrows D: Michael Ritchie

4-13-66 THE MIDAS MAN W: Margaret Armen D: Arnold Laven

4-20-66 TUNNEL OF GOLD W: Arthur Browne, Jr. D: Virgil W. Vogel

4-27-66 LAST TRAIN TO THE FAIR W: Paul Savage. D: Virgil W. Vogel

9-12-66 LOST TREASURE W: Jack Curtis D: Arthur H. Nadel

10-31-66 TARGET W: Mel Goldberg D: Arthur H. Nadel

11-14-66 THE MAN FROM NOWHERE W: Ken Pettus D: Joseph H. Lewis

11-21-66 THE GREAT SAFE ROBBERY W: William Norton D: Virgil W. Vogel

12-5-66 LAST STAGE TO SALT FLATS W: Arthur Browne, Jr. D: Bernard McEveety

12-12-66 A DAY OF TERROR W: Peter Packer D: Virgil W. Vogel

12-19-66 HIDE THE CHILDREN W: Jack Curtis D: Arthur H. Nadel

12-26-66 DAY OF THE COMET W: Gilbert Ralston D: Virgil W. Vogel

1-23-67 DOWN SHADOW STREET W: Ken Trevey D: Virgil W. Vogel

2-20-67 BROTHER LOVE W: Jay Simms D: Virgil W. Vogel

3- 6-67 COURT MARTIAL W: Stephen Carabatsos D: Virgil W. Vogel *

3-13-67 PLUNDER! W: William Blinn D: Richard Long

10-30-67 GUILTY W: Harry Kronman D: Paul Henreid

11-6-67 THE DISAPPEARANCE St: Lou Morheim Scr: Michael Gleason D: Virgil W. Vogel

12-25-67 THE BUFFALO MAN W: Margaret Armen D: Joe Mazzuca

2-16-68 RIMFIRE W: Margaret Armen D: Charles S. Dubin

3-11-68 RUN OF THE SAVAGE W: Don Ingalls D: Virgil W. Vogel

11-11-68 THE JONAH W: Ed Adamson D: Virgil W. Vogel

11-18-68 HELL HATH NO FURY W: Sasha Gilien & Mel Goldberg D: Virgil W. Vogel

12-9-68 A STRANGER EVERYWHERE W: Lee Erwin D: Paul Henreid

12-16-88 THE PRIZE W: D.C. Fontana D: Virgil W. Vogel

1-6-69 TOP OF THE STAIRS W: Ken Pettus D: Virgil W. Vogel

2-24-69 ALIAS NELLIE HANDLEY W: Margaret Armen D: Virgil W. Vogel

3-24-69 THE BATTLE OF MINERAL SPRINGS W: Douglas Morrow D: Virgil W. Vogel

3-31-69 THE OTHER FACE OF JUSTICE W: Don Ingalls D: Virgil W. Vogel

4-7-69 TOWN OF NO EXIT W: William Norton D: Norman S. Powell



11-12-61 THE FRIENDSHIP W: Frank Chase D: Don McDougall

4-22-62 BLESSED ARE THEY St: Borden Chase Scr: Borden Chase & Frank Cleaver D: Don McDougall

12-22-63 HOSS AND THE LEPRECHAUNS W: Robert V. Barron D: John Florea *

5-16-65 THE SPOTLIGHT W: Richard Carr D: Gerd Oswald

4-10-66 THE UNWRITTEN COMMANDMENT St: Daniel B. Ullman Scr: William Blinn & Jo Pagano D: Gerd Oswald

1-15-67 A BRIDE FOR BUFORD W: Robert V. Barron D: William F. Claxton

5-12-68 THE BOTTLE FIGHTER St: S.H. Barnett & Colin MacKenzie Scr: John Hawkins D: Leon Benson

5-26-68 THE STRONGHOLD St: W.R. Burnett Scr: John Hawkins D: Leon Benson

10-13-68 THE PASSING OF A KING W: B.W. Sandefur D: Leon Benson

11-24-68 QUEEN HIGH W: Michael Fessier D: Leon Benson

12-15-68 MARK OF GUILT St: Frank Telford Scr: Ward Hawkins D: Leon Benson *

1-19-69 MRS. WHARTON AND THE LESSER BREEDS W: Preston Woods D: Leon Benson

3- 1-70 RETURN ENGAGEMENT W: Stanley Roberts D: Don Richardson

2-14-71 THE RELUCTANT AMERICAN W: Stanley Roberts D: Philip Leacock

10-17-72 NEW MAN W: Jack B. Sowards D: Leo Penn



10-7-65 RENDEZVOUS AT ARILLO (Silver thieves, widow) W: Calvin Clements D: Harvey Hart

10-14-65 THREE'S COMPANY (Chad's fiancee) W: John McGreevey D: Bernard McEveety

10-21-65 ANYBODY HERE SEEN BILLY? W: John McGreevey D: Lawrence Dobkin

11-18-65 WHICH WAY DID THEY GO? (Eve Arden) W: Gerry Day D: Leon Benson

12-9-65 THE LAND GRABBERS (Land rush, Lancer) W: Ric Hardman D: R.G. Springsteen

12-16-65 PRIDE OF THE RANGERS (Prizefight, bank robbery) W: John McGreevey D: Anton Leader

1-20-66 THAT'S NOWAY, THATAWAY (British actors as ministers) W: Vin Bogert & Gene L. Coon D: Howard Morris

3-10-66 IT'S THE END OF THE ROAD, STANLEY (Hostages in saloon) W: Gene L. Coon D: Leon Benson

9-16-66 THE LEGEND OF MIDAS MANTEE (Laughing gas, fake gunfight, fort) W: Gerry Day & B.W. Sandefur D: Hollingsworth Morse

9-30-66 A DOUBLE SHOT OF NEPENTHE (Mind control) W: Gene L. Coon D: Abner Biberman

10-14-66 THE LAND SLICKERS (Reese buys worthless land) W: William Hellinger & Clint Young D: Sherman Marks

10-21-66 FINNEGAN (Finnegan tries to start gang in Dry Wells) W: Edward J. Lakso D: Alexander Singer

12-9-66 A PRINCE OF A RANGER (Chad's double, Prisoner of Zenda) W: Joseph Bonaduce D: Charles R. Rondeau

1- 6-67 THE SEVENTH DAY (Undercover as clergy) St: Alvin Boretz Scr: Joel Murcott D: Irving J. Moore

2-17-67 ENEMIES AND BROTHERS (Captain's relative) St: Tom Adair & John Elliotte Scr: Brian Brastu & Tom Adair & John Elliotte D: Gene Nelson

3- 3-67 THE SMALL CHANCE GHOST (Ghost town with spooky mansion) W: Martin Roth D: Richard Bartlett

3-10-67 A QUESTION OF GUILT (Courtroom drama, Twelve Angry Men) W: Joseph Bonaduce D: Leo Penn *

The Wild Wild West


2-25-66 NIGHT OF THE PUPPETEER W: Henry Sharp D: Irving J. Moore

10- 7-66 NIGHT OF THE BIG BLAST W: Ken Kolb D: Ralph Senensky

11- 4-66 NIGHT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT W: Ken Kolb D: Robert Sparr

3-31-67 NIGHT OF THE WOLF W: Robert C. Dennis & Earl Bartlett D: Charles R. Rondeau

1-26-68 NIGHT OF THE DEATH MASKS W: Ken Pettus D: Mike Moder

9-27-68 NIGHT OF THE BIG BLACKMAIL W: David Moessinger D: Irving J. Moore

10-11-68 NIGHT OF THE JUGGERNAUT W: Calvin Clements Jr. D: Irving J. Moore

10-25-68 NIGHT OF THE GRUESOME GAMES W: Jackson Gillis D: Marvin Chomsky

11- 1-68 NIGHT OF THE KRAKEN W: Stephen Kandel D: Michael Caffey

3-14-69 NIGHT OF BLEAK ISLAND W: Robert E. Kent D: Marvin Chomsky

3-21-69 NIGHT OF THE COSSACKS W: Oliver Crawford D: Mike Moder

3-29-69 NIGHT OF THE TYCOONS St: Barney Slater Scr: Louis Vittes D: Mike Moder

Alias Smith and Jones


C: Vincent Dee

JTJ is "John Thomas James", pseudonym of Ross Huggins.

2- 4-71 WRONG TRAIN TO BRIMSTONE W: Stephen Kandel D: Jeffrey Hayden

3-11-71 STAGECOACH SEVEN St: JTJ Scr: Dick Nelson D: Richard Benedict

3-18-71 THE MAN WHO MURDERED HIMSELF St: JTJ Scr: Robert Hamner & JTJ D: Jeffrey Hayden

11-4-71 NIGHT OF THE RED DOG St: JTJ Scr: Dick Nelson & JTJ D: Russ Mayberry

11-18-71 DREADFUL SORRY, CLEMENTINE St: JTJ Scr: Glen A. Larson D: Barry Shear

12-16-71 EVERYTHING ELSE YOU CAN STEAL W: JTJ D: Alexander Singer

1-13-72 THE MACREADY BUST GOING, GOING GONE St: JTJ Scr: Nicholas E. Baehr D: Alexander Singer

1-20-72 THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BANK AT RED GAP W: JTJ D: Richard Benedict

1-27-72 THE MEN THAT CORRUPTED HADLEYBERG St: JTJ Scr: JTJ & Dick Nelson D: Jeff Corey

2- 3-72 THE BIGGEST GAME IN THE WEST W: JTJ D: Alexander Singer

10-28-72 WHAT HAPPENED AT THE XST W: JTJ D: Jack Arnold

Westerns: Color


5-16-61 TRIGGER POINT (left in desert) W: Arthur Browne, Jr. D: Lesley Selander

9-26-61 DRAGON AT THE DOOR (Japanese family) W: Rod Peterson D: James P. Yarbrough

10-3-61 LADIES' DAY St: Daniel B. Ullman Scr: Rod Peterson D: Lesley Selander

10-17-61 MOUNTAIN MEN St: Daniel B. Ullman Scr: Lee Erwin & Donn Mullally D: Joseph Kane

12-12-61 THE KILLER LEGEND St: Rod Peterson & Robert Hamner Scr: Rod Peterson D: Hollingsworth Morse

9-25-62 AMONG THE MISSING W: Rod Peterson D: Joseph Kane

12-25-62 GUN DUEL St: John C. Champion Scr: Albert Aley D: Thomas Carr


11-14-62 DAVY'S FRIEND W: Virgil C. Gerlach D: Tay Garnett

10-1-63 KINGDOM FOR A HORSE W: Zetta Castle & Francis Rosenwald D: Tay Garnett

3-25-65 FIGHTING SKY PILOT W: Todhunter Ballard & Robert Leslie Bellem D: Lee Sholem

3-17-65 MAGIC LOCKET W: Joanna Lee D: Tay Garnett

3-17-66 THE WATER BRINGER Scr: Robert Hardy Andrews St: Idwal Jones D: Hal Cooper

10-1-66 THE RESURRECTION OF DEADWOOD DICK W: Sloan Nibley D: Tay Garnett


1-4 -68 THE JUDGEMENT W: Daniel B. Ullman D: Robert Butler

1-11-68 FOOL'S GOLD St: Palmer Thompson & David Jones Scr: Palmer Thompson D: Herschel Daugherty


2-21-66 THE LONELY PLACE W: ? D: Curtis Harrington

5- 9-66 A BURYING FOR ROSEY W: ? D: Curtis Harrington


11-19-67 THE PRICE OF REVENGE W: Frank Chase D: Leonard J. Horn

12-17-67 THE TERRORIST W: William F. Leicester D: Ralph Senensky

2- 4-68 CHAMPION OF THE WESTERN WORLD W: Michael Fessier D: William F. Claxton

11-29-68 FOR WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO RECEIVE W: Michael Fessier D: William F. Claxton


9-24-68 THE HIGH RIDERS (Pilot) Created by: Samuel A. Peeples St: Samuel A. Peeples Scr: Dean Riesner Dir: Sam Wanamaker Please see my comments.

1-28-69 YESTERDAY'S VENDETTA W: Don Brinkley D: Otto Lang


10-20-75 SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE St: William Reed Woodfield & Allan Balter Scr: Stephen Lord D: Don McDougall


4- 2-76 LADY (The insane woman) W: Jerry Ziegman D: Alf Kjellin


3-16-77 ADAMS' ARK (Don Galloway as Pinkerton) W: Samuel A. Peeples D: Jack B. Hively

Mystery: Agatha Christie


80 WHY DIDN'T THEY ASK EVANS Scr: Pat Sandys D: Tony Wharmby, John Davies

81 THE SEVEN DIALS MYSTERY C: Penny Lowe Scr: ? D: Tony Wharmby Script Consultant: Pat Sandys


9-14-82 IN A GLASS DARKLY C: Jill Silverside Scr: William Corlett D: Desmond Davis

9-21-82 THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN C: Jill Silverside Scr: William Corlett D: Brian Farnham

11-16-82 THE MANHOOD OF EDWARD ROBINSON C: Louise Walker W: Gerald Savory D: Brian Farnham


C: Penny Lowe

83 THE SECRET ADVERSARY Scr: Pat Sandys D: Tony Wharmby

The rest are hour long adaptations of Tommy and Tuppence short stories, from the collection Partners in Crime. (All mainly 1983)

THE AFFAIR OF THE PINK PEARL W: David Butler D: Tony Wharmby

THE HOUSE OF LURKING DEATH W: Jonathan Hales D: Christopher Hodson

THE SUNNINGDALE MYSTERY W: Jonathan Hales D: Tony Wharmby


FINESSING THE KING W: Gerald Savory D: Christopher Hodson


THE MAN IN THE MIST W: Gerald Savory D: Christopher Hodson

THE UNBREAKABLE ALIBI W: David Butler D: Christopher Hodson

THE CASE OF THE MISSING LADY W: Jonathan Hales D: Paul Annett

THE CRACKLER W: Gerald Savory D: Tony Wharmby


Best episodes marked with *

1- 8-89 THE ADVENTURE OF THE CLAPHAM COOK Scr: Clive Exton D: Edward Bennett *

1-15-89 MURDER IN THE MEWS Scr: Clive Exton D: Edward Bennett *

1-22-89 THE ADVENTURE OF JOHNNIE WAVERLY Scr: Clive Exton D: Renny Rye

1-29-89 FOUR AND TWENTY BLACKBIRDS Scr: Russell Murray D: Renny Rye

2- 5-89 THE THIRD FLOOR FLAT (Donovan: Nicholas Pritchard) Scr: Michael Baker D: Edward Bennett *

2-12-89 TRIANGLE AT RHODES Scr: Stephen Wakelam D: Renny Rye

2-19-89 PROBLEM AT SEA Scr: Clive Exton D: Renny Rye

2-26-89 THE INCREDIBLE THEFT Scr: David Reid & Clive Exton D: Edward Bennett *

3-12-89 THE KING OF CLUBS Scr: Michael Baker D: Renny Rye *

3-19-89 THE DREAM Scr: Clive Exton D: Edward Bennett

1- 7-90 PERIL AT END HOUSE (120) Scr: Clive Exton D: Renny Rye

1-14-90 THE VEILED LADY Scr: Clive Exton D: Edward Bennett *

1-21-90 THE LOST MINE Scr: Michael Baker & David Renwick D: Edward Bennett

1-28-90 THE CORNISH MYSTERY Scr: Clive Exton D: Edward Bennett

2- 4-90 THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MR. DAVENHEIM Scr: David Renwick D: Andrew Grieve

2-11-90 DOUBLE SIN Scr: Clive Exton D: Richard Spence *

2-18-90 THE ADVENTURE OF THE CHEAP FLAT (Robinson: John Michie, Luigi: Nigel Whitmey) Scr: Russell Murray D: Richard Spence *

2-25-90 THE KIDNAPPED PRIME MINISTER Scr: Clive Exton D: Andrew Grieve

3- 4-90 THE ADVENTURE OF THE WESTERN STAR Scr: Clive Exton D: Richard Spence

9-16-90 THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES (120) Scr: Clive Exton D: Ross Devenish *

1- 6-91 HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? (Nicholas: Peter Birch) Scr: Andrew Marshall D: Brian Farnham *

1-13-91 THE MILLION DOLLAR BOND ROBBERY Scr: Anthony Horowitz D: Andrew Grieve

1-20-91 THE PLYMOUTH EXPRESS (Carrington: Julian Wadham) Scr: Rod Beachem D: Andrew Piddington *

1-27-91 WASPS' NEST Scr: David Renwick D: Brian Farnham *

2- 3-91 THE TRAGEDY AT MARSDON MANOR Scr: David Renwick D: Renny Rye

2-10-91 THE DOUBLE CLUE Scr: Anthony Horowitz D: Andrew Piddington

2-17-91 THE MYSTERY OF THE SPANISH CHEST Scr: Anthony Horowitz D: Andrew Grieve

2-24-91 THE THEFT OF THE ROYAL RUBY Scr: Anthony Horowitz & Clive Exton D: Andrew Grieve

3- 3-91 THE AFFAIR AT THE VICTORY BALL Scr: Andrew Marshall D: Renny Rye *

3-10-91 THE MYSTERY OF HUNTER'S LODGE Scr: T.R. Bowen D: Renny Rye

1-5-92 THE ABC MURDERS (120) Scr: Clive Exton D: Andrew Grieve *

1-12-92 DEATH IN THE CLOUDS (120) Scr: William Humble D: Stephen Whittacker * (US: Death in the Air)

1-19-92 ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE (120) Scr: Clive Exton D: Ross Devenish * (US: An Overdose of Death)

1-17-93 THE ADVENTURE OF THE EGYPTIAN TOMB Scr: Clive Exton D: Peter Barber Fleming *

1-24-93 THE UNDERDOG Scr: Bill Craig D: John Bruce *

1-31-93 THE YELLOW IRIS (Anthony: Dorian Healey) Scr: Anthony Horowitz D: Peter Barber Fleming *

2- 7-93 THE CASE OF THE MISSING WILL (Robert Sidaway: Edward Atterton) Scr: Douglas Watkinson D: John Bruce

2-14-93 THE ADVENTURE OF THE ITALIAN NOBLEMAN Scr: Clive Exton D: Brian Farnham *

2-21-93 THE CHOCOLATE BOX Scr: Douglas Watkinson D: Ken Grieve *

2-28-93 DEAD MAN'S MIRROR Scr: Anthony Horowitz D: Brian Farnham *

3- 7-93 THE JEWEL ROBBERY AT THE GRAND METROPOLITAN Scr: Anthony Horowitz D: Ken Grieve *

12-25-94 HERCULE POIROT'S CHRISTMAS (120) Scr: Clive Exton D: Edward Bennett (US: Murder for Christmas)

2-12-95 HICKORY, DICKORY, DOCK (120) (US: Hickory, Dickory, Death) Scr: Anthony Horowitz D: Andrew Grieve

2-11-96 MURDER ON THE LINKS (120) (Jack: Benjamin Puller) Scr: Anthony Horowitz D: Andrew Grieve *

3-18-96 DUMB WITNESS (120) Scr: Douglas Watkinson D: Edward Bennett (US: Poirot Loses a Client)

Most episodes are 60 minutes long, and based on Poirot short stories. The 120 minute shows are based on novels. The TV shows always use the British titles for the Christie novels. If the American novel titles are different, they follow in (US:). Even when the episodes are broadcast on PBS in the USA, no mention is made of their American titles.

The 1989 year of Poirot was taken from stories in the collections The Underdog, The Mousetrap, The Regatta Mystery, and Dead Man's Mirror. 1990 included the first Poirot novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Much of 1990 and 1991 was taken up with adaptations of many of the 14 stories in Poirot Investigates, Christie's first Poirot collection. A few stories were held back, including "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb" and "The Chocolate Box"; these required extensive shooting on foreign locations, which they received when they were adapted later in 1993. 1990-1991 also included the four Poirot stories from the collection Double Sin, as well as more stories from the collections used in 1989. After 1992, many of the Poirot films were two hour adaptations of novels. In 1993 the series included hour long adaptations of two long Poirot novellas, "The Underdog" and "Dead Man's Mirror", passed over when the short stories in their collections were filmed in 1989.

Mystery: New Zealand and Australia


9-11-89 WRONG NUMBER W: John Goldsmith D: Marijan David Vajda

THE SOFTWARE MURDERS W: Peter Palliser D: Henry Herbert

Mystery: Canada


C: Laurie Drew

2-21-85 THE STRANGER (Serial killer, garage door, Toronto trip) W: Ian Sutherland D: Rene Bonniere

2-28-85 OBIE'S LAW (Nicholas Campbell as gunrunner) St: Don Flynn & Larry Grosso Scr: Philip Rosenberg D: George McCowan

5-16-85 VELVET (Rock, break dancing, band called "The Crud", spherical mirror) W: R. B. Carney D: Rene Bonniere

10-10-85 THE QUEST (Cop wounded, subway ride) W: Peter Palliser D: George Kaczender


10-7-86 WARRIORS W: Ian Sutherland D: Mario Azzopardi


11-17-87 THE SMILING MORTICIAN W: Giles Blunt D: Gilbert Shilton

12-4-88 A COUPLE OF COUPLES W: Nick Arnold D: Mario Azzopardi


C: Melanie Jennings C: (After 10-90) Zorica Lozic Production Designer: Gerrie Holmes

7- 1-90 DEALBREAKER W: Richard Oleksiak D: Mario Azzopardi

7-15-90 NOW AND AT THE HOUR OF OUR DEATH (priest) W: Tony DiFranco D: Mario Azzopardi

7-29-90 POWER PLAY (Nicholas Campbell) W: Angelo Stea & Peter Lauterman D: Mario Azzopardi

8- 5-90 A LITTLE PURITY W: David Rottenberg D: George Mendeluk

10- 7-90 THANOS W: Christian Watton D: Douglas Jackson

10-14-90 SIEGE W: Peter Mohan D: Bernard Dumont

10-28-90 ESCAPE ROUTE W: Chantal Renaud D: Paolo Barzman

11-24-90 MASKS W: Christian Watton D: Don Shebib

12- 1-90 MINDBENDER W: Richard Oleksiak D: Allan Eastman

12-15-90 REGAL CONNECTION W: Tony DiFranco D: William Fruet

2- 9-91 EXTREME MEASURES W: Michael Zettler & Shelley Altman D: Michael Shock


4- 8-91 HARDCASE W: Angel Flores Marini D: Tibor Takacs

4-15-91 FOWL PLAY W: Scot Gemel D: Mario Azzopardi


Ph: Gilles Corbeil C: Suzette Daigle (Pilot) C: Sara Schilt

90 (Pilot - adoption) W: D: Peter Rowe

1- 6-91 THE FUGITIVE W: P.B. Gordon & Tony Di Banco D: Don McCutcheon

1-13-91 SPRING FEVER W: Laurie Pearson D: Alan Simmonds

2-10-91 COPS AND ROBBERIES W: Avrum Jacobson D: Don McCutcheon

4-14-91 PLAYING WITH FIRE W: Laurie Pearson D: Roman Buchok

92 BANG, BANG YOU'RE DEAD W: Eric Weinthal D: Clay Borris

Detective Tales and Thrillers


C: Charles Waldo (pilot) C: James Gilmore, Denta Del Signore C: Brienne

12-11-80 (Pilot) (120) W: Glen Larson & Donald P. Bellisario D: Russ Mayberry

11-19-81 WAVE GOODBYE W: Reuben Leder D: Sidney Hayers

1-14-82 COMPUTER DATE W: Babs Greyhosky D: Robert Thompson

3-25-82 THE ELMO ZILLER STORY W: Robert Hamilton D: Mike Vejar

2-23-84 LET THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME W: Robert Hamilton D: Bernard Kowalski

1-14-87 MURDER BY NIGHT W: Robert Hamilton D: Russ Mayberry


C: Pat McGrath

4- 3-81 GAMBIT Scr: Stephen Kandel D: George McCowan based on Rex Stout's "Booby Trap"


C: Grady Hunt

1-13-81 MURDER IN PARADISE W: Allyn Freeman D: Tom Mankiewicz

2- 3-81 MURDER IS A DRAG W: Donald Ross D: Leo Penn

2-17-81 SLOW BOAT TO MURDER W: Maryanne Kasica & Michael Scheff D: Leo Penn

3- 2-82 HARTS ON THEIR TOES W: Bill La Mond & Jo La Mond D: Peter Medak

10-18-83 HOSTAGE HARTS W: Donald Ross D: Paul Krasny

10-25-83 PANDORA HAS WINGS W: Larry Forrester & Ronnie Wenker-Konner D: Paul Krasny

3-0 6-84 SLAM DUNK St: Shea E. Butler Scr: Roderick Mann D: Ralph Senensky


C: Nolan Miller

12-12-82 THE GOOD DOCTOR (Medical Murder) St: James L. Conway & Brad Radniz Scr: Conway D: Don Weis

1-23-83 WHOSE PARTY IS IT ANYWAY? W: Larry Forrester D: Cliff Bole

2-27-83 THE VISITORS (UFO's) W: Calvin Clements, Jr D: Barbara Peeters

4- 3-83 FEAR FOR TOMORROW W: Michael Fisher D: Kim Manners

4-17-83 A NOVEL WAY TO DIE (Barbara Eden) W: Skip Webster D: Corey Allen

4-24-83 THE HUNTED (Terrorists) W: Calvin Clements, Jr D: Kim Manners

10-19-84 APOSTLE OF DEATH (Cult) W: Skip Webster D: Kim Manners

1-18-85 DEATH TRAP (Small Town) W: Richard Fischer D: Kim Manners


C: Shelly Levine

1-20-84 MAX W: Michael Sloan D: Robert Clouse

2- 3-84 STATE OF THE UNION W: Susan Wollen D: Alan Meyerson


C: Robert Turturice

3- 5-85 GUNFIGHT AT THE SO-SO CORRAL W: Michael Petryni D: Peter Werner

3-19-85 THE NEXT MURDER YOU HEAR W: Peter Silverman D: Peter Werner

3-26-85 NEXT STOP MURDER W: Ali Marie Matheson & Kerrie Ehrin D: Kevin Connor

4- 3-85 THE MURDER'S IN THE MAIL W: Maryanne Kasica & Michael Scheff D: Peter Werner


3-22-85 FATHERS...& OTHER STRANGERS W: Gil Grant D: Rod Holcomb

3-29-85 DOWN AND OUT W: Stephen Neigher D: David Hemmings

4-12-85 GELT BY ASSOCIATION W: Jordan Moffat D: Burt Brinckerhoff


4- 4 -85 (Fiance's murder) W: Alan Rosen D: Don Weis

4-11-85 (Actress) W: Julie Friedgen D: William Wiard

4-18-85 A CROSSWORD PUZZLE (Puzzle maker) W: Alan Rosen D: Cliff Bole


4-10-85 DOUBLE NEGATIVE St: Gary Michael White Scr: White & Leon Totyakan D: Christian Nyby II

4-17-85 HONG KONG KING CON W: Thomas Chehak D: Christian Nyby II

4-24-85 THREE'S A KILLER W: Robert Sherman D: Paul Krasny

5- 1-85 NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU SEE IT W: Robert McKee D: Christian Nyby II


1-20-85 TILL DEATH DO US PART W: Tim Maschler D: Stuart Margolin

3-31-85 SUITABLE FOR FRAMING W: Tim Maschler D: Paul Krasny


C: Linda Wayne

12-11-85 REIGN OF TERROR (clinic) W: Steve Bello and Coleman Luck D: Richard Compton

1-29-86 WASHUP (window washers, union) W: Mark Frost D: Richard Compton

3- 5-86 NO CONSCIENCE (D.W. Moffett) W: Mark Frost D: Richard Compton

12-10-86 THE CUP (Priest, Solidarity) St: Adrian Spies & Carlton Eastlake Scr: David Jackson & Eastlake D: Mario DiLeo


C: Donna Roberts Orme

11- 1-86 WORKING WITHOUT A NET (Partner, woman) W: Paul F. Edwards D: Martin Davidson

(Longo) W: Jeremy Lew D: E. W. Swackhamer

(Undercover) W: David H. Balkan D: Michael Zinberg (Balkan played "Angry Man in Bathroom".)


10- 6-89 THE BIG BRASS COOKIE JAR Wr: Lee Sheldon D: Roger Duchowny


C: Sara Markowitz

4- 8-90 (Pilot)(120) W: Mark Frost, David Lynch D: Lynch

4-19-90 (Dream)(Ep.3) W: Frost, Lynch D: Lynch


C: Linda Wayne

11- 2-90 NO IFS, ANDS...OR BUTLERS (Swimming Pool Murder) W: Richard C. Okie D: Bradford May


88 (Beverly Hills Killing - Richard Anderson) W: Glenn Davis & William Laurin D: William Corcoran

88 DIAMONDS AREN'T FOREVER W: Glenn Davis & William Laurin D: Peter Crane


9-28-90 TOUGH GUYS DON'T WHINE (Alan Thicke) St: Gail Glaze Scr: Bradley R. Swirnoff D: Jorge Montesi

1-18-91 LIVING A LIE (Scott Valentine) W: Elizabeth Baxter D: Bruno Gantillon


C: Patricia Field

6-15-93 STAKE OUT (Senator, Tom Verica) St: Robert DeLaurentis Scr: Glenn Davis & William Laurin D: James Frawley


2- 8-93 SUNDAY AT THE HOTEL WITH GEORGE (Hotel robbery)

5-24-93 STRAIGHTJACKET W: John Considine D: Jorge Montesi


C: Michael Kaplan

9-15-93 (Pilot) Cr & W: Harley Peyton D: Alan Arkush

11-17-93 QUIERO VIVIR (Spanish soap opera, Walter in jail) W: Ellen Herman D: Melanie Mayron



C: Shelly Levine

10-14-77 MOVING VIOLATION W: Charles Sailor D: Ed Abroms

1-26-78 VINTAGE '54 W: Mort Thaw & Edward Roeback D: Barry Crane

3-15-81 NEW GUY IN TOWN W: Larry Alexander D: Arnold Laven

4- 4-82 TRAINED FOR TROUBLE W: Larry Alexander D: Barry Crane

11-7-82 SPEEDWAY FEVER W: Gerald Sanford & Paul Mason D: Chuck Bail

12-19-82 FALLOUT (Nuclear protests) St: Norman Hudis Scr: Hudis & Larry Mollin D: Nicholas Sgarro


C: Nolan Miller

3-19-82 HUMILIATION W: Bill Stratton D: Robert Gist

3-26-82 DEADLY CHEMICALS W: Bill Stratton D: Charles Picerni


C: Michael Hoffman

1-10-82 SPY W: Jack March D: John Patterson

2- 7-82 DEEP COVER W: Rogers Turrentine D: James Sheldon

2-14-82 SERPENT IN THE GARDEN W: Lee Sheldon D: Michael O'Herlihy

4-26-82 TAPPER St: Ed Waters & Liam O'Brian & Scr: Waters & O'Brian D: John Florea


9-21-84 (Pilot) W: James D. Parriott D: David Hemmings

10-12-84 INHERITED TRAIT W: Gregory S. Dinallo D: Kim Manners

10-26-84 MISSING IN HAWAII W: James D. Parriott D: John Llewellyn Moxey

11- 9-84 ANCIENT FIRES W: Robert W. Gilmer D: Bruce Kessler

11-23-84 ANDY'S MOM W: Gregory S. Dinallo D: Roy Campanella, Jr


C: Tom Bronson

9-16-87 (Pilot) St: Gil Grant & Richard Chapman Scr: Gil Grant D: Donald Petrie

10-11-87 IKE AND SON (Pawnshop) W: Tom Chehak D: F. Pershing Flynn


4-12-88 A NECESSARY EVIL W: Josef Anderson D: Winrich Kolbe

1-10-89 COUNTRY MOUSE, CITY MOUSE W: Lee Maddux D: Vincent McEveety

5- 6-89 MISSING W: David Rupel D: Alexander Singer

11-28-89 ANNIVERSARY W: Mark Rodgers D: Harry Harris

2-11-92 ODESSA W: Denise Nicholas D: Vincent McEveety


10-27-89 WHICH WITCH IS WHICH St: Burt Pearl & Paul Bernbaum Scr: Paul Bernbaum D: David Hemmings


C: Mary Ellen Winston

Production Designer: Michael Molloy

12- 3-89 PILOT W: David J. Kinghorn D: William A. Graham

12- 8-89 LIFE WITH THE LADY (rookie) W: David J. Kinghorn D: Gilbert Shilton

12-15-89 OLDIES BUT GOODIES W: David J. Kinghorn D: Gilbert Shilton

12-22-89 SOMEONE TO LISTEN W: Michael Fischer D: Richard Lang

1- 5-90 BLUE MONDAY W: Michael Zettler & Shelley Altman D: Gordon Mendeluk

1-12-90 HICKORY, DICKORY, DOCK W: James Schmerer D: Mike Vejar

1-26-90 TUNNEL VISION W: Michael Eric Stein D: J. Lawrence Scanlan

2-16-90 CHINATOWN W: Peter McCabe D: Mario Azzopardi


1- 8-90 THE CASE OF THE SWAMI SCAM (Investment Scheme) W: David D. Connell & Jim Thurman D: Charles Dubin


11-28-90 GOODBYE (Crooked Coast Guard) (120) St: J. Michael Straczynski Scr: Straczynski and William Conway D: Bernard Kowalski

2-13-91 I'M GOING TO LIVE TILL I DIE (DOA) W: William Conway D: Alexander Singer


C: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

2-28-92 LANGUAGE OF THE HEART (autistic kid, gang war, pooch on diet) W: Robert Jill Bernheim D: Christopher Hibler


C: Brad R. Loman

9-21-93 (Pilot) St & Cr: Stephen Bochco & David Milch Scr: Milch D: Gregory Hoblit

10-19-93 EMISSION ACCOMPLISHED (Internal Affairs, crooked cop as building superintendent, John Bolger & bagpipes) W: Ted Mann D: Michael M. Robin

10-26-93 PERSONAL FOUL (Shower, basketball game, revelation about woman) St: David Milch Scr: Burton Armus D: Bradley Silberling

2- 8-94 STEROID ROY (John Wesley Shipp's character freaks out, locker room, fight with Caruso, big date at end) W: Ann Biderman D: Felix Alcala

Private Eyes: Set in Historical Eras


Art Dir: Robert Luthardt

12-22-72 JUST ONCE W: Mann Rubin D: Marvin Chomsky


Hour long shows, based on the short stories by Raymond Chandler.

Art Director: William Alexander C: Jane Robinson

4-16-83 THE PENCIL Scr: Jo Eisenger D: Peter Hunt

4-23-83 THE KING IN YELLOW Scr: Jesse Lasky Jr & Pat Silver D: Bryan Forbes

4-30-83 FINGER MAN Scr: Jo Eisenger D: Sidney Hayers

5-7-83 NEVADA GAS Scr & D: David Wickes

5-14-83 SMART-ALECK KILL Scr: Jesse Lasky Jr & Pat Silver D: Peter Hunt


C: Jodie Tillen

Production Designer: John Vallone

9-18-87 NICKEY THE ROSE (Actress) St: John Leekley & Anthony Yerkovich Scr: John Leekley & Alfonse Ruggiero D: Donald Petrie

10-16-87 BLUE HOTEL (Rock & Roll, Part I) W: Anthony Yerkovich & John Leekley D: Rob Cohen

11- 6-87 BARRIO NIGHTS W: John Leekly & Alfonse Ruggiero D: Rob Cohen

12-11-87 HIGH HEELS AND SILVER WINGS (Fliers) W: Gina Wendkos D: Victor Lobl


8-29-90 THE RAVEN RED KISSOFF (120) W: John Wooley D: Christopher Lewis


C: Norene Pollei Created by: "Scott Curtis" (Brian Alan Lane)

4- 8-91 THE MUSE (F. Scott Fitzgerald) W: W. Reed Moran D: William Tannen

4-15-91 THE WRITE STUFF (John Barrymore, Nathaniel West) W: Donald Ross D: William Tannen

4-22-91 ROMANOFF A CLEF (Dorothy Parker) W: Donald Ross D: Kevin G. Cremin

4-29-91 BLIND FAITH (Sinclair Lewis, Aimee Semple McPherson) W: W. Reed Moran D: Joel Oliansky



C: Micky Antonetti

3-13-82 OUTSIDE THE LAW W: Robert W. Gilmer & Bob Foster D: Rod Holcomb

5- 7-82 DUTTON'S LAW W: David Paulson D: Lee H. Katzin


1- 9-86 SANTA CLAUS St: Dean Hargrove & Joel Stigler Scr: Robert Schlitt D: Daniel Haller

2-2,9-88 THE INVESTIGATION St: Dean Hargrove & Joel Stigler Scr: Anne Collins D: Christopher Hibler

4-25-89 THE MODEL W: Robert Schlitt D: Tony Mordente

10-23-90 THE NARC W: Phil Mishkin D: Harvey Laidman


11-15-90 SMOKE GETS IN YOUR THIGHS (Custody trial) W: Patricia Green D: Richard Compton


C: Jodie Tillen

4-16-90 WORDS TO MUSIC (Pilot - country music) W: John Sayles D: Alan Arkush

4-23-90 INSIDE STRAIGHT St: Stan Rogow & Mark Rosner Scr: Rosner D: Alan Arkush

4-30-90 ART St: Stan Rogow & David Greenwalt Scr & D: David Greenwalt

5-16-90 SANCTUARY W & D: John Byrum

4- 9-91 GREED (Big new job, tenants) W: David Greenwalt D: Allan Arkush


C: Le Dawson Production Designer: William Hiney

3-19-91 SOLOMON'S CHOICE (Aging judge) W: Matthew McDuffle and Christopher Keyser & Amy Lippman D: Aaron Lipstadt

3-26-91 POUND OF FLESH (Riot killing) W: Michael S. Chernuchin D: Ron Lagomarsino

4- 2-91 UNNECESSARY LOSSES (Investigative Reporter, DEA) W: P.K. Simonds D: Sandy Smolan


C: Brad Loman

3-27-91 DO THE WRONG THING (Cotter asked to run for office) W: Bryce Zabel D: Dan Lerner



C: Richard Butz

10- 3-83 THE FIRST TIME (Pilot) W: Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner D: Rod Holcomb

10-10-83 THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD W: Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner D: Rod Holcomb

2-13-84 THE MOLE (Robert Desiderio) W: Cliff Gould D: Russ Mayberry

2-27-84 SAVIOR (Lee quits Agency) W: Marshall Goldberg D: William Wiard

4-23-84 WEEKEND (Lee and Amanda on honeymoon) W: Rudolph Borchert D: Cliff Bole

5- 7-84 WAITING FOR GODORSKY (Hildegard Neff, Alex McArthur) W: Rudolph Borchert D: William Wiard

10-29-84 CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME (Charity Affair, Lee barman, new car, freezer) W: Rudolph Borchert & Marshall Goldberg D: Cliff Bole

11-26-84 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL (Morris dancers, maze) W: Juanita Bartlett D: William Wiard


12-22-83 DIAMONDS (Eve Arden) W: Wiiliam Read Woodfield D: Peter Crane

4- 6-84 WINNINGS W: Wiiliam Read Woodfield D: Sidney Hayers


C: Luis Estevez

9-24-84 DEATH IN VOGUE W: David H. Balkan D: Guy Magar

1- 5-85 THE BLACK WIDOW W: Robert Hamilton D: Sidney Hayers

1-12-85 MURDER OFFSHORE W: Joe Gannon D: Jeffrey Hayden

2-23-85 HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND DEAD W: Frederick Rappaport D: Bruce Kessler


3- 8-85 PICK A HERO, ANY HERO W: Jill Sherman Donner D: Michael Hamilton


3- 3-87 THE GAME'S NOT OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS W: & Cr: Jordan Moffat D: Corey Allen


10-23-88 THE KILLER (Pilot - Hit Man, John de Lancie) W: Arthur Weiss D: Cliff Bole

10-12-89 COMMAND PERFORMANCE (Circus) W: Robert Brennan D: Arch Nicholson

11-16-89 THE FUEHRER'S CHILDREN (Neo-Nazis) W: Frank Abatemarco D: Don Chaffey


4- 2-91 ECLIPSE W: Eric Estrin & Michael Berlin D: Lee H. Katzin

4- 9-91 REPLAY W: Eric Estrin & Michael Berlin D: Lee H. Katzin

Stephen J. Cannell: Thrillers


3- 1-83 THE RABBIT WHO ATE LAS VEGAS W: Frank Lupo D: Bruce Kessler

3-15-83 HOLIDAY IN THE HILLS W: Babs Greyhosky D: Arnold Laven

4-19-83 TILL DEATH DO US PART W: Frank Lupo & Babs Greyhosky D: Guy Magar

5- 3-83 THE BEAST IN THE BELLY OF THE BOEING W: Patrick Hasburgh D: Ron Satlof

11-29-83 STEEL W: Frank Lupo D: Gilbert Shilton


1- 3-84 (Pilot) (120) W: Frank Lupo & Stephen J. Cannell D: Christian Nyby II


1-31-84 HATCHET JOB W: Mark Jones D: Ron Satlof

3- 6-84 FOUR EYES W: Babs Greyhosky D: Bruce Kessler

3-20-84 #1 WITH A BULLET W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Arnold Laven

5-15-84 RAIDERS OF THE LOST SUB W: Mark Jones D: Dennis Donnelly

5-22-84 SOMETHING FISHY W: Frank Lupo D: Michael O'Herlihy

11- 3-84 BEAT THE BOX W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Arnold Laven

11-20-84 FATHER'S DAY W: Tom Blomquist D: Tony Mordente

12-18-84 CATCH A FALLEN STAR W: Tom Blomquist D: Mike Vejar

2- 5-85 BOZ BUSTERS W: Babs Greyhosky & Tom Blomquist D: Bob Bralver

2-12-85 OIL BETS ARE OFF W: Paul Berbaum D: Michael Lange

3-19-85 FUZZY VISION W: Paul Berbaum D: Bruce Kessler


6-23-84 SLADE VS. SLADE W: Babs Greyhosky D: Guy Magar


C: Shelly Levine

9-25-83 THE MAN IN A GLASS HOUSE W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Guy Magar

10-23-83 THE CRYSTAL DUCK W: Stephen Katz D: Bruce Kessler

10-16-83 THE BLACK WIDOW W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Richard Compton

11- 6-83 KILLER B'S W: Stephen Katz D: Ron Satlof

11-27-83 HOTSHOES (Racing) W: Patrick Hasburgh D: Richard Compton

11-25-84 ONE OF THE GIRLS FROM ACCOUNTING W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Bruce Kessler

10- 7-85 THE YANKEE CLIPPER W: Patrick Hasburgh D: Sigmund Neufield, Jr.

10-14-85 SOMETHING'S GOING ON ON THIS TRAIN W: Lawrence Hertzog D: Tony Mordente


9-24-87 NOT JUST ANOTHER JOHN DOE W: Doug Heyes Jr. D: Michael Preece

12- 9-89 THE FIFTH VICTIM W: Kevin Droney D: Michael Preece

2-13-91 ROOM SERVICE W: Terry D. Nelson D: Peter Crane


4-26-87 DON'T PET THE TEACHER W: Clifton Campbell D: Les Sheldon

12-20-87 CHRISTMAS IN SAIGON W: Bill Nuss D: Kim Manners

3- 6-88 CHAMPAGNE HIGH W: Paul Bernbaum D: Larry Shaw

12-18-88 HELL WEEK W: Bill Nuss D: Jonathan Wacks

2- 6-89 THE DREADED RETURN OF RUSSELL BUCKINS W: Marc Abraham & Paul Bernbaum D: Robert Iscove

4-30-89 BLINDED BY THE THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT W: Glen Morgan & James Wong D: Jorge Montesi

5-21-90 EVERY DAY IS CHRISTMAS St: David Gascon & Glen Morgan & James Wong Scr: Morgan & Wong D: Ken Wiederhorn

11-18-90 THIS AIN'T NO SUMMER CAMP W: Morgan Gendel D: Peter D. Marshall


C: Greg Mah

12-17-89 CEMENTHEAD W: Glen Morgan & James Wong D: Jorge Montesi

2-25-90 BLACK DIAMOND RUN W: Seth Pearlman D: Peter D. Marshall


Ph: Brenton Spencer C: Christopher Ryan

11-30-91 BASHING W: Jane Atkins D: Brad Turner


C: Judie Sarafian Ph: Ernest Paul Roebuck Production Designer: Steven Sayadian Main Title Sequence: Ralph Hemecker

11-14-91 GOING TO BABYLON W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Worth Keeter

11-21-91 S. O. B. (Jay Acavone, address book) W: David Peckinpah D: Ralph Hemecker

12- 5-91 MEN SEEKING WOMEN (serial killer, personal ads) W: Todd Trotter D: Ralph Hemecker

12-19-91 HARDCOPY (publisher; kid, baseball; rock promoter) W: Michael Berlin & Eric Estrin D: P.D. Van Arsdol

1-16-92 BLO-DRI (hairdresser; football player, mob expert) W: David Peckinpah D: Brian Trenchard-Smith

1-30-92 SQUEEZE PLAY (baseball franchise owner) W: Simon Ayer D: Stuart J. D. Perry

2-13-92 THE SOCK DRAWER (Cannell as actor) W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Eric Alexander Forbes

2-20-92 INTERNAL AFFAIR W: Garner Simmons D: David Schmoeller

9-24-92 BASER INSTINCTS (movie set) W: Garner Simmons D: Brian Trenchard-Smith

10- 8-92 SOCIAL CALL (undercover as couple) W: David Peckinpah D: David Schmoeller

12- 3-92 THE QUEEN IS DEAD (beauty pageant, shower) W: Brad Radnitz D: Linda Hassani


C: Debbie Shine Main Title Sequence: Ralph Hemecker

10-10-92 LA MALA SOMBRA (Bounty Hunter) W: Brad Markowitz D: Adam Winkler

10-31-93 (Beach gang ripping off cash houses) W: D: Gary Winter

11-21-93 WINDY CITY BLUES (Father, escaped con) W: Bill Nuss & Richard C. Okie D: Terrence O'Hara

1- 9-94 HARD RIDER (bikers, Australian kidnapper, team jacket) W: Richard C. Okie D: Russell Solberg

5- 8-95 HITMAN (Des Barres, inherit hit man business, proposes kill Dixon, daughter pianist) W & D: Bill Nuss


1- 2-93 LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND INFAMOUS (Rich killer, kissing bandit) W: Bill Nuss D: Kim Manners


C: Kate Healey Production Design: Ian Thomas

9-16,23-93 (Pilot, two parts) (Sam Jones) Cr & W: Stephen J. Cannell & Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle D: Brad Turner

9-30-93 PUSH IT (Yuppie gang, jewel robberies, motorcycles) W: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle D: Brad Turner

10- 7-93 HONEYMOON HIDEAWAY (Hero and heroine pose as couple) W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Jorge Montesi

10-28-93 MR. CHAPMAN, I PRESUME (Imaginary agent mistaken for Scandal) W: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle D: Brad Turner

11- 4-93 HOSTAGE HEARTS (heiress kidnapped, guarded, boyfriend) W: Matt Dearborn D: Neill Fearnley

11-18-93 SOMETHING IN THE AIR (Mountains, escaped killer, ravine jump, fed agent) W: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin D: Brad Turner

11-25-93 PLAYING WITH FIRE (Man in fire suit, sitting in yuppie's office and chair) W: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle D: Lyndon Chubbuck

1- 6-94 DEATH ON THE LINE (call-in show) W: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin D: Mario Azzopardi

1-20-94 LOST IN CYBERSPACE (computers, Thom Vernon, roses) St: Terri Treas & Michael Zand Scr: D: Lyndon Chubbuck

2-17-94 A FEW DEAD MEN (Marines, crooked Sergeant) W: John Le Masters D: Brad Turner


1-22-94 KEEPING SECRETS (gay bashing, cop out, Matthew Ryan, Ian Tracey) St: Paul Barber & Larry Barber Scr: Stephen Kronish D: Miles Watkins

Simon & Simon


C: Richard Hopper (early) Al Lehman (later)

2- 9-82 EARTH TO STACEY W: James Crocker D: Paul Krasny

10-14-82 MIKE AND PAT W: Richard Chapman D: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr

2- 3-83 IT'S ONLY A GAME W: Richard Chapman D: Vincent McEveety

2-17-83 THE LIST W: Michael Piller D: Burt Kennedy

2-24-83 WHAT'S IN A GNOME W: Paul Magistretti D: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr

10-20-83 SANTA LEA W: Paul Magistretti D: Vincent McEveety

12-15-83 BON VOYAGE, ALONSO St: William G. Whitehead & Mike Lloyd Ross Scr: Whitehead D: Roy Campanella, Jr

2- 2-84 HEELS AND TOES W: Jim Tisdale D: Georg Fenady

10- 4-84 A LITTLE WINE WITH MURDER? W: Lee Maddux D: Vincent McEveety

11-15-84 BREAK A LEG, DARLING W: Michael Genelin D: Kim Manners

1- 3-85 ALMOST FOOLPROOF W: Timothy Burns D: Gary Grillo

Remington Steele


10-11-83 ALTERED STEELE W: Jeff Melvoin D: Alexander Singer

10-18-83 STEELE FRAMED W: Brian Alan Lane D: Sheldon Larry

11-29-83 STEELE KNUCKLES AND GLASS JAWS W: Jeff Melvoin D: Don Weis

12-23-83 STEELE THREADS W: George Lee Marshall D: Karen Arthur

1-10-84 STEELE ELIGIBLE St: Larry Konner Scr: Konner & Michael Gleason D: Sheldon Larry

2-28-84 SMALL TOWN STEELE W: Jeff Melvoin D: Seymour Robbie

3-20-84 DREAMS OF STEELE W: Brian Alan Lane D: Don Weis

5-22-84 ELEMENTARY STEELE W: Michael Gleason D: Seymour Robbie

10-16-84 MALTESE STEELE W: John Wirth D: Seymour Robbie

10-23-84 SECOND BASE STEELE W: Rick Mittleman D: Don Weis

12- 4-84 CAST IN STEELE W: Jeff Melvoin D: Harry Harris

12-18-84 LET'S STEELE A PLOT W: Richard DeRoy & Joe Gores D: Christopher Hibler

1-15-85 STRONGER THAN STEELE W: Kerry Lenhart & John K. Sakmar D: Stan Lathan

1-29-85 SPRINGTIME FOR STEELE W: John Wirth D: Christopher Hibler

2-12-85 DICED STEELE W: Jeff Melvoin D: Don Weis

Murder, She Wrote


3-10-85 FOOTNOTE TO MURDER W: Robert E. Swanson D: Peter Crane

3-17-85 MURDER TAKES THE BUS W: Maryanne Kasica & Michael Scheff D: Walter Grauman

3-31-85 ARMED RESPONSE W: Gerald K. Siegel D: Charles S. Dubin

4- 7-85 MURDER AT THE OASIS W: Robert Van Scoyk D: Arthur Allan Seidelman

4-21-85 FUNERAL AT FIFTY-MILE W: Dick Nelson D: Seymour Robbie

9-29-85 WIDOW, WEEP FOR ME W: Peter S. Fischer D: Michael A. Hoey

12-1-85 JESSICA BEHIND BARS W: Carleton Eastlake D: John Llewellyn Moxey

1-19-86 KEEP THE HOME FRIES BURNING W: Philip Gerson D: Peter Crane

4-13-86 THE PERFECT FOIL W: Robert E. Swanson D: Walter Grauman

5-18-86 IF THE FRAME FITS W: Philip Gerson D: Paul Lynch

11-2-86 CORNED BEEF AND CARNAGE W: Robert E. Swanson D: John Llewellyn Moxey

1- 4-87 NIGHT OF THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN W: R. Barker Price D: Walter Grauman

2-1-87 CROSSED UP W: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle D: David Hemmings

2-15-87 THE BOTTOM LINE IS MURDER W: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle D: Anthony Shaw

5-10-87 MURDER, SHE SPOKE W: Si Rose D: Anthony Shaw

11-29-87 INDIAN GIVER W: Gerald K. Siegel D: Walter Grauman

2-14-88 MOURNING AMONG THE WISTERIAS W: Scott Anderson D: Walter Grauman

2-21-88 MURDER THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS W: Robert Van Scoyk D: Seymour Robbie

1-8-89 SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMEONE BLUE W: Philip Gerson D: John Llewellyn Moxey

1-15-89 WEAVE A TANGLED WEB W: Robert E. Swanson D: Seymour Robbie

4-30-89 DOUBLE EXPOSURE W: Robert E. Swanson D: Anthony Shaw

5- 7-89 THREE STRIKES, YOU'RE OUT W: Donald Ross D: Seymour Robbie

9-24-89 APPOINTMENT IN ATHENS W: Tom Sawyer D: Vincent McEveety

10-8-89 THE GRAND OLD LADY W: Peter S. Fischer D: Vincent McEveety

11-19-89 WHEN THE FAT LADY SINGS W: Peter S. Fischer D: Walter Grauman

11-26-89 TEST OF WILLS W: Robert E. Swanson D: Anthony Shaw

2- 4-90 HOW TO MAKE A KILLING WITHOUT REALLY TRYING St: Charles Leinenweber Scr: Robert E. Swanson D: Walter Grauman

4-29-90 SHEAR MADNESS W: Chris Manheim D: Walter Grauman

11- 4-90 THE FAMILY JEWELS W: Tom Sawyer D: Jerry Jameson

11-11-90 A BODY TO DIE FOR W: Donald Ross D: Anthony Shaw

1- 6-91 FAMILY DOCTOR W: Robert Van Scoyk D: Walter Grauman

2- 3-91 MOVING VIOLATION W: Donald Ross D: Anthony Shaw

9-15-91 BITE THE BIG APPLE W & D: David Moessinger

12-1-91 THE COMMITTEE W: J. Michael Straczynsk D: Jerry Jameson

1- 5-92 DANSE DIABOLIQUE W: Jo William Phillip D: Alexander Singer

5-17-92 MURDER ON MADISON AVENUE W: Bruce Lansbury D: Jerry Jameson

10-4-92 THE MOLE W: Tom Sawyer D: Peter Salim

11-22-92 NIGHT OF THE COYOTE W: Mark A. Burley D: Jerry Jameson

1- 3-93 THE SOUND OF MURDER W: Bruce Lansbury D: Anthony Shaw

3-21-93 DEAD TO RIGHTS W: Tom Sawyer D: Anthony Shaw

4- 4-93 LONE WITNESS W: Maryanne Kasica & Michael Scheff D: Walter Grauman

5- 2-93 SHIP OF THIEVES W: Bruce Lansbury D: Anthony Shaw

9-26-93 FOR WHOM THE BALL TOLLS W: Donald Ross D: Anthony Shaw

10-13-93 A VIRTUAL MURDER W: Carlton Hollander D: Lee Smith

2-14-93 KILLER RADIO W: Carlton Hollander D: Peter Salim

3-27-94 THE TROUBLE WITH SETH W: Tom Sawyer D: Anthony Shaw

5-22-94 WHEEL OF DEATH W: Robert Van Scoyk D: Walter Grauman

10-9-94 TO KILL A LEGEND W: David Carren & J. Larry Carroll D: Anthony Shaw

11-6-94 THE MURDER CHANNEL W: Jerry Ludwig D: Walter Grauman

12-11-94 AN EGG TO DIE FOR W: Maryanne Kasica & Michael Scheff D: Robert M. Williams Jr.

2- 5-95 MURDER IN HIGH "C" W: Jerry Ludwig D: Anthony Shaw

2-26-95 MURDER A LA MODE W: Laurence Heath D: Jerry Jameson

12-14-95 UNWILLING WITNESS W: Robert Van Scoyk D: Anthony Shaw

Father Dowling Mysteries


C: Judith Scheurwater (2nd year)

2-10-89 THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER MYSTERY W: Diana Copald Marcus D: Alan Cooke

2-17, 24-89 THE MAFIA PRIEST MYSTERY (120) W: Robert Hamilton D: Charles S. Dubin

3- 2-89 THE MAN WITH MY FACE MYSTERY W: Robert Hamilton D: Alan Cooke

1- 4-90 THE VISITING PRIEST MYSTERY W: David Hoffman & Leslie Daryl Zerg D: Christopher Hibler

2- 1-90 THE WOMAN SCORNED MYSTERY W: Richard DeRoy D: Seymour Robbie

2-15-90 THE BLIND MAN'S BLUFF MYSTERY (Bruce Abbott) W: Joyce Burditt D: Russ Mayberry

2-22-90 THE FALLING ANGEL MYSTERY W: Dean Hargrove & Burditt D: James Frawley

9-20-90 THE ROYAL MYSTERY W: Gerry Conway D: Christopher Hibler

10-18-90 THE SHOWGIRL MYSTERY (Mitchell Laurance) W: James Harmon Brown & Barbara Esensten D: Christopher Hibler

10-25-90 THE MOVIE MYSTERY St: William Conway Scr: William Conway and Gerry Conway D: James Frawley

11-15-90 THE REASONABLE DOUBT MYSTERY St: Brian Clemens Scr: Brian Clemens and Gerry Conway D: Robert Scheerer

12-4-90 THE LEGACY MYSTERY St: Dean Hargrove & Joyce Burditt Scr: Gerry Conway D: Russ Mayberry

Miami Vice


9-28-84 HEART OF DARKNESS (Ed O'Neill, undercover FBI man) W: Daniel Pyne D: John Llewelyn Moxey

11-9-84 THREE EYED TURTLE (Bruce Willis, arms dealers) W: Charles Leinenweber D: David Soul

11-30-84 GLADES (Everglades, hostage) W: Rex Weiner D: Stan Lathan

12-14-84 LITTLE PRINCE (Mitch Lichtenstein) W: Daniel Pyne D: Alan Levi

2-22-85 THE MAZE (building) W: Michael Eric Stein D: Tim Zinnemann

3-29-85 NOBODY LIVES FOREVER (three punks) W: Edward DiLorenzo D: Jim Johnston

5- 3-85 EVAN (William Russ, arms dealer) W: Paul Diamond D: Rob Cohen

9-27- 85 PRODIGAL SON (120) (New York) W: Daniel Pyne D: Paul Michael Glaser

10-4-85 WHATEVER WORKS (Santeria, Eartha Kitt, crooked cops, cop killings) W: Maurice Hurley D: John Nicolella

10-25-85 DUTCH OVEN (Trudy, shooting) W: Maurice Hurley D: Abel Ferrara

11- 1-85 BUDDIES (James Remar, mobster's son) W: Frank Military D: Harry Mastrogeorge

11-22-85 BUSHIDO (Olmos, Dean Stockwell, David Rasche, spys) W: John Leekley D: Edward James Olmos

1-24-86 ONE WAY TICKET (John Heard as mob lawyer, phone calls, boat chase) W: Craig Bolotin D: Craig Bolotin

1-31-86 LITTLE MISS DANGEROUS (Larry Joshua, killer) W: Frank Military D: Leon Ichaso

4-4-86 FREE VERSE (poet) St: Sheldon Willens, Jim Trombetta Scr: Trombetta D: John Nicolella

5- 8-87 HEROES OF THE REVOLUTION (Jeroen Krabbe, Gina's mother) St: Dick Wolf Scr: John Schulian D: Gabrielle Beaumont

9-25-87 CONTEMPT OF COURT (mobster, jury trial, Stanley Tucci) W: Peter McCabe D: Jan Eliasberg

10- 2-87 AMEN SEND MONEY (TV Evangelists) W: John Schulian D: James J. Quinn

10-30-87 CHILD'S PLAY (shooting) St: Priscilla Turner Scr: Michael Piller D: Vern Gillum

11- 6-87 GOD'S WORK (Mobster's son comes home) W: Edvard Tivnan D: Jan Eliasberg

11-20-87 LIKE A HURRICANE (Sonny in love) W: Robert Palm D: Colin Bucksey

1-22-88 ROCK AND A HARD PLACE (crooked rock businessmen) St: Dick Wolf Scr: Robert Palm D: Colin Bucksey

3- 4-88 HONOR AMONG THIEVES? (underworld trial) W: W.Scott Miller D: Jim Johnston

12- 2-88 BAD TIMING (Sonny on vacation, prison breakout) W: Scott Shepherd D: Virgil Vogel

12-16-88 LINE OF FIRE (Narrow Margin, Justin Lazard) W: Raymond Hartung D: Richard Compton

2- 3-89 THE FRUIT OF THE POISON TREE (Lawyer crook - Stephen McHattie) W: Rob Bragin D: Michelle Manning

2-17-89 MIAMI SQUEEZE (Rita Moreno) St: Peter McCabe & Ted Mann & Robert Ward Scr: McCabe & Mann D: Michelle Manning

3- 3-89 JACK OF ALL TRADES (Sonny's Cousin) St: Robert Ward Scr: Ken Solarz D: Vern Gillum

3-17-89 THE LOST MADONNA (Art Thieves, Switek expert) W: Robert Goethals D: Chip Chalmer

6-28-89 LEAP OF FAITH (Lazard undercover against professor) W: Robert Ward D: Robert Iscove

Some series seem influenced by Miami Vice:


9-21-85 (pilot) W: Henry Rosenbaum D: Jerry London

10-12-85 NO PLACE TO HIDE W: William T. Conway D: Mike Robe


C: Daryl E. Martell

4- 1-87 SINGLE IN HEAVEN W: Michael Ahnemann D: Richard Compton

9-22-87 HEADS I WIN, TAILS YOU LOSE St: Jay Bernstein Scr: Nancy Ann Miller D: Dale White

12- 8-87 SECRETS W: Paul Diamond D: Ivan Dixon


Art Director: Gary Diamond

2-23-90 FIRE AND ICE St: Dick Wolf Scr: Robert Palm D: Rob Cohen

3- 2-90 END GAME St: David Black & Michael Duggan Scr: Jack Richardson D: Vern Gillum

3 -9-90 THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE NASTY W: 5 Writers D: James Quinn



C: Jodi Woodman (year one)

9-16-87 (Pilot) W: Stephen J. Cannell & Frank Lupo D: Rod Holcomb

9-24-87 NEW BLOOD W: David J. Burke D: Lyndon Chubbuck

10-15-87 ONE ON ONE W: Stephen Kronish D: Reynaldo Villalobos

10-22-87 THE PRODIGAL SON W: Carol Mendelsohn D: Charles Correll

10-29-87 A DEAL'S A DEAL W: Burke & Kronish D: Charles Correll

11-12-87 NO ONE GETS OUT OF HERE ALIVE W: Burke D: Robert Iscove

11-19-87 LAST RITES FOR LUCCI W: Kronish D: Bill Corcoran

1- 4-88 INDEPENDANT OPERATOR W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Aaron Lipstadt

1-18-88 SMOKY MOUNTAIN REQUIEM St: Burke & Hans Tobiason Scr: Burke D: Neill Fearnley

2- 1-88 THE MERCHANT OF DEATH W: Carol Mendelsohn D: William A. Fraker

2-22-88 BLOOD DANCE W: Eric Blakeney D: Kim Manners

3-14-88 PHANTOM PAIN W: Kronish D: Dennis Dugan

3-21-88 DIRTY LITTLE WARS W: Burke D: Robert Iscove

3-28-88 DATE WITH AN ANGEL W: Burke & Kronish D: Les Sheldon

2-15-89 WHITE NOISE St: Ken Wahl Scr: Burke & D: James Whitemore

3- 1-89 DEAD DOG LIVES W: Burke & Kronish D: Gus Trikonis

3- 8-89 AND IT COMES OUT HERE W: Burke & Kronish D: Bill Corcoran

3-22-89 THE RIP-OFF STICK W: Burke & Kronish D: Mario Azzopardi

4- 7-89 HIGH DOLLAR BOP W: Alphonse Ruggiero & John Schulian D: Douglas Jackson

5- 3-89 THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY W: Alphonse Ruggiero & Burke D: Jorge Montesi

5-10-89 LIVING AND DYING IN 4/4 TIME W: Kronish & John Sculian D: James A. Contner

9-27-89 THE BATTLE OF THE BARGE W: Clifton Campbell D: Robert Iscove

10- 4-89 THE SINS OF THE FATHERS W: Stephen Kronish D: David J. Burke

11-15-89 THE REUNION St: Don Kurt Scr: David J. Burke & Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. D: William A. Fraker

11-30-89 DAY ONE W: Burke & Kronish & Ruggiero & Clifton Campbell D: Mario Van Peebles

12- 6-89 DAY FOUR W: same D: Reynaldo Villalobos

12-13-89 DAY VII W: same D: William Fraker

12-20-89 DAY NINE W: same D: Les Sheldon

2- 7-90 ROMP W: David Lovejoy D: Ken Wahl

3-14-90 HELLO, BUCKWHEAT W: Burke & Kronish D: Jonathan Sanger



Costumes: Terry Welsh, Rudolph Garcia Production Designer: Stan Jolley

10-6-85 GOLDEN TRIANGLE W: Dennis Foley D: Paul Stanley

1-22-86 DEATHLOCK W: Stephen Kandel D: Alexander Singer

2-12-86 THE ENEMY WITHIN W: David Abramowitz D: Cliff Bole

2-26-86 TO BE A MAN W: Don Mankiewicz D: Cliff Bole

12-15-86 THREE FOR THE ROAD St: Rob Hedden, Mark Lisson Scr: Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar D: Alan Crosland

1-12-87 FAMILY MATTER (Kidnap) W: Paul Magistretti D: Alexander Singer

2-23-87 DALTON, JACK OF SPIES W: Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar D: Bob Sweeney

2-13-89 FRATERNITY OF THIEVES W: Grant Rosenberg D: Michael Preece

4-24-89 BRAINWASHED W: John Sheppard D: Michael Caffey

9-18-89 LEGEND OF THE HOLY ROSE W: Stephen Downing D: Charles Correll

4-16-90 RUSH TO JUDGEMENT (jury) W: Robert Sherman D: Charles Correll

12- 3-90 THE VISITOR (UFO's) W: Brad Radnitz D: William Gereghty

The Dirty Dozen


Costumes: Jelena Matic Second series Costumes: James Wakeley

4-30-88 DANKO'S DOZEN (Pilot) W: Jonas McCord & Mark Rodgers & Dan Gordon D: Kevin Connor

5- 7-88 CODE NAME: ROMULUS St: S.S. Schweitzer Scr: Schweitzer & Dan Gordon D: Douglas Hickox

5-14-88 COLONEL MUSTARD IN THE LIBRARY WITH A LUGER W: James Novak D: Douglas Hickox

5-28-88 A QUIET WEEKEND IN THE COUNTRY W: Nick Gore & Jerry Jacobus D: Kevin Connor

6- 4-88 CHARGE OF THE DOZEN W: Mark Rodgers & Marylee Ann Rogers D: Douglas Hickox

6-18-88 THE DIRTIEST SHOW ON EARTH W: Steven Baum & Neil Alan Levy D: Virgil Vogel

6-25-88 REMEMBER ST. LUC (2 Parts) D: Douglas Hickox W: Duke Sandefur & Mark Rogers (Part 1) St: Sandefur & Rodgers Scr: Rodgers (Part 2)

88 HEAVY DUTY W: Richard Dewhurst & Bill Couturie D: Douglas Hickox

88 DON DANKO W: David Thoreau D: Ray Austin



Costumes: Julie Weiss

2-12-81 (Pilot) W: Richard DeKoker D: Richard C. Sarafian


Costumes: Patricia Field

1-30-87 THE KINGDOM OF MONEY St: Robert Eisele & Michael Mann Scr: David J. Burke D: James Contner

9-29-87 BLAST FROM THE PAST W: Ken Solarz D: Eugene Corr

10-27-87 ATOMIC FALLOUT St: Tom Towler & Ken Solarz Scr: Solarz & Towler & Peter Lance D: Bill Duke

1-19-88 FEMME FATALE St: Peter Lance Scr: Lance & Gail Morgan Hickman D: Jan Eliasberg

3-15-89 ROAD RUNNER St: Solarz & Hickman Scr: Solarz & Hickman & Towler D: Jeff Stein


9- 7-90 DEA (Pilot) W & Creator: Richard DiLello D: Peter Werner



Costumes: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

9-29-82 SHANGHAIED W: Donald P. Bellisario D: Alan J. Levi

10-27-82 ESCAPE FROM DEATH ISLAND W: Pierre Elliott & Stephen Katz D: James Frawley


Costumes: Barbara Lane

10-10-92 THE HERO (Preventing assassination, snakebite and convent, boring guests) W: Joel Surnow D: Les Landau

Made for TV Movies


10- 2-80 THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAFFIC JAM (GRIDLOCK) W: Steve Hattman & Dave Hackel D: James Frawley C: Jim Tyson & Sylvia Posner

7-12-81 CHARLIE AND THE GREAT BALLOON CHASE W: Art Wallace D: Larry Elikann

10-17-81 THE RETURN OF THE REBELS W: Robie Robinson D: Noel Nosseck

4- 5-83 THE RETURN OF THE MAN FROM UNCLE W: Michael Sloan D: Ray Austin

12-5-83 CHOICES OF THE HEART W: John Pielmeier D: Joseph Sargent

1-16-84 A MATTER OF SEX W: Joyce Eliason D: Lee Grant

3-12-84 HER LIFE AS A MAN St: Joanna Crawford Scr: Crawford & Diana English D: Robert Ellis Miller

2-10-85 POISON IVY W: Bennett Tramer D: Larry Elikann C: Michael Hoffman

2-20-85 MURDER WITH MIRRORS Scr: George Eckstein D: Dick Lowry based on the novel by Agatha Christie

3- 4-85 ROMANCE ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS C: Martin Baugh W: Jan Worthington D: Lawrence Gordon Clark

11-23-86 COMBAT HIGH W: Paul W. Shapiro D: Neal Israel

12-29-86 BLUE DE VILLE C: Enid Harris W: Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming D: Jim Johnston

1-18,19-87 OUT ON A LIMB Scr: Collin Higgins & Shirley Maclaine D: Robert Butler

1-25-87 DOUBLE SWITCH St: Peter Noah Scr: John McNamara D: David Greenwalt C: Pat Welch Choreography: Jerry Evans

1-28-87 BROKEN VOWS Scr: "Ivan Davis" - James Costigan based on "Where the Dark Streets Go" (1969) by Dorothy Salisbury Davis D: Jud Taylor

2- 1-87 LBJ: THE EARLY YEARS W: Ken Trevey D: Peter Werner

2- 2-87 TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT W: Sue Grafton & Steve Humphrey D: Bobby Roth

3-29-87 DOUBLE AGENT St: Howard Friedlander & Ken Peragine Scr: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle & Howard Friedlander & Ken Peragine D: Michael Vejar

5-23-87 LONG GONE St: Paul Hemphill Scr: Michael Norell D: Martin Davidson

7-31-87 THE SPIRIT W: Stephen E. de Souza D: Michael Schultz

9-20-87 THE HIGHWAYMAN W: Glen Larson & Dean Hargrove D: Dean Hargrove

9-22-87 ANGEL IN GREEN W: Michael Patrick Goodman D: Marvin Chomsky

11-8,9-87 THE BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB W: Guy Waldron D: Marvin Chomsky

11-29-87, 12- 6-87 STUDENT EXCHANGE St: Deborah Frankel Scr: William Davies & William Osborne D: Mollie Miller

12-22-87 THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL W: Maryedith Burrell D: Michael Lindsay-Hogg

12-27-87 A HAZARD OF HEARTS Scr: Terence Feeley D: John Hough (based on 1948 novel by Barbara Cartland)

10-9-88 WEDDING DAY BLUES (GOING TO THE CHAPEL) C: Csilla Marki W: Erik Tarloff D: Paul Lynch

12-11-88 TEARS IN THE RAIN Scr: Freda Kelsall D: Don Sharp based on the novel by: Pamela Wallace

1- 4-89 THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT Scr: Carla Jean Wagner D: Alan Grint based on the novel by: Agatha Christie

1-31-89 DREAMBREAKERS W: Victor Levin & Stuart Millar D: Millar

2 -8-89 ASK ME AGAIN Scr: Richard Greenberg D: Deborah Reinisch based on Laurie Colwin's "An Old Fashioned Story"

8-20-89 NICK KNIGHT St: Barney Cohen & James D. Parriott Scr: Parriott D: Farhad Mann

8-27-89 LA TAKEDOWN W & D: Michael Mann

9-25-89 MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK W: Lindsay Harrison D: Paul Schneider

12- 3-89 FINAL NOTICE Scr: John Gay D: Steven H. Stern based on a novel by Jonathan Valin

12-29-89 CHAMELEONS W: Glen Larson & Stephen A. Miller D: Glen Larson

1-14-90 JURY DUTY: THE COMEDY W: Rob Gilmer D: Michael Schultz

1-29-90 RICH MEN, SINGLE WOMEN Scr: Barbara Esensten & James H. Brown & Rita Mae Brown D: Elliot Silverstein based on novel by Pamela Beck & Patti Massman

2- 5-90 THE SECRET LIFE OF IAN FLEMING W: Robert J. Avrech D: Ferdinand Fairfax

5- 6-90 ARCHIE: TO RIVERDALE AND BACK AGAIN W: Evan Katz D: Dick Lowry

9- 8-90 RAINBOW DRIVE C: Mary Malin Ph: Tim Suhrstedt Production Designer: Claudio Guzman Scr: Bill Phillips & Bennett Cohen based on the novel by Roderick Thorp D: Bobby Roth

10- 7-90 LUCKY CHANCES (Part I of 3X120) Scr: Jackie Collins based on her novels D: Buzz Kulik

11-10-90 PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING W: Joseph Stefano D: Mick Garris

1-25-91 FOURTH STORY W: Albert Guettard D: Ivan Passer

5- 1-91 CHILD OF DARKNESS, CHILD OF LIGHT Scr: Brian Taggert D: Marina Sargenti based on novel "Virgin" by James Patterson

8- 3-91 NEW YORK MOUNTED St: Patrick Hasburgh & Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr Scr: Hasburgh D: Mark Tinker

1-22-92 ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT W: Wesley Moore D: E. W. Swackhamer

5- 6-92 CHROME SOLDIERS Scr: Nick Randall D: Thomas J. Wright based on a screenplay by Ross LaManna, John McCormick, Jonas McCord

12-7-92 FOUR-EYES AND SIX-GUNS W: Leon Prochnik D: Piers Haggard

1-10-93 ELVIS AND THE COLONEL C: Timothy D'Arcy St: Frank Furino & Phil Penningroth Scr: Phil Penningroth D: William A. Graham

6- 6-93 TAKING THE HEAT (Joe Griffasi) Pr & St: Gary Hoffman Scr: Dan Gordon D: Tom Mankiewicz

8-23-93 THE AMERICAN CLOCK Scr: Frank Galati D: Bob Clark based on the play by Arthur Miller Production Designer: Vaughn Edwards



1- 8-82 PALMS (60) W: David Chase D: Ivan Dixon

1- 8-83 O'MALLEY (60) W: George Schenck & Frank Cardea D: Michael O'Herlihy

9- 2-83 I DO, I DON'T (30) W: Chris Thompson D: Will Mackenzie

6-12-84 WELCOME TO PARADISE (60) W: Sterling Silliphant D: Daniel Haller

6-12-87 THE SAINT IN MANHATTAN (60) W: Peter Gethers & David Handler D: James Frawley C: Jeffrey Ullman

6-27-89 B-MEN (60) (Made in 1987) W: Dave Thomas D: Steve Miner

8-13-87 SLICKERS (30 min) W: Chris Thompson D: Tom Trbovich

8- 1-89 CURSE OF THE CORN PEOPLE (60) W: Seth Freeman D: Michael Dinner

6-20-90 SPORTING CHANCE (60) W: Michael Gleason D: Lou Antonio

7-20-90 THE BAKERY (60) C: Dodie Shepard W: Brad Kern & John Wirth D: John Levin

7-23-90 CHECKERED FLAG (60) C: Sherri Wade Photography: William Fraker St: Clayton Frohner & E. F. Wallegren Scr: Wallegren D: John Glen

8-16-90 THE LADIES ON SWEET STREET (60) C: Katherine DeToro W: Henry Olek D: Victor Lobl

8- 3-91 BIG DEALS (30) W: Chris Thompson D: Robert Berlinger

8-17-91 PASSION (30) W: Pamela Pettler D: Will Mackenzie

Anthology Series


C: Shay Cunliffe

11-20-87 PAT HOBBY TEAMED WITH GENIUS Scr & D: Rob Thompson based on 3 F. Scott Fitzgerald stories

11-4-88 THE OLD RELIABLE (Tom Isbell) Scr: Robert Munday D: Michael Blakemore based on a story by P. G. Wodehouse

GOLDEN LAND Scr: William Hanley D: Gene Reynolds based on a story by William Faulkner

11-18-88 THE CLOSED SET Scr: Ellen M. Violett D: Mollie Miller based on a story by Gavin Lambert


3- 9 -91 UNPUBLISHED LETTERS W: Jonathan C. Levine D: David Shaughnessy



2-21-82 MEDICINE MAN W: John Whelpley D: Barry Crane

12-16-84 THE DARK SIDE OF THE LOON W: John Whelpley D: Gregory Harrison


9- 9-83 BEING A WINNER (Pilot) (90) W: David Engelbach D: Lee Philips

11-4-83 CHARLESTON...THE SPENDERS St: Bud Freeman & David Garber & Bruce Kalish Scr: Hindi Brooks & David Garber & Bruce Kalish D: Barbara Peeters

3- 8-84 SAN DIEGO...BINGO! W: David Braff D: Georg Fenady

3-15-84 MIAMI...SHARING W: Austin Kalish D: Michael Vejar

3-22-84 ST. LOUIS...WIN OR LOSE W: Hindi Brooks D: Barry Crane


C: Nolan Miller

11-30-83 DECEPTIONS W: John Furia & Barry Oringer D: Curtis Harrington

12- 7-83 THE OFFER (Lorenzo Lamas as musician, Liberace and couple) W: Ross Teal & Geoffrey Fischer D: Don Chaffey


C: Nolan Miller

11-13-86 DECEPTIONS St: William Bast & Paul Huson Scr: Carol Saraceno D: Curtis Harrington

1-15-87 THE HOME WRECKER St: William Bast & Paul Huson Scr: Carol Saraceno D: Curtis Harrington

A ROSE FOR EMILY (1982) (30)

Scr: H. K. Dyal D: Lyndon Chubbuck


C: Bill Flores & Joyce Unruh Production Designer: Peter Leimanis

12- 8-89 SHELTER ME (Storm) W: Terry Erwin D: Scott Brazil

2- 2-90 MUDDY WATERS (Slide park, Calendar and Teacher) W: William A. Schwartz & Terry Erwin D: Paul Schneider


C: Barbara Kassal

1-16-90 BASED ON A TRUE STORY (Earthquake) W: David Israel D: Michael Zinberg


C: Tom McKinley Art Director: Leonard Mazzola

4-29-90 MAYBE BABY W: Tammy Ader D: Bill Molloy

5-13-90 MIRROR IMAGE W: Frederick Rappaport & Douglas Steinberg D: Bill Duke

6-10-90 TEQUILA SUNSET (Gambling, Tim in Church, Reading) W: Marc Thyme D: Janet Greek


C: Jane Trapnell

10-11-90 THE GREEN ROOM (Surfers & Style; Dylan Introduced) W: David Sten D: Michael Uno

12- 6-90 THE GENTLE ART OF LISTENING (Help Line; Older Herbal Woman) W: Charles Rosin D: Daniel Attias


12-18-90 STEVE BURDICK W: Richard Gollance D: Aaron Lipstadt


91 SESSION MAN (James Remar, Jeff Kober) W & D: Seth Winston


2-10-91 HEART OF GOLD W: Elizabeth Baxter D: Paolo Guzman


1-28-87 A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (Prom) W: David Thoreau D: Michael Landon

3-21-89 THE SILENT BELL W: Parke Perine D: Michael Landon


C: Patricia Field (Thumper: Steven Eckholdt)

6-15-92 THE JANICE AND BRIAN STORY (Pilot, Dean Cain) Cr & W & D: David Frankel

6-22-92 THE KATIE AND ADAM STORY (John Terlesky, Michael Knight)

7- 6-92 THE LISA AND BILLY STORY (Courtney Thorne-Smith, Yancy Butler)

7-20-92 THE ALLISON AND KEN STORY (Brett Cullen, Terry Farrell)


8-11-92 PILOT (Pilot) W: Janet Kovalcik D: Armand Mastroianni

8-18-92 SEX, TRUTH AND THEATER (Justin Lazard introduced as Joe) W: Kate Boutilier D: Kristoffer Tabori

8-25-92 THE LAST SONNET (Joe and KC - best episode. Shakespeare) W: Barra Grant D: Armand Mastroianni


6-15-93 EVERYBODY'S A HERO (Heroes, statue) W: Paul & Larry Barber D: Mark Sobel


C: Jennifer Langeberg Created by: Mike Pavone & Dave Alan Johnson

10-15-93 RESPECT (Slick talking insurance salesman, husband cooking, dating girl, selling pictures of brother) W: Nancy Miller D: Oz Scott

10-29-93 THE REUNION W: Mike Pavone & Dave Alan Johnson D: Alan Meyerson

11-12-93 TWO-MINUTE DRILL (Exam, big game, support of team) W: Mike Pavone & Dave Alan Johnson D: Steven Robman



10-29-83 HAIL TO THE CHIEF W: Ralph Farquhar & Kevin Sullivan D: Robert Thompson


11- 6-87 HUNK IN THE HOUSE W: Harry Longstreet & Renee Longstreet D: Bruce Seth Green

12-11-87 RUSSIAN HOLIDAY W: Andrew Schneider D: Charles Correll

1-15-88 SWEET SIXTEEN W: Steven Baum and Neil Alan Levy D: James Kellahin


C: Tom Bronson

8-20-90 (Pilot) W & Creator: Gil Grant D & Choreography: Kenny Ortega


C: Peter Flaherty Music: Randy Newman

9-26-90 (Pilot) W: Steven Bocho & William Finkelstein D: Gregory Hoblit


7-30-90 SHANGRI-LA PLAZA (30) W & Composed: Mark Mueller & Craig Safan & Nick Castle D: Nick Castle Choreography: Michael Peters


10- 8-93 THE SORCERESS (60) (Handel Ballet-Opera) (With Romeo and Juliet short) W & D: Barbara Willis Sweete


U2 EUROPA D: Mark Neale

REM EVERYBODY HURTS D: Jake Scott (1992)

BIilly Ray Cyrus IN THE HEART OF A WOMAN D: Charley Randazzo


Aerosmith SMELLS LIKE A WOMAN D: Marty Callner


Weird Al Jankovic JURASSIC PARK D: Mark Osborn & Scott Nordlund

Duran Duran TOO MUCH INFORMATION D: Julien Temple

Bob Seeger NIGHT MOVES D: Wayne Isham

The Cranberries SALVATION D: Oliver Dahan

Bryan Adams THE ONLY THING D: Matthew Rolston

Oasis MORNING GLORY D: Nigel Dick

The Rembrandts I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU D: Sean Alquist

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers THE GREAT WHITE OPEN


Red Hot Chili Peppers AEROPLANE D: Gavin Bowden

Semisonic CLOSING TIME D: Chris Applebaum




Barenaked Ladies ONE WEEK D: McG

Ricky Martin LIVING LA VIDA LOCA D: Wayne Isham

Matchbox 20 REAL WORLD D: Matthew Rolston

Matchbox 20 BACK 2 GOOD D: Paul Hunter



3- 2-84 THE ENDICOTT DYNASTY W: Kathy Speer & Terry Grossman D: Bill Foster

9-21-84 THE SCANDAL W: Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan D: Gary Brown


2-27-84 KIRK TIES ONE ON W: Barry Kemp & Sheldon Bull & Emily Marshall D; Will Mackenzie


C: Bruce Hogard

12-15-84 DREAM GIRLS (John Scott Clough as Rock Star) W: Lissa Levin D: John Pasquin

1-12-85 THE BOY NEXT DOOR (Allison and Billy) W: Lissa Levin D: Ellen Chasset Falcon

1-26-85 TWO GIRLS FOR EVERY BOY (Disk jockey) W: Lissa Levin D: Ellen Chasset Falcon


2-14-87 SLEDGEPOO (Hairdresser-burglar) W: Alan Mandel D: Thomas Schlamme

9-17-87 A CLOCKWORK HAMMER (Brainwashing, Max Headroom parody) Scr: Chris Ruppenthal St: Alan Spencer D: Reza Badiyi

10-29-87 VERTICAL (Vertigo spoof) W: David Ketchum & Anthony DiMarco D: Reza Badiyi

11-26-87 HAMMEROID (Robocop spoof) W: Ron Friedman D: Gary Walkow


C: Lucinda Campbell

5- 8-87 WHAT BECOMES A LEGEND LEAST (Rock Star) W: Marjorie Gross D: Shelley Jensen

5-15-87 THE END OF THE WORLD W: Don Reo D: Robert Dames

6- 5-87 FALLEN IDOL (Timothy Leary) W: Don Reo D: Jules Lichtman

7-16-87 CAPTAIN JUSTICE St: Ron Zimmerman & Marjorie Gross Scr: Chris Thompson & Don Reo Dir: Shelley Jensen

7-23-87 PILOT (Pilot) W: Chris Thompson D: Jules Lichtman


2- 9-87 A CHORUS MALIGN (Show Biz) W: D:


4-17-87 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ED ASNER (Ed Asner as himself) W: Mark Egan & Mark Solomon D: James Gardner


4-26-87 (Pilot) W: Howard Gewirtz D: Bill Foster


C: Peter Flaherty

3-19-87 PILOT (Pilot) W & Creator: Sy Rosen D: John Tracy

3-27-87 WRESTLING (Fish Rescue) W: Coleman Mitchell & Geoffrey Neigher & Sy Rosen D: John Tracy


4-19-87 BUT I DIDN'T SHOOT THE DEPUTY (Guard Dog) W: Ron Burla D: Linda Day

11-5-95 BLOND AND BLONDER (Casper Van Dien) W: Richard Gurman & Stacie Lipp D: Gerry Cohen


10-10-87 TAKING STOCK (Stock, plate) W: Alan Kirschenbaum D: Andrew D. Weyman


11-11-87 THAT'LL BE THE DAY (Grease as school play) W: Michael Elias & Rich Eustis D: Art Dielhenn


3-15-88 (Pilot) W: D: Andrew D. Weyman

3-22-88 BON APPETIT (Boss to Dinner) W: Stephen Kunes D: Andrew D. Weyman

3-29-88 MAN'S BEST FRIEND (Dog, sleep) W: Al Aidekman D: Andrew D. Weyman


C: Bob Squire

10-16-87 DADDY'S HOME (Ballet, Biker) W: Joan Brooker & Nancy Eddo D: Howard Storm

1- 1-88 (Babysitting) W: Jeff Franklin D: Joel Zwick

11-24-89 DR. DARE RIDES AGAIN (Scott Baio) W: Rob Dames D: Bill Foster

4-27-90 FRATERNITY REUNION W: Dave Ketchum & Tony DiMarco D: Bill Foster

12-15-89 JOEY & STACY AND OH, YEAH, JESSE (Jessie assertiveness) W: Doug McIntyre D: Bill Foster


3-11-88 HEATHER'S MONK (Priest & TV broke) W: Jim Kearns D: Don Corvan


9-17-89 MAJOR DAD (Pilot) W: Earl Pomerantz & Richard C. Okie D: Will Mackenzie

10- 2-89 WEDDING (Marriage) W: Earl Pomerantz & Richard C. Okie D: Will Mackenzie


11-28-89 DAUBER'S GOT A GIRL (Dauber & Woman's Coach) W: Miriam Trogdon D: John P. Whitesell II

5-1-90 POODLE SPRINGS (Dauber meets Judy's parents) W: Sean Clark D: Tony Dow


9-15-90 LA CAGE AUX FOOLS (Animal experimentation, cage) W: Adrienne Armstrong D: Scott Vincent Baio


C: Elizabeth P. Palmer Created by: Michael Wilson & Douglas Wyman

3-21-90 YOU? YOU'RE A PRIVATE EYE? (Pilot) W: Michael Wilson D: Lee Shallat

(Kidnapping) St: Michael Wilson & Douglas Wyman Scr: Michael Wilson D: Lee Shallat

6-25-90 CHICKEN A LA MATT (Wedding) W: D: Lee Shallat


11-28-89 FALSE ARREST (Buddy Goodrich) W: Barry Gold D: Peter Baldwin


C: Bob Squire

1- 5-90 BECAUSE THEY'RE COUSINS (Cousin Bartok) W: Robert Griffard & Howard Adler D: Joel Zwick

12- 7-90 THE SUNSHINE BOYS (Club) W: John B. Collins D: Judy Pioli


C: Elizabeth P. Palmer

8-23-90 (pilot) W & Cr: John Masius D: Jonathan Lynn

12-16-90 GRACE UNDER PRESSURE (Principal quits) W: Rob Ulin D: Victor Lobl


C: Simon Tuke

11- 4-90 DEJA DUDES (Time Capsule) W: Tom Straw D: Brian Spicer

1-13-91 HEATHER THE CLASS (Vogues, diet) W: Tom Spezialy & Alan Cross D: Max Tash


12-12-90 A VERY CUTLIP CHRISTMAS (Coach Cutlip as Santa) Scr: Mark Levin D: Michael Dinner based on material by: Gene Wolland


12-16-90 BREAKING UP IS HARD TO UNDO (The big fight) W: Jeffrey Sachs D: Don Barnhart


C: Bob Squire

9-28-90 BORN TO BE MILD (Porsche) W: Rob Bragin D: Charles Correll

12- 7-90 CURSE OF THE VIDEO (Witch) W: Robert Griffard & Howard Adler D: John Pasquin


C: Diana Eden & David McCallauch

2- 2-91 PIG-MALION (Nice Boy disguised - Crash: Bill Stevenson) W: Kevin Abbott D: James Widdoes


11-13-91 WHEN DOOGIE COMES MARCHING HOME St: Nick Harding & Gareth Wootton Scr: Nick Harding D: Joe Ann Fogle

2-12-92 THE SHOW MUSTN'T GO ON W: Nat Berntein & Mitchel Lee Katlin D: Scott Goldstein


C: Wendy Drum D: Tom Trbovich


3-31-93 PILOT (Pilot) D: James Widdoes

4- 7-93 FAMILY TIES (Matt gets his own column, Dan's father) W: Tim O'Donnell & Richard Gurman D: James Widdoes

4-14-93 FRONT PAGE (Judge on take, Matt and Vanessa work together)

4-21-93 PRIME TIME (TV Newscaster) W: Rick Newberger D: James Widdoes

4-28-93 PAIR O'GUYS LOST (Island vacation) D: James Widdoes


8-20-93 DON'T CALL ME ED (Pilot) W: Dan O'Shannon D: Terry Hughes

9- 3-93 STRIKE ONE, YOU'RE OUT (Arm wrestling, refrigerator, hospital, Ned Beatty lying) W: D: Terry Hughes


2-20-93 THE BILLIONAIRE (Jerry Lewis) W: Sally Lapiduss & Pamela Eells D: Linda Day


9-28-93 SLATER'S WAR (Sit-in) W: Renee Palyo D: Jeff Melman

1- 4-94 THE RAVE (Rave party, repainting room, new Dean, teacher) W: Jeffrey Duteil D: Jeff Melman


C: Elizabeth P. Palmer

9-18-93 PILOT (Pilot) Created by & W: Peter Noah D: James Burrows

10- 9-93 THE LANGUAGE OF REALLY GOOD FRIENDS (Learning French) W: Bruce Rasmussen D: Robert Berlinger

10-16-93 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOI (Birthday Party) W: Eric Cohen D: James Burrows

10-23-93 EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY ... DON'T IT? (Photographer, Owner in old photo, model's boyfriend) W: Bill Barol D: Robert Berlinger

11- 6-93 HOME ALONE (Eddie Van Halen, Marcel dating Fabiana) W: Bruce Rasmussen D: Robert Berlinger

12-18-93 DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY (Christmas, fruitcake, geese, Chateau, wine vat) W: Eric Cohen D: Robert Berlinger

2- 8-94 LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH (Valentine's day, pen pal, jealousy therapy, duke) W: Bruce Rasmussen D: Matthew Diamond


C: Brenda Cooper

11- 3-93 THE NANNY (Pilot) St: Fran Drescher & Peter Marc Jacobson Scr: Peter Marc Jacobson & Robert Sternin & Prudence Fraser D: Lee Shallat

11-10-93 SMOKE GETS IN YOUR LIES (Smoking) W: Michael Rowe D: Lee Shallat

11-17-93 MY FAIR NANNY (Pygmalion, party) W: Andy Goodman D: Lee Shallat

12-29-93 PERSONAL BUSINESS (Soap Opera star, date) W: Fran Drescher & Peter Marc Jacobson D: Lee Shallat

1-19-94 A PLOT FOR NANNY (Dating funeral director) W: Lila Garrett & Sandy Krinski D: Paul Miller

2- 9-94 THE FAMILY PLUMBING (Shower, kissing, plumber) W: Bill Lawrence D: Linda Day

3- 4-96 THE HOCKEY SHOW (Fran dates hockey star) W: Robbie Schwartz D: Dorothy Lyman

The Flash


(See my article on The Flash comic book.)

Costumes (pilot): Gilda Texter; Flash Costume: Robert Short; Costumes (after episode 2): Bob Miller; Production Designer: Richard Fernandez; Art Director: Frank J. Pezza.

10-18-90 WATCHING THE DETECTIVES (D.A., gambling) W: Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore D: Gus Trikonis

10-25-90 HONOR AMONG THIEVES (Museum, mask) St: & Danny Bilson & Paul De Meo Scr: Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore D: Aaron Lipstadt

11-15-90 CHILD'S PLAY (Kid, Blue Paradise, Wall) St: Steve Hattman & Gail Morgan Hickman Scr: Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore D: Danny Bilson

11-29-30 SHROUD OF DEATH (Lieutenant, Julio suspects) St: Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore Scr: Michael Reeves D: Mario Azzopardi

12-13-90 GHOST IN THE MACHINE (The Ghost, Nightshade) W: Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore D: Bruce Bilson

1-10-91 SIGHT UNSEEN (Invisible man, bacterial toxin) St: Gail Morgan Hickman & John Vorhaus Scr: John Vorhaus D: Christopher Leitch

3-30-91 DEADLY NIGHTSHADE (Nightshade, impersonator, exoskeleton) W: Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore D: Bruce Bilson

4- 6-91 CAPTAIN COLD (Captain Cold, gangster, reporter) St: Paul De Meo & Gail Morgan Hickman Scr: Hickman D: Gilbert Shilton

4-13-91 TWIN STREAKS W: Steve Hattman D: James A. Contner

4-27-91 DONE WITH MIRRORS (Mirror Master, Professor Zoom) W: Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore D: Danny Bilson



C: Kent Warner

4- 8-81 SATURDAY NIGHT ON SUNSET BOULEVARD W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Rod Holcomb

4-29-81 MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN COWBOYS W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Arnold Laven

5-13-81 THE BEST DESK SCENARIO W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Robert C. Thompson

11-11-81 OPERATION SPOILSPORT W: Frank Lupo D: Rod Holcomb

11-18-81 DON'T MESS AROUND WITH JIM W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Robert C. Thompson

11-25-81 HOG WILD W: Stephen J. Cannell D: Ivan Dixon

12- 2-81 CLASSICAL GAS W: Frank Lupo D: Bruce Kessler

1- 6-82 PLAGUE W: Rudoph Borchert D: Arnold Laven

1-13-82 A TRAIN OF THOUGHT W: Frank Lupo D: Lawrence Doheny

4- 4-82 WHO'S WOO IN AMERICA W: Patrick Hasburgh D: Bob Bender

10-29-82 DIVORCE VENUSIAN STYLE W: Patrick Hasburgh D: Ivan Dixon


C: Bob Modes

11- 5-82 WINNING (Football) W: Gregory S. Dinallo D: Ron Satlof

3-11-83 THE GREAT WALDO SHEPHERD (Stunt planes) St: Gil Grant & Bruce Lansbury Scr: Bill Taub D: Barry Crane


C: Jean-Pierre Dorleac


12-29-83 THE GREAT PRETENDER W: Sam Egan D: Kim Manners

1-12-84 UNREASONABLE FACSIMILE W: Sam Egan D: Winrich Kolbe

1-26-84 THE BIGGEST GAME IN TOWN W: Larry Brody D: Winrich Kolbe

3-12-84 MURDER MTV St: Guerdon Trueblood Scr: Doug Heyes, Jr D: Bruce Seth Green

4- 2-84 DEATH BY DESIGN W: Sam Egan D: Gil Bettman


10- 4-85 MISFITS OF SCIENCE (120) W & D: James D. Parriott

12-13-85 TWIN ENGINES W: Donald Tod & R. Timothy Kring D: Burt Brinkerhoff


C: Linda Hamilton

7-27-90 THE EMERALD HEART W: Joseph Stefano D: Fritz Kiersch

10-26-90 TREASURE (Kevin Corrigan) W: Jon Ezrine D: Tony Dow


Please see my articles on Lois Lane, Superman comic books.

C: Judith Brewster Curtis & Darryl Levine

9-12-93 (Pilot) (120) Created by & W: Deborah Joy LeVine D: Robert Butler

9-26-93 STRANGE VISITOR (FROM ANOTHER PLANET) (Government investigators, lie detector, dinner with Scoggins, origins in Smallville, UFO room, Jimmy and Lucy Lane, airplane) W: Bryce Zabel D: Randall Zisk

10-17-93 REQUIEM FOR A SUPERHERO (Boxing, Lois' father, cyborgs) W: Robert Killebrew D: Randall Zisk

10-24-93 I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU (Undercover, Lois sings, Lois jealous of Clark, Clark bartender) W: Thania St. John D: Gene Reynolds

11-21-93 THE MAN OF STEEL BARS (Heat wave, Superman blamed, in court, leaves Metropolis, kisses Lois, she saves him, Perry stands up) W: Paris Qualles D: Robert Butler

11-28-93 PHEROMONE, MY LOVELY (Pheromones, Jimmy at nightclub door in red Corvette, bouncer, crop spraying) Created by & W: Deborah Joy LeVine D: Bill D'Elia

1- 2-94 ALL SHOOK UP (Asteroid, Jimmy does first story, Superman gets amnesia) W: Bryce Zabel and Jackson Gillis D: Felix Enriquez Alcala

1- 9-94 WITNESS W: Bradley Moore D: Mel Damski

Science Fiction


1- 9-80 THE LATHE OF HEAVEN Scr: Diane English & Roger Swaybill D: Fred Barzyk, David R. Loxton Based on the novel by: Ursula K. Le Guin

3-17-87 MURDER BY THE BOOK Scr: Michael Norell TV St: Michael Norell & Andy Siegel D: Mel Damski (made 1985) Based on the novel by: Mel Arrighi

7-17-88 OUT OF TIME St: Brian Allen Lane Scr: Lane & Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar D: Robert Butler


C: Al Lehman

1-22-81 JOURNEY TO OASIS W: Robert & Esther Mitchell D: Daniel Haller

4-16-81 THE DORIAN SECRET W: Stephen McPherson D: Jack Arnold


C: Richard Hopper

10-3-82 (Pilot) W: & D: James D. Parriott

10-24-82 BULLY AND BILLY W: Jim Sandefleur D: Virgil Vogel

10-31-82 AGENTS OF SATAN W: James D. Parriott D: Alan Levi

11- 7-82 SOURCES OF LIGHT W: James D. Parriott & Jill Sherman D: Ron Satlof

11-14-82 CLEO AND THE BABE W: Jill Sherman D: Bernard McEveety

11-21-82 THE DAY THE REBS TOOK LINCOLN W: Robert Janes D: Bernard McEveety

11-28-83 OLD HICKORY AND THE PIRATE W: Robert Janes D: Peter Crane

12- 3-82 THE TRAVELS OF MARCO ... AND FRIENDS W: James D. Parriott D: Paul Lynch

1-16-83 THE TRIAL OF PHINEAS BOGG W: Jill Sherman D: Sigmund Neufield, Jr

2-27-83 VOYAGERS OF THE TITANIC W: James D. Parriott & Jill Sherman D: Winrich Kolbe

3-13-83 DESTINY'S CHOICE W: Jill Sherman D: Paul Stanley

7-10-83 JACK'S BACK W: Sara & James D. Parriott D: Dean Zameto


C: George R. Whittacker & Richard Hopper

10- 2-83 GOLIATH (120) W: Robert Foster & Robert W. Gilmer D: Winrich Kolbe

10-16-83 MERCHANTS OF DEATH W: William Schmidt D: Alan Meyers

11-27-83 SOUL SURVIVOR W: Foster & Gilmer D: Harvey Laidman

1-29-83 WHITE LINE WARRIORS W: Richard C. Okie D: Robert E. L. Bralver

2- 5-84 RACE FOR LIFE W: Bruce Belland & Roy M. Rogosin D: Georg Fenady

2-19-84 GOLIATH RETURNS (120) W: Foster & Gilmer & Tom Greene & Janice Handler D: Winrich Kolbe

3- 4-84 A GOOD KNIGHT'S WORK W: Richard C. Okie D: Sidney Hayers

4- 8-84 THE MOUTH OF THE SNAKE W: Foster & Gilmer D: Winrich Kolbe

11- 4-84 KITT VS. KARR W: Richard C. Okie D: Winrich Kolbe


C: Phillip Cozzo

4- 4-87 JACKPOT St: Nicholas Correa Scr: D: Phil Bondelli


7-10-87 VOICES IN THE EARTH W: Alan Brennert D: Curtis Harrington


C: Jean-Pierre Dorleac, David Rawley

4- 7-89 THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD W: John Hill D: Gilbert Shilton

5-17-89 PLAY IT AGAIN, SEYMOUR St: Tom Blomquist & Scott Shepherd & Donald P. Bellisario Scr: Shepherd & Donald P. Bellisario D: Aaron Lipstadt

9- 9-59 GOOD MORNING, PEORIA W: Chris Ruppenthal D: Michael Zinberg

11-29-89 SO HELP ME GOD W: Deborah Pratt D: Andy Cadiff

1- 3-90 ANIMAL FRAT (1967) W: Chris Ruppenthal D: Gilbert Shilton

5 -2-90 SEA BRIDE (1954) W: Deborah Pratt D: Joe Napolitano

10- 5-90 THE LEAP HOME PART 2 (VIETNAM) W: Donald P. Bellisario D: Michael Zinberg

10-19-90 ONE STROBE OVER THE LINE (Model) W: Chris Ruppenthal D: Michael Zinberg

10-26-90 THE BOOGIEMAN W: Chris Ruppenthal D: Joe Napolitano

11- 2-90 MISS DEEP SOUTH W: Tommy Thompson D: Christopher T. Welch

11-30-90 REBEL WITHOUT A CLUE (1958) St: Nick Harding and Paul Brown Scr: Randy Holland and Paul Brown D: James Whitmore, Jr.

12-21-90 THE LITTLE MIRACLE St: Sandy Fries Scr: Fries & Robert Wolterstorff D: Michael Watkins

4-10-91 GLITTER ROCK W: Chris Ruppenthal D: Andy Cadiff


C: Catharine Adair

4- 5-92 PROTOTYPE (pilot) St: Robert DeLaurentis & Dick Wolf Scr: DeLaurentis D: Vern Gillum


C: Anna Baulch Production Design: Stewart Burnside

1-20-93 A STRANGER IN TIME (Pilot) W: Harve Bennett D: Lewis Teague

2- 3-93 TO KILL A BILLIONAIRE (Toxic Waste, dressing, courtroom finale) W: Harold Gast D: Colin Budds

2-10-93 FIRE AND ICE (Jewel robbers, Houston; Jorge: Andrew McFarlane) W: Garner Simmons D: Brian Trenchard-Smith

3- 3-93 DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY (Pills, Funeral, Casino, Office, Tux; Matt Roe) W: Ronald Cohen D: Rob Stuart

3-17-93 NIGHT OF THE SAVAGE (Jack the Ripper, soccer jackets, policemen) W: Mark Rodgers D: Colin Budds

4- 7-93 THE PRICE OF HONOR (Government official blackmailed over son, MP's, chair) W: Maryanne Kasica & Michael Scheff D: Colin Budds

5-12-93 DARIEN COMES HOME (Computer kid, security breaking, fancy office, restaurant with pot pies, Chicago, helicopter, Death Squad game, Andrew: Tamblyn Lord) W: Grant Rosenberg D: Brian Trenchard-Smith

Super Vehicles


1-27-84 REVENGE IN THE SKY (Spies) W: James Dochtery D: Bernard McEveety

2- 3-84 TROJAN HORSE (kidnap victim in walled house) W: Brian Alan Lane D: Guy Magar

2-24-84 SKYDIVER (Terrorists) W: Rick Kelbaugh D: Guy Magar

3- 2- 84 CLIPPED WINGS (Rival Pilot) W: Allison Hock D: Bernard McEveety

3-24-84 THE GODCHILD (Mafiosos) W: Richard Danus & Peter Collins D: Guy Magar


C: Michael Hoffman

1-11-85 A SECOND SELF (Old Friend) W: Nicolas Corea & Bruce Cervi D: Virgil Vogel

1-18-85 THE ADJUSTOR (Bad Cop) W: Nicolas Corea D: Virgil Vogel

2-15-85 CHINATOWN MEMORIES (Old Girlfriend) St: Deborah Davis & Hannah Shearer Scr: Davis D: Paul Stanley

3- 1-85 HOT TARGET (Norm's Girlfriend) St: Sheldon Willens Scr: Willens & Davis D: Harvey Laidman

3- 8-85 MURDER IS A NOVEL IDEA (Reporter) W: Karen Harris D: Harvey Laidman


C: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

4- 1-88 SUMMER OF '45 St: Glen A. Larson Scr: Mark Jones & Steven L. Sears & Burt Purl D: Rob Bowman

4- 8-88 SEND IN THE CLONES W: David Garber & Bruce Kalish & Glen A. Larson D: Allan Holzman

4-15-88 BILLIONAIRE BODY CLUB W: Glen A. Larson D: Ivan Nagy


Costume & Motorcycle: Robert Short


C: Perri Kimono

1- 7-94 ONCE A THIEF... (prof with memory chip, Richard Burgi) W: Darrell Fetty D: Danny Bilson

1-14-94 GHOST (Bad guy, daughter dating, house invasion) W: David Newman D: Bruce Bilson

1-28-94 FIREHAWK (Burgi's foundation, new vehicle, Peter Keleghan) W: John Francis Moore D: Mario Azzopardi

2-11-94 MIND GAMES (SWAT team) St: Jim Trombetta & Andrew W. Marlowe Scr: Andrew W. Marlowe D: Mario Azzopardi



12-18-81 A QUIET FUNERAL D: Curtis Harrington

12-18-81 MAKE-UP St: Robert R. McCammon Scr: Jeffrey Bloom D: Curtis Harrington


4-17-87 INCREDIBLE SHRINKING PRINCE (Reducing) W: Bob Myer & Bob Young D: Jack Shea

11-26-87 THE CHARMINGS AND THE BEANSTALK (Giant, dog) W: Danny Kallis D: Jack Shea


C: Paul-Antoine Guerin (filmed in Luxemburg)

4-28-91 (Delivery Boy, man who wants to be vampire) W: Pascal Bonniere D: Rene Bonniere


C: Judy Evans

9-13-92 STOP ME BEFORE I HELP AGAIN (CPR, sex addiction) W: John Babcock D: J.D. Lobue

1- 3-93 ALL'S AFFAIR IN LOVE (Louise and married man) W: David Landsburg D: J.D. Lobue

2-14-93 MY FUNNY VALENTINE (Valentine's Day, Michael Feinstein playing tune running in Herman's Head) W: Michael B. Kaplan D: J.D. Lobue

3-14-93 LAYLA - THE UNPLUGGED VERSION (Jay and Herman) W: Karl Fink and Roberto Benabib D: J.D. Lobue


C: Marie-Sylie Deveau Ph: Manfred Guthe Production Designer: Perri Gorrara

3-15-93 TO ERR IS HUMAN (Protect old acquaintance) W: George Geiger D: Paul Lynch

4-12-93 MARKED MAN (Sting, crooked investor, dancing) W: Carl Binder D: Mario Azzopardi

4-19-93 BLIND SIDE (Hockey player, luck) W: Sanjay Mehta D: Bill Corcoran


C: Christine McQuarrie Production Designer: Stephen Geaghen

10-10-93 STUDIES IN LIGHT (photographer, biker friend in black experimenting, fire rescue, motorcycles, doctor scenes) W: Naomi Janzen D: Peter Ellis

11- 1-93 THE ZONE (miners in flashback, zone, clinic) W: Peter Mohan D: Clay Borris

11-22-93 RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (Black immortal through ages: lynching, integration, baseball; cop) W: Naomi Janzen D: Dennis Berry



C: Robert Turturice

3-28-85 DELINQUENCY OF A MINER W: Jonathan Torp D: Harvey Laidman

4- 4-85 THE CRIMEA OF THE CENTURY W: Steve Johnson D: Richard C. Sarafian

4-11-85 DON'T KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING W: W. M. Whitehead D: Harvey Laidman

4-18-85 BUFFALO WHO? W: Walter Brough D: Richard C. Sarafian

The Young Riders


C: Frances H. Hays Production Designer: Anthony Brockliss

9-20-89 THE KID (Pilot) W: Ed Spielmann D: Robert Liebermann

10-26-89 BLACK ULYSSES (Slave) W: Dennis Cooper D: Bruce Kessler

11- 9-89 FALSE COLORS (Brother) W: Raymond Hartung D: George Mendeluk

11-30-89 END OF INNOCENCE (Fort) W: Jacqueline Zambrano D: Virgil Vogel

1- 4-90 FALL FROM GRACE (Brothel) W: Ed & Howard Spielmann D: Virgil Vogel

1-22-90 BULLDOG (Greenhorn) W: Steven Baum D: Joseph L. Scanlan

2- 1-90 UNFINISHED BUSINESS (Husband returns) W: Alan Levy D: George Mendeluk

3-22-90 MAN BEHIND THE BADGE (Marshall vs Town Boss) W: Deidre Le Blanc & Christopher Thinnes D: Robert Totten

10-6-90 DEAD RINGER (John Slattery as Hickok impersonator) St: Ed Burnham & Elaine Newman Scr: Raymond Hartung D: Virgil Vogel

12-29-90 THE PLAY'S THE THING (Cody and the theater) St: Gerrit Graham & Chris Hubbell Scr: Charles Grant Craig D: George Mendeluk



Costumes: Brienne

11-20-93 WHERE THE HEART IS (Boston, Edward Albert as doctor, Joe following, candy store) (120) Cr & W: Beth Sullivan D: Chuck Bowman


Created by: William D. Wittliff

9- 8-93 OSCAR (Oscar Wilde: Stephen Fry) W: Stephen Harrigan & William D. Wittliff D: David Hemmings


Costumes: Tom Dawson

9-10-93 NO MAN'S LAND (Tank, woman's city, under floor boards, flux, Professor: John Astin) W: Tom Chehak D: Kim Manners

10-22-93 BRISCO FOR THE DEFENSE (Courtroom, doctor friend on trial, judge, fingerprints) W: John McNamara & David Simkins D: Andy Tennant

Science Fiction


Costumes: Darryl Levine Production Designer: Jim Pohl Photography: Ross Berryman Music Brad Fiedel

Created for TV by Mark Verheiden; based on the comic book created by Mike Richardson & Mark Verheiden

9-22-97 A RIP IN TIME (1886 London, Jack the Ripper) (Pilot) St: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Art Monterastelli Scr: Philip Gough, Miles Millar D: Allan Arkush

9-29-97 THE HEIST (1977 New York) W: Mark Verheiden D: David Grossman

10- 6-97 STALKER (1956 Hollywood, movie star, mobster, bowling alley & big raygun, young lawyer, LAPD, morphing) W: Elliot Stern D: Phillip J. Sgriccia

10-13-97 PUBLIC ENEMY (1928 Chicago, Al Capone) W: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar D: Chris Long

10-20-97 ROCKET SCIENCE (1944 Germany) W: Mark Verheiden D: Robert Singer

6-27-98 LOST VOYAGE W: Mark Verheiden D: Jim Charleston

LIFE ON MARS (American version)

10-9-08 OUT HERE IN THE FIELDS W: Josh Appelbaum & Andre Nemec & Scott Rosenberg D: Gary Fleder

10-16-08 THE REAL ADVENTURES OF THE UNREAL SAM TYLER W: Bryan Oh D: Michael Katleman

10-23-08 MY MAHARISHI IS BIGGER THAN YOUR MAHARISHI W: Tracy McMillan D: Michael Pressman

11-6-08 THINGS TO DO IN NEW YORK WHEN YOU THINK YOU'RE DEAD W: Sonny Postiglione D: Michael Katleman

2-11-09 LET ALL THE CHILDREN BOOGIE W: Phil M. Rosenberg D: Michael Katleman

2-18-09 HOME IS WHERE YOU HANG YOUR HOLSTER W: Meredith Averill D: David M. Barrett

3-11-09 COFFEE, TEA OR ANNIE W: Adele Lim & Bryan Oh D: David Petrarca

3-18-09 ALL THE YOUNG DUDES W: Sonny Postiglione & Tracy McMillan D: Darnell Martin


2-17-14 DISRUPT (Smart house) W: Sarah Goldfinger D: Thomas Yatsko


10-24-16 PARTY AT CASTLE VARIAR W: Jim Barnes D: Billy Gierhart

The Arrowverse


(See my article on The Green Arrow comic book.)

3-30-16 BEACON OF HOPE W: Ben Sokolowski & Brian Ford Sullivan D: Michael Schultz

10-12-16 THE RECRUITS W: Speed Weed & Beth Schwartz D: James Bamford

3-15-17 CHECKMATE W: Beth Schwartz & Sarah Tarkoff D: Ken Shane


(See my article on The Flash comic book.)

10-7-14 PILOT Created by & St: Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg & Geoff Johns Scr: Andrew Kreisberg & Geoff Johns D: David Nutter

10-18-14 GOING ROGUE W: Geoff Johns & Kai Yu Wu D: Glen Winter

11-11-14 PLASTIQUE W: Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing & Brooke Eikmeier D: Dermott Downs

12-2-14 FLASH VS. ARROW St: Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg Scr: Ben Sokolowski & Brooke Roberts D: Glen Winter

2- 3-15 CRAZY FOR YOU W: Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing D: Rob Hardy

4-14-15 ALL STAR TEAM UP W: Grainne Godfree & Kai Yu Wu D: Kevin Tancharoen

4-21-15 WHO IS HARRISON WELLS? W: Ray Utarnachitt & Cortney Norris D: Wendey Stanzler

4-28-15 THE TRAP W: Alison Schapker & Brooke Eikmeier D: Steve Shill

5- 5-15 GRODD LIVES W: Grainne Godfree & Kai Yu Wu D: Dermott Downs

10-6-15 THE MAN WHO SAVED CENTRAL CITY St: Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg Scr: Andrew Kreisberg & Gabrielle Stanton D: Ralph Hemecker

10-13-15 FLASH OF TWO WORLDS W: Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing D: Jesse Warn

10-20-15 FAMILY OF ROGUES W: Julian Meiojas & Katherine Walczak D: John F. Showalter

11-3-15 THE DARKNESS AND THE LIGHT W: Ben Sokolowski & Grainne Godfree D: Steve Shill

11-10-15 ENTER ZOOM W: Gabrielle Stanton & Brooke Eikmeier D: JJ Makaro

1-26-16 THE REVERSE-FLASH RETURNS W: Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing D: Michael Allowitz

2-16-16 WELCOME TO EARTH-2 St: Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg Scr: Katherine Walczak D: Millicent Shelton

4-28-16 BACK TO NORMAL W: Brooke Roberts & Katherine Walczak D: John F. Showalter

5- 3-16 RUPTURE W: Kai Yu Wu & Lauren Certo D: Armen V. Kevorkian

5-17-16 INVINCIBLE St: Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg Scr: Brooke Roberts & David Kob D: Jesse Warn

10-4-16 FLASHPOINT St: Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg Scr: Andrew Kreisberg & Brooke Roberts D: Jesse Warn

10-18-16 MAGENTA W: Judalina Neira & David Kob D: Armen V. Kevorkian

11-1-16 MONSTER W: Zack Stentz D: C. Kim Miles

1-31-17 DEAD OR ALIVE St: Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes Scr: Zack Stentz D: Harry Jierjian

2-21-17 ATTACK ON GORILLA CITY St: Andrew Kreisberg Scr: Aaron Helbing & David Kob D: Dermott Downs

3-21-17 DUET St: Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg Scr: Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing D: Dermott Downs

5- 2-17 I KNOW WHO YOU ARE W: Bronwen Clark & Joshua V. Gilbert D: Hanelle Culpepper

10-10-17 THE FLASH REBORN St: Andrew Kreisberg Scr: Todd Helbing & Eric Wallace D: Glen Winter

10-31-17 ELONGATED JOURNEY INTO NIGHT W: Sterling Gates & Thomas Pound D: Tom Cavanagh

11-28-17 CRISIS ON EARTH-X, PART 3 St: St: Andrew Kreisberg & Marc Guggenheim Scr: Todd Helbing D: Dermott Downs

1-23-18 THE ELONGATED KNIGHT RISES W: Sterling Gates & Thomas Pound D: Alexandra La Roche

2-8-18 TRUE COLORS W: Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza D: Tara Nicole Weyr


(See my article on the Supergirl comic book stories.)

11-23-15 HOW DOES SHE DO IT? W: Yahlin Chang & Ted Sullivan D: Thor Freudenthal

12-7-15 HUMAN FOR A DAY W: Yahlin Chang & Ted Sullivan D: Larry Teng

3-21-16 MANHUNTER St: Derek Simon Scr: Cindy Lichtman & Rachel Shukert D: Chris Fisher

3-28-16 WORLD'S FINEST St: Greg Berlanti Scr: Andrew Kreisberg & Michael Grassi D: Nick Gomez

4-18-16 BETTER ANGELS St: Andrew Kreisberg & Ali Adler Scr: Robert Rovner & Jessica Queller D: Larry Teng

10-10-16 THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL St: Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg Scr: Andrew Kreisberg & Jessica Queller D: Glen Winter

10-24-16 WELCOME TO EARTH W: Jessica Queller & Derek Simon D: Rachel Talalay

5-15-17 RESIST W: Jessica Queller & Derek Simon D: Millicent Shelton


(See my articles on the The Atom, The Black Canary, Hawkman, The Justice Society of America comic book stories.)

1-21-16 PILOT, PART 1 W: Greg Berlanti & Marc Guggenheim & Andrew Kreisberg & Phil Klemmer D: Glen Winter

2- 7-16 WHITE KNIGHTS W: Sarah Nicole Jones & Phil Klemmer D: Antonio Negret

2-18-16 FAIL-SAFE W: Beth Schwartz & Grainne Godfree D: Dermott Downs

3- 3-16 MAROONED W: Anderson Mackenzie & Phil Klemmer D: Gregory Smith

3-10-16 NIGHT OF THE HAWK W: Sarah Nicole Jones & Cortney Norris D: Joe Dante

4-21-16 LAST REFUGE W: Chris Fedak & Matthew Maala D: Rachel Talalay

4-28-16 LEVIATHAN W: Sarah Nicole Jones & Ray Utarnachitt D: Alice Troughton

10-20-16 THE JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA W: Chris Fedak & Sarah Nicole Jones D: Michael Grossman

10-27-16 SHOGUN W: Phil Klemmer & Grainne Godfree D: Kevin Tancharoen

11-3-16 ABOMINATIONS W: Marc Guggenheim & Ray Utarnachitt D: Michael A. Allowitz

11-10-16 COMPROMISED W: Keto Shimizu & Grainne Godfree D: David Geddes

11-17-16 OUTLAW COUNTRY W: Matthew Maala & Chris Fedak D: Cherie Nowlan

3-21-17 FELLOWSHIP OF THE SPEAR W: Keto Shimizu & Matthew Maala D: Ben Bray



3-20-96 SWITCHMAN (pilot, Peru, getting Sentinel powers, meets Blair, bomber) W: Paul DeMeo & Danny Bilson D: Danny Bilson

3-27-96 SIEGE (militia, police station hostage) W: David L. Newman D: Danny Bilson

4-24-96 CYPHER (serial killer, media leaks) W: Laurence Frank D: Michael Vejar

5- 1-96 NIGHT TRAIN (Jim escorts mob target) W: Harold Apter D: Bruce Bilson

11-13-96 SPARE PARTS (Blair's Mom, Naomi Sandburg; car thieves) W: Harold Apter D: Paul Abascal

2-19-97 DEAD DROP (elevator, hostages, wired building) W: Peter Lance D: Danny Bilson

3-12-97 SMART ALEC (prodigy, roller blades, spiders, lab) W: John Vorhaus D: Tony Westman

3-26-97 PRIVATE EYES (Blair's Mom returns, psychic, kidnapping) W: Harold Apter D: Bruce Bilson

4- 9-97 VANISHING ACT (falsely accused man) Scr: David H. Balkan & David L. Newman St: Daniel Levine D: William Gereghty

5-14-97 HIS BROTHER'S KEEPER (Jim's brother Stephen, racetrack) W: Harold Apter D: Bruce Bilson

11-19-97 RED ICE (Russian activist & daughter, diamonds, old enemy Yuri from Peru, thermal sensor) W: Richard Maxwell D: William Gereghty


(See my article on the Superboy comic book.)

4-22-11 BOOSTER W: Geoff Johns D: Tom Welling


9-22-15 PILOT W & TV Series Developed by: Craig Sweeny D: Marc Webb

9-29-15 BADGE! GUN! W: Craig Sweeny & Marc Webb D: Marc Webb

11-3-15 BRIAN FINCH'S BLACK OP W: Taylor Elmore D: Aaron Lipstadt

11-10-15 WHEN PIRATES PIRATE PIRATES W: Kari Drake D: Peter Werner

11-17-15 HEADQUARTERS! St: Frances Brennand Roper Scr: Craig Sweeny D: Douglas Aarniokoski

2-23-16 SANDS, AGENT OF MORRA W: Gregory Weidman & Geoffrey Tock D: Rich Lee

4-26-16 FINALE: PART TWO!! W: Craig Sweeny & Taylor Elmore D: Douglas Aarniokoski


2- 9-17 WAYNE DREAM TEAM W: Dean Lorey D: Marc Buckland

2-16-17 SINKING DAY W: Paul Mather D: Jay Chandrasekhar



9-22-98 (Pilot) W: Aaron Sorkin D: Thomas Schlamme


10-5-98 PAWN TO KING FOUR W: Rick Mercer & Mark Farrell D: Henry Sarwer-Foner

10-12-98 DINING OUT W: Rick Mercer & Mark Farrell & Paul Bellini D: Henry Sarwer-Foner


2-14-05 BAGHDAD BOUND W & D: Ken Finkleman


2- 5-14 iSpy W: Abraham Higginbotham D: Gail Mancuso


9-29-15 PILOT W & Created by: Jarrad Paul & Andrew Mogel D: Jake Kasdan


1- 1-17 THE FUGITIVE Part 1 W: Carol Kolb D: Rebecca Asher

1- 1-17 THE FUGITIVE Part 2 W: Justin Noble & Jessica Polonsky D: Ryan Case


12-5-18 SIMONE W & D: Amy Sherman-Palladino

12-5-18 MID-WAY TO MID-TOWN W & D: Amy Sherman-Palladino



C: Peter Mitchell

8-11-96 (Pilot, meets relatives, toxic waste dumping) W: Jacqueline Zambrano D: James Frawley

10- 6-96 CRAWDADDY (Mardi Gras, hostages in bar, parents, Remy as Jester, Marie Antoinette) W: Sherri Ziff Lester D: Vern Gillum

1-26-97 GATORAIDE (Poachers, microbrewery, guns, women in tree, Saints cap, C.D. and Joyce, who wants to be in Civil War Reenactment) W: Anne Kenny D: Tom DeSimone

2- 2-97 DRIVING MISS MONEY (Philanthropist, butler, DA) W: Jacqueline Brayn D: James Frawley


5-6,13-01 CHAMPAGNE FOR ONE Scr: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin D: Timothy Hutton

7-8,15-01 OVER MY DEAD BODY Scr: Sharon Elizabeth Doyle D: Timothy Hutton

5-26-02 POISON A LA CARTE Scr: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin D: George Bloomfield


2-14-01 PHOBIA W: Kathy McCormick, Lynn Mamet, Wendy Battles D: David Platt

1-16-08 BOTTOMLESS (Savingsmart, dry cleaners) W: Ed Zuckerman D: Alex Chapple


3-30-07 PANDORA'S BOX W: Andrew Black D: Dennis Smith

11-23-07 GRAPHIC W: Cheryl Heuton & Nicolas Falacci D: John Behring


10-12-08 WEDNESDAY'S WOMEN W: Erica Shelton D: John Finn

4-11-10 FREE LOVE St: Denise Thé Scr: Denise Thé & Elwood Reid D: Jeffrey G. Hunt


3-22-06 THE WOMAN IN THE TUNNEL W: Greg Ball & Steve Blackman D: Joe Napolitano

1-21-10 THE PROOF IN THE PUDDING W: Bob Harris D: Emile Levisetti

4-22-10 THE PREDATOR IN THE POOL W: Karyn Usher D: Dwight H. Little

4- 9-12 THE BUMP IN THE ROAD W: Keith Foglesong D: Dwight H. Little

12-11-14 THE 200TH IN THE 10TH W: Stephen Nathan D: David Boreanaz


9- 2-10 TO SERVE OR PROTECT W: Russ Cochrane D: T. W. Peacocke


8-15-10 DOPPELGANGER St: Matt Witten Scr: David J. Burke D: Guy Ferland

9-19-10 BOOTY W: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin D: Elodie Keene

7- 1-13 GLADE-IATORS! W: Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar D: Martha Coolidge

8-12-13 CIVIL WAR W: Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar D: Kelly Makin


10-15-12 LONG SHOT W: Michael Alaimo D: Sheelin Choksey

7- 1-13 I, WITNESS W: Adam Belanoff D: Steve Robin

8- 5-13 THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME W: Duppy Demetrius D: Leo Geter

7-28-14 CUTTING LOOSE W: Duppy Demetrius D: Roxann Dawson

7-18-16 CASHED OUT W: Ralph Gifford D: Paul McCrane

3-22-17 BAD BLOOD W: Kendall Sherwood D: Steve Robin


1-10-12 BROTHERHOOD W: Jim Adler D: John David Coles

9- 8-13 MAPS AND LEGENDS W: Quinton Peeples D: Jean de Segonzac

4- 4-14 TIL DEATH W: Barry Schindel D: Jan Eliasberg

5- 2-14 OMEGA HOUR W: Spencer Hudnut D: Rick Bota

5- 9-14 REUNION W: John Bellucci & Bill Chais D: Paul Holahan

8-31-14 ADMISSIONS W: Sean Crouch D: Michael Pressman

9-14-14 MOVING ON St: Louisa Hill Scr: Spencer Hudnut D: Paul Holahan

12-11-15 DOLLARS AND SCENTS W: Timothy J. Lea D: Paul Holahan


1-6-15 THE WOLVES OF DEEP BROOKLYN W: Zev Borow D: Rob Bailey


1- 7-15 THE MYSTERY OF THE FROZEN FOODIE W: Jeffrey Lippman & Beth Armogida D: Cherie Nowlan

10-14-15 THE MYSTERY OF THE CONVICT MENTOR W: Jeff Rake & Niceole R. Levy D: Cherie Nowlan

10-21-15 THE MYSTERY OF THE WATERY GRAVE W: Amanda Green & Nikhil S. Jayaram D: Guy Norman Bee

Michigan Cops: Detroit 1-8-7, Battle Creek


10-5-10 NOBODY'S HOME / UNKNOWN SOLDIER W: Jason Richman & David Zabel D: Stephen Cragg

11-30-10 HOME INVASION / DRIVE-BY W: Denitria Harris-Lawrence D: Kevin Hooks

11-7-10 SHELTER W: David Zabel D: David Straiton

1-11-11 KEY TO THE CITY St: Nikki Toscano Scr: Jason Richman & David Zabel D: Seith Mann

3- 8-11 STONE COLD W: Mike Flynn D: Darnell Martin

3-20-11 BLACKOUT W: Jason Richman D: Kevin Hooks


3- 8-15 SYRUPTITIOUS W: Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner D: Andrew Bernstein

3-22-15 HEIRLOOMS W: David Shore D: Dan Sackheim

4-12-15 MAMA's BOY W: Marqui Jackson D: Daniel Attias

5- 3-15 GINGERBREAD MAN W: Thomas L. Moran D: Eriq La Salle

5-10-15 STOCKHOLM W: David Shore D: Allison Liddi-Brown

5-17-15 HOMECOMING W: Danny Weiss D: James Roday



1-11-05 BLACK WATER St: Juan Carlos Coto Scr: John C. Kelley & Juan Carlos Coto D: Terrence O'Hara

10-12-10 ROYALS & LOYALS W: Reed Steiner D: Arvin Brown

4-12-11 DEAD REFLECTION W: George Schenck & Frank Cardea D: William Webb

5- 3-11 BALTIMORE W: Steven D. Binder D: Terrence O'Hara

10-4-11 THE PENELOPE PAPERS W: Nicole Mirante-Matthews D: Arvin Brown

10-11-11 ENEMY ON THE HILL W: George Schenck & Frank Cardea D: Dennis Smith

12-15-15 SPINNING WHEEL W: Steven D. Binder D: Terrence O'Hara

2- 7-17 NONSTOP W: Brendan Fehily D: Mark Horowitz


4-10-12 PATRIOT ACTS W: Jordana Lewis Jaffe D: Dennis Smith

10-22-13 UNWRITTEN RULE W: Joseph C. Wilson & Jordana Lewis Jaffe D: Larry Teng

10-29-13 BIG BROTHER W: Jordana Lewis Jaffe D: Steven DePaul

11-5-13 THE LIVELONG DAY W: Joe Sachs D: Dennis Smith

10-6-14 INELEGANT HEART W: R. Scott Gemmill D: John Peter Kousakis

10-12-15 COMMAND & CONTROL W: Kyle Harimoto D: Terrence O'Hara

4-25-16 WHERE THERE'S SMOKE W: Andrew Bartels D: James Hanlon


11-17-15 DARKEST HOUR W: Laurie Arent D: Michael Zinberg

11-24-15 BILLY AND THE KID W: Sam Humphrey D: Mary Lou Belli

5-10-16 THE THIRD MAN W: David Appelbaum & Zach Strauss D: Bethany Rooney


10-18-16 CALLISTO W: Jesse Stern D: Dennis Smith

4- 4-17 DRESSED TO KILL W: Ashley Gable D: Larry Teng

Diagnosis Murder


C: Judith Scheurwater

12-3-93 THE 13 MILLION DOLLAR MAN (Lottery ticket) W: Gordon T. Dawson D: Anson Williams

12-17-93 VANISHING ACT: PART TWO W: Bruce Franklin Singer D: Christian I. Nyby II

1-14-94 THE RESTLESS REMAINS (Financial guru, infomercials, Wizard of Oz, concealed death, Brett Cullen) St: John Hill Scr: Robert Schlitt D: Christian I. Nyby II

1-21-94 MURDER WITH MIRRORS (Magicians) W: Gerry Conway D: Anson Williams

1-28-94 FLASHDANCE WITH DEATH W: Gerry Conway D: Christian I. Nyby II

4-29-94 SHAKER (Earthquake, antiques) W: Gerry Conway D: Alan Myerson

5-13-94 SISTER MICHAEL WANTS YOU (Convent mystery) W: Joyce Burditt D: Leo Penn

9-23-94 A VERY FATAL FUNERAL (Board members attacked) W: Gerry Conway D: Alan Myerson

9-30-94 WOMAN TROUBLE (two women and businessman, Steve and rich woman) W: Joyce Burditt D: Roy Campanella II

12-9-94 STANDING EIGHT COUNT (Boxers) W: Travis Fine D: Christopher Hibler

1-13-95 THE NEW HEALERS (Doctor TV spoof) W: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin D: Christopher Hibler

2-24-95 SEA NO EVIL (Lifeguards) W: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin D: Christian I. Nyby II

5- 5-95 MY BABY IS OUT OF THIS WORLD (Rock music, alleged aliens) W: Richard Collins D: Christopher Hibler

2-16-96 LIVING ON THE STREETS CAN BE MURDER (Homeless and clinic) W: Carey Hayes & Chad Hayes D: Christopher Hibler

3-29-96 35 MILLIMETER MURDER (Paparazzo, baby) W: Steve Hattman D: Bruce Seth Green

5- 3-96 LEFT-HANDED MURDER (Multiple wives) W: Mark Masuoka D: Jonathan Frakes

10-24-96 MURDER CAN BE MURDER (Surgeon) W: Tom Chehak D: Christian I. Nyby II

11-14-96 A CANDIDATE FOR MURDER (Politics, addict) W: Steve Hattman D: Christopher Hibler

4-24-97 MURDER IN THE AIR (Airplane) W & D: Tom Chehak

10-2-97 MALIBU FIRE (Steve as firefighter) St: Gerry Conway Scr: Gerry Conway & Wayne Berwick D: Christian I. Nyby II

10-9-97 DEADLY GAMES W: Jeff Peters D: Christopher Hibler

11-6-97 MUST KILL TV (Network TV satire) W: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin D: Christopher Hibler

11-13-97 DISCARDS (Spies) W: J. Larry Carroll & David Carren D: Christian I. Nyby II

11-20-97 A MIME IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE W: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin D: Christopher Hibler

1-22-98 DRILL FOR DEATH (Doctor actors, hospital drill) W: Robin Madden D: Ron Satlof

10-1-98 TILL DEATH DO US PART (Wedding, multi-path) W: Terence Winter D: Max Tash

11-5-98 WRITE, SHE MURDERED (Mystery writers) W: Jacquelyn Blain D: Frank Thackery

1- 6-99 TRAPPED IN PARADISE (Gated community, undercover) W: Ernie Wallengren D: Bruce Seth Green

2- 4-99 MURDER ON THE HOUR (Serial killer, emergency room) W: J. Larry Carroll & David Carren D: Christopher Hibler

9-23-99 THE ROAST (Comedy roast) W: Mark Solomon D: Christopher Hibler

11-4-99 GANGLAND: PART ONE W: Terry Curtis Fox D: Victor Lobl

1- 6-00 MAN OVERBOARD (Cruise) W: Michael Lyons & Kimberley Wells D: Frank Thackery

1-13-00 FRONTIER DAD (Western TV) St: Barry Van Dyke & Paul V. Picerni Jr. Scr: Barry Van Dyke D: Frank Thackery

1-20-00 TOO MANY COOKS (Cooking TV) W: Joyce Burditt D: Christopher Hibler

4-27-00 TWO BIRDS WITH ONE SLOAN (TV Game show) W: Terry Curtis Fox D: Nancy Malone

11-30-00 HOT HOUSE (Reality show in house) W: Terry Curtis Fox D: Victor Lobl

5- 4- 01 ON THE BEACH (Rear Window) W: Burt Prelutsky D: Donald L. Gold



7-12-02 MR. MONK AND THE CANDIDATE W: Andy Breckman D: Dean Parisot

8-15-03 MR. MONK MEETS THE PLAYBOY W: James Krieg D: Tom DiCillo

7-23-04 MR. MONK MEETS THE GODFATHER W: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin D: Michael Zinberg

8- 6-04 MR. MONK AND THE EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH W: Ross Abrash D: Scott Foley

2-18-05 MR. MONK GOES TO VEGAS St: Tom Scharpling & David Breckman Scr: Daniel Dratch & Joe Toplyn D: Randall Zisk

7-15-05 MR. MONK GOES HOME AGAIN W: Tom Scharpling D: Randall Zisk

7-29-05 MR. MONK GOES TO THE OFFICE W: Nell Scovell D: Jerry Levine

12-2-05 MR. MONK AND THE SECRET SANTA W: David Breckman D: Jerry Levine

3- 3-06 MR. MONK AND THE ASTRONAUT W: David Breckman & Joe Toplyn D: Randall Zisk

3-17-06 MR. MONK GETS JURY DUTY W: Peter Wolk D: Andre Belgrader

7-27-07 MR. MONK AND THE NAKED MAN W: Tom Gammill & Max Pross D: Randall Zisk

8- 3-07 MR. MONK AND THE BAD GIRLFRIEND W: Joe Toplyn D: Wendey Stanzler

8-10-07 MR. MONK AND THE BIRDS AND THE BEES W: Peter Wolk D: Michael W. Watkins

1-18-08 MR. MONK GOES TO THE BANK W: Hy Conrad D: Michael W. Watkins

9-11-09 MR. MONK TAKES THE STAND W: Josh Siegal & Dylan Morgan D: Mary Lou Belli



7- 7-06 PILOT W: Steve Franks D: Michael Engler

7-20-07 65 MILLION YEARS OFF W: Steve Franks D: Tim Matheson

7-27-07 PSY VS. PSY W: Andy Berman D: Mel Damski

8-17-07 MEAT IS MURDER, BUT MURDER IS ALSO MURDER W: Daniel Hsia D: Eric Laneuville

8-27-07 IF YOU'RE SO SMART, THEN WHY ARE YOU DEAD? W: Anupam Nigam D: Arlene Sanford

12-7-07 GUS'S DAD MAY HAVE KILLED AN OLD GUY W: Saladin K. Patterson D: Oz Scott

2- 1-08 DIS-LODGED W: Tim Meltreger D: Mel Damski


8-15-08 DISCO DIDN'T DIE, IT WAS MURDERED W: Saladin K. Patterson D: Mel Damski

9-12-08 GUS WALKS INTO A BANK W: Andy Berman D: Eric Laneuville

1-16-09 LASSIE DID A BAD, BAD THING W: Kell Cahoon & Tim Meltreger D: Stephen Surjik

2- 6-09 TRUER LIES W: Victoria Walker D: Martha Coolidge

8-21-09 HIGH NOON-ISH W: Kell Cahoon D: Mel Damski

9-11-09 SHAWN HAS THE YIPS W: Kell Cahoon & Bill Callahan D: Tawnia McKiernan

10-16-09 SHAWN TAKES A SHOT IN THE DARK W: Andy Berman D: Mel Damski

7-28-10 NOT EVEN CLOSE... ENCOUNTERS W: Bill Callahan D: John Badham

9- 1-10 SHAWN 2.0 W: Bill Callahan D: David Crabtree

12-8-10 WE'D LIKE TO THANK THE ACADEMY W: Bill Callahan & Todd Harthan D: Tawnia McKiernan

11-2-11 THE AMAZING PSYCH-MAN AND TAP MAN, ISSUE NO. 2 W: Saladin K. Patterson D: Mel Damski

The Mentalist


2- 8-09 CRIMSON CASANOVA W: Ken Woodruff D: Lesli Linka Glatter

3-17-09 BLOODSHOT W: Gary Glasberg D: Chris Long

3-24-09 CARNELIAN, INC. W: Bruno Heller D: Kevin Dowling

3-31-09 RUSSET POTATOES W: Ashley Gable D: Norberto Barba

4-28-09 RED SAUCE W: Eoghan Mahony D: Adam Kane

7-24-09 REDEMPTION W: Bruno Heller D: Chris Long

10-29-09 RED SCARE W: Ken Woodruff D: Lesli Linka Glatter

1-21-10 BLEEDING HEART W: Erika Green Swafford D: Norberto Barba

4- 8-10 AINGAVITE BAA W: Tom Szentgyorgi & Erika Green Swafford D: Stephen Gyllenhaal

11-4-10 RED HOT W: Ashley Gable D: Chris Long

2- 3-11 RED ALERT W: Jordan Harper D: Guy Ferland



(Core, outstanding episodes are marked with a *)

3-30-09 HELL HATH NO FURY W: Andrew W. Marlowe D: Rob Bowman

4-20-09 HOME IS WHERE THE HEART STOPS W: Will Beall D: Dean White

9-28-09 THE DOUBLE DOWN W: David Grae D: Rob Bowman *

10-19-09 WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS W: Rene Echevarria D: John Terlesky

11- 9-09 KILL THE MESSENGER W: Terence Paul Winter D: Jonathan Frakes

11-23-09 ONE MAN'S TREASURE W: Elizabeth Davis D: Helen Shaver *

1-25-10 THE THIRD MAN W: Terence Paul Winter D: Rosemary Rodriguez

4-19-10 DEN OF THIEVES W: Will Beall D: John Terlesky *

10-11-10 PUNKED W: David Grae D: Rob Bowman *

11-8-10 MURDER MOST FOWL W: Matt Pyken D: Bryan Spicer *

11-15-10 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE MURDEROUS KIND W: Shalisa Francis D: Bethany Rooney

12-6-10 LAST CALL W: Scott Williams D: Bryan Spicer *

1- 3-11 NIKKI HEAT W: David Grae D: Jeff Bleckner

1-10-11 POOF, YOU'RE DEAD W: Terri Miller D: Millicent Shelton *

3-21-11 ONE LIFE TO LOSE W: Elizabeth Davis D: David M. Barrett

3-28-11 LAW & MURDER W: Terence Paul Winter D: Jeff Bleckner *

9-26-11 HEROES & VILLAINS W: David Amann D: Jeff Bleckner

10-24-11 DEMONS W: Rob Hanning D: Bill Roe *

10-31-11 COPS & ROBBERS W: Terence Paul Winter D: Bryan Spicer *

2- 6-12 THE BLUE BUTTERFLY W: Terence Paul Winter D: Chuck Bowman

2-13-12 PANDORA W: David Amann D: Bryan Spicer

2-20-12 LINCHPIN W: Andrew W. Marlowe D: Rob Bowman

3-19-12 A DANCE WITH DEATH W: Moira Kirland D: Kevin Hooks *

4-30-12 UNDEAD AGAIN W: Christine Boylan D: Bill Roe

10-15-12 MURDER, HE WROTE W: David Grae D: Rob Bowman

12-3-12 SECRET SANTA W: Christine Roum D: Paul Holahan *

1-14-13 DEATH GONE WILD W: Jason Wilborn D: Bill Roe

3-25-13 THE WILD ROVER W: Terence Paul Winter D: Rob Hardy

10-7-13 NEED TO KNOW W: Elizabeth Davis D: Larry Shaw

10-14-13 NUMBER ONE FAN W: Terence Paul Winter D: John Terlesky

10-21-13 TIME WILL TELL W: Terri Miller & Andrew W. Marlowe D: Rob Bowman

4-21-14 THAT '70'S SHOW W: David Amann D: John Terlesky

10-20-14 CHILD'S PLAY W: Rob Hanning D: Rob Bowman

3-23-15 AT CLOSE RANGE W: Jim Adler D: Bill Roe

3-30-15 HABEAS CORPSE W: Rob Hanning D: Kate Woods

Mystery: Hallmark Channels


3-11-05 TILL DEATH DO US PART W: Jeff Peters D: Armand Mastroianni


Developed by: Nancey Silvers

5- 2-15 A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE MYSTERY Scr: Donald Martin Based on the novel by: Joanne Fluke Developed by: Nancey Silvers D: Mark Jean

11-23-15 A PLUM PUDDING MYSTERY Scr: Nancey Silvers Based on the novel by: Joanne Fluke D: Kristoffer Tabori

3-26-17 A DEADLY RECIPE Scr: Melissa Salmons Based on the novel by: Joanne Fluke D: Kristoffer Tabori


5-16-15 (Pilot) Scr: Becky Southwell & Dylan Neal D: Scott Smith


7-26-15 REAL MURDERS Scr: Teena Booth Based on the novel by: Charlaine Harris D: Martin Wood

6-12-16 THREE BEDROOMS, ONE CORPSE Scr: Teena Booth Based on the novel by: Charlaine Harris D: Lynne Stopkewich

3-19-17 DEAD OVER HEELS Scr: Shelley Evans Based on the novel by: Charlaine Harris D: Terry Ingram

8-18-19 A VERY FOUL PLAY St: Jim Head & Michael Vickerman Scr: Michael Vickerman & Teena Booth D: Martin Wood


8-11-17 THE BEACH MURDER Scr: Walter Klenhard Based on books by: Suzi Weinert D: Neill Fearnley

8-27-17 A CASE OF MURDER Scr: Kraig Wenman Based on books by: Suzi Weinert D: Neill Fearnley


1-15-17 FRAMED FOR MURDER St: Peter Hume Scr: Peter Hume & Teena Booth D: Mark Jean

3-11-18 DEADLY DEED W: Teena Booth D: Mark Jean


6- 4-17 SITE UNSEEN Scr: Suzette Couture Based on the novel by: Dana Cameron D: Douglas Barr


5- 6-18 IN THE KEY OF MURDER W: Phoef Sutton D: Mel Damski


2-17-19 RECOVERED W: Melissa Salmons D: Jason Bourque


9-22-19 DEAD TALK St: John Christian Plummer & Jim Biederman Scr: Jim Biederman & John Christian Plummer D: Winnifred Jong


3-10-19 A PUZZLE TO DIE FOR St: Gregg Rossen & Brian Sawyer & Will Shortz Scr: Gregg Rossen & Brian Sawyer D: Don McCutcheon

1- 5-20 ABRACADAVER St; Gregg Rossen & Brian Sawyer Scr: Cecily Rhett & Kathryn Rhett D: Jonathan Wright


4-25-20 A FATAL ROMANCE W: Marcy Holland D: Terry Ingram


4-15-12 UNDERCOVER BRIDESMAID W: Gregg Rossen & Brian Sawyer D: Matthew Diamond

10-12-14 ALONG CAME A NANNY W: Gary Goldstein D: Michael Scott

12-13-15 DEBBIE MACOMBER'S DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW Scr: Maria Nation Based on the novel by: Debbie Macomber D: Kristoffer Tabori

Murdoch Mysteries


1-20-08 POWER W: R.B. Carney D: Farhad Mann

4- 6-08 THE PRINCE AND THE REBEL W: Alexandra Zarowny D: John L'Ecuyer

4-17-08 THE ANNOYING RED PLANET W: Paul Aitken D: Shawn Thompson

2-10-09 MILD, MILD WEST W: Derek Schreyer D: Paul Fox

2-24-09 HOUDINI WHODUNIT W: Alexandra Zarowny D: Farhad Mann

3-24-09 I, MURDOCH W: Lori Spring D: Laurie Lynd

4-28-09 ANYTHING YOU CAN DO W: Laura Phillips D: Kelly Makin

2-16-10 THE MURDOCH IDENTITY W: Jean Greig D: Laurie Lynd

3-16-10 ME, MYSELF AND MURDOCH W: Paul Aitken D: Don McCutcheon

2-11-10 THE TESLA EFFECT W: Cal Coons D: Steve Wright

3- 1-11 BUFFALO SHUFFLE W: Philip Bedard & Larry Lalonde D: Yannick Bisson

3-15-11 MONSIEUR MURDOCH W: Paul Aitken & Graham Clegg D: John L'Ecuyer

3-22-11 DEAD END STREET W: Carol Hay D: Laurie Lynd

5- 3-11 THE KISSING BANDIT W: Alexandra Zarowny D: Cal Coons

3-13-12 EVIL EYE OF EGYPT W: Michelle Ricci D: Don McCutcheon

3-20-12 WAR ON TERROR W: Peter Mitchell D: Laurie Lynd

4- 3-12 WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CARRIAGE? W: Paul Aitken & Graham Clegg D: Harvey Crossland

4-24-12 INVENTION CONVENTION W: Paul Aitken D: Cal Coons

5-15-12 MURDOCH NIGHT IN CANADA W: Lori Spring D: Gail Harvey

5-22-12 TWENTIETH CENTURY MURDOCH W: Paul Aitken, Carol Hay, Peter Mitchell, Michelle Ricci D: Gail Harvey

1- 7-13 MURDOCH AIR W: Peter Mitchell D: Don McCutcheon

1-21-13 MURDOCH ON THE CORNER W: Paul Aitken D: Cal Coons

1-28-13 A STUDY IN SHERLOCK W: Graham Clegg D: Don McCutcheon

3-11-13 VICTORIA CROSS W: Maureen Jennings and Peter Mitchell D: Peter Mitchell

9-30-13 MURDOCH AHOY W: Paul Aitken D: Laurie Lynd


10-21-13 RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES W: Carol Hay D: Gail Harvey

11-18-13 LOCH NESS MURDOCH W: Michelle Ricci D: Cal Coons

11-25-13 REPUBLIC OF MURDOCH W: Paul Aitken & Peter Mitchell D: Don McCutcheon

1-20-14 UNFINISHED BUSINESS W: Peter Mohan D: Dawn Wilkinson

1-27-14 THE MURDOCH STING W: Jackie May D: Sudz Sutherland

3- 3-14 FRIDAY THE 13TH, 1901 W: Lori Spring D: Michael DeCarlo

3-10-14 THE SPY WHO CAME UP TO THE COLD W: Adam Barken D: Sudz Sutherland

3-24-14 KUNG FU CRABTREE W: Paul Aitken D: Michael McGowan

10-20-14 GLORY DAYS W: Jordan Christianson & Peter Mitchell D: Yannick Bisson

11-3-14 HOLY MATRIMONY, MURDOCH W: Paul Aitken D: Sudz Sutherland

11-10-14 MURDOCH TAKES MANHATTAN W: Simon McNabb D: Sudz Sutherland

11-17-14 THE MURDOCH APPRECIATION SOCIETY W: Carol Hay D: Deborah Chow

12-8-14 THE KEYSTONE CONSTABLES W: Jordan Christianson D: Cal Coons

3-23-15 ELECTION DAY W: Michelle Ricci & Mary Pederson D: Don McBrearty

10-12-15 MARKED TWAIN W: Peter Mitchell D: TW Peacocke

11-9-15 24 HOURS TIL DOOMSDAY W: Paul Aitken D: Gary Harvey

11-16-15 THE LOCAL OPTION W: Simon McNabb D: Laurie Lynd

1-11-16 RAISED ON ROBBERY W: Paul Aitken D: Eleanor Lindo

2- 8-16 COLOUR BLINDED W: Mary Pederson D: Leslie Hope

3- 7-16 BL**DY H*LL W: Paul Aitken D: Harvey Crossland

10-24-16 A STUDY IN PINK W: Paul Aitken D: Norma Bailey

11-21-16 PAINTED LADIES W: Mary Pederson D: Harvey Crossland

11-28-16 WEEKEND AT MURDOCH'S W: Jordan Christianson D: Eleanor Lindo

12-5-16 EXCITABLE CHAP W: Peter Mitchell, Simon McNabb D: Cal Coons

1-16-17 A MURDOG MYSTERY W: Lori Spring D: Don McCutcheon

3-20-17 HOT WHEELS OF THUNDER W: Peter Mitchell, Simon McNabb, Jordan Christianson D: Peter Mitchell

9-25-17 UP FROM ASHES W: Peter Mitchell D: Don McCutcheon

10-2-17 MERLOT MYSTERIES W: Peter Mitchell, Simon McNabb D: Don McCutcheon

10-9-17 8 FOOTSTEPS W: Paul Aitken D: Laurie Lynd

11-6-17 21 MURDOCH STREET W: Natalia Guled D: Harvey Crossland

1- 8-18 F.L.A.S.H.! W: Paul Aitken D: Eleanor Lindo

1-15-18 BIFFERS AND BLOCKERS W: Dan Trotta D: Megan Follows

1-22-18 MARY WEPT W: Noelle Girard D: Megan Follows

2-26-18 MURDOCH SCHMURDOCH W: Lori Spring & Robert Rotenberg D: Sherren Lee

6- 1-19 MURDOCH AND THE UNDETECTABLE MAN W: Paul Aitken D: Mina Shum

9-23-19 BAD PENNIES W: Peter Mitchell D: Harvey Crossland

Frankie Drake Mysteries


11-20-17 SUMMER IN THE CITY 1.3 W: Carol Hay D: Norma Bailey

12-11-17 WHISPER SISTERS 1.6 W: Adriana Maggs D: Leslie Hope

1-22-18 GHOSTS 1.9 W: Ian Carpenter D: Peter Stebbings

1-29-18 ANASTASIA 1.10 W: Michelle Ricci D: Cal Coons

2- 5-18 ONCE BURNT TWICE SPIED 1.11 W: Michelle Ricci D: Peter Stebbings

10-1-18 LAST DANCE 2.2 W: James Hurst D: Ruba Nadda

10-15-18 EMANCIPATION DAY 2.4 W: Andrew Burrows-Trotman D: Ruba Nadda

10-29-18 EXTRA INNINGS 2.6 W: John Callaghan D: Sudz Sutherland

11-5-18 FIFTY SHADES OF GREYSON 2.7 W: Jessie Gabe D: Cal Coons

11-19-18 DEALER'S CHOICE 2.9 W: John Callaghan D: Ruba Nadda

Mystery: Canada


C: Suzanne Daigle

4-26-94 PILOT (120) W: Paul Haggis D: Fred Gerber

11-10,17-94 CHICAGO HOLIDAY (120) (Bar, Ambassador's daughter) W: Jeff F. King & Paul Haggis D: Jeffrey Lynch

1- 5-95 YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS (Girl) W: Peter Lefcourt D: David Warry-Smith

3-30-95 THE DEAL (Mobster, shoemaker, poorbox, basketball games, Dvorak Stabat Mater at bus station, choir) W: Peter Lefcourt D: George Mendeluk

11-9-95 NORTH (Air plane, lost in woods, camping, bolo, two dads) W: Jeff F. King D: Richard J. Lewis

2-23-96 STARMAN (Aliens?) W: Frank Siracusa D: David Warry-Smith

3- 1-96 WE ARE THE EGGMEN (Chickens eggs) St: James Kramer Scr: Peter Mohan & Michael Teversham D: George Bloomfield

4-12-96 ALL THE QUEEN'S HORSES St: Paul Gross & John Krizanc & Paul Quarrington Scr: Paul Gross D: George Bloomfield


3-4-10 THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE DOYLE W: Steve Cochrane & Avrum Jacobson D: Robert Lieberman


5- 3-09 MISSING W: Avrum Jacobson D: T.J. Scott

5-30-12 THE BANK JOB W: Peter Mohan D: Farhad Mann

6-13-12 CURTAIN CALL W: James Hurst D: Farhad Mann

8-29-12 CAPTAIN NIGHTFALL W: Ken Cuperus D: John L'Ecuyer

9-12-12 THE SHOOTING W: James Hurst & Karen Walton D: Stefan Pleszczynski

6-26-13 BUCKLE UP W: Brendon Yorke D: Brad Walsh

8-21-13 FALSE I.D. W: Brendon Yorke D: Cal Coons


6- 9-16 THE MONEY SHOT W: Tara Armstrong D: Anne Wheeler

6-16-16 THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND W: Derek Schreyer D: Shawn Piller

6-30-16 PARTNERS IN CRIME W: Tim Kilby D: Robert Lieberman

7-14-16 I DO, I DO W: Marcus Robinson D: Robert Lieberman

7-21-16 DISAPPEARING ACT W: Alan McCullough & Marsha Greene D: Kelly Makin

7-28-16 FAMILY JEWELS W: Shelley Eriksen D: James Genn


1-21-17 THE BOX W: Ben Harris D: Erik Canuel

1-28-17 JOE W: Sarah Dodd D: James Genn

Death in Paradise


11-22-11 SPOT THE DIFFERENCE (Episode 1.5) (Ferry boat) W: Harry Holmes D: Alfred Lot

11-29-11 AN UNHELPFUL AID (Episode 1.6) (Diver) W: Robert Thorogood D: Alfred Lot

1-22-13 DEATH AT THE CLINIC (Episode 2.3) (Plastic surgery clinic) W: Dan Sefton D: David O'Neill

2-19-13 A STORMY OCCURRENCE (Episode 2.7) (Hurricane) W: James Payne D: David O'Neill

2-26-13 A DEADLY PARTY (Episode 2.8) (Charity fundraiser, Mysterious Visitor) W: Robert Thorogood D: Alrick Riley

1-14-14 DEATH OF A DETECTIVE (Episode 3.1) (Reunion) W: Robert Thorogood D: Cilla Ware

2-18-14 THE EARLY BIRD (Episode 3.6) (Bird Watchers) W: JC Wilsher & Simon Winstone D: Robert Quinn

1-22-15 DAMNED IF YOU DO (Episode 4.3) (Historical Society) W: Tom Higgins D: David O'Neill

2-25-15 UNLIKE FATHER, UNLIKE SON (Episode 4.8) (Courthouse murder) W: Matthew Barry D: Richard Signy

2-25-16 FLAMES OF LOVE (Episode 5.8) (Shower) W: Matthew Barry D: Richard Signy

1- 5-17 ERUPTING IN MURDER (Episode 6.1) (Volcano) W: Dana Fainaru D: Claire Winyard

2-2,9-17 MAN OVERBOARD (Episodes 6.5 & 6.6) (Boat & London) W: Robert Thorogood D: Richard Signy

2- 1-18 MURDER ON THE DAY OF THE DEAD (Episode 7.5) (Yacht Club) W: Robert Thorogood D: Ian Barnes

2-15-18 DARK MEMORIES (Episode 7.7) (Old Schoolmate) W: James Hall D: Sarah Walker

1-10-19 MURDER ON THE HONORE EXPRESS (Episode 8.1) (Bus murder) W: Paul Logue D: Stewart Svaasand

2-21-19 MURDER ON THE AIRWAVES (Episode 8.7) (Radio station, reggae) W: Robert Thorogood D: Richard Signy

1-14-21 STEAMY CONFESSIONS (Episode 10.2) (Archeologists, cooking competition) W: Emma Goodwin D: Richard Signy

1-13-23 THE COMMUNAL DEATH (Episode 12.2) (Commune, bunker) W: Emma Goodwin & James Hall D: Declan Recks

1-27-23 AN UNPLEASANT HOMECOMING (Episode 12.4) (Dying message, wedding) W: Katerina Watson D: Steve Brett

2-10-23 A MURDER FOREWARNED - PART 1 (Episode 12.6) (Anonymous warning) W: Patrick Homes D: Angie de Chastelai Smith

2-17-23 SINS OF THE DETECTIVE - PART 2 (Episode 12.7) (Trying to clear hero) W: James Hall D: Angie de Chastelai Smith



4-21-13 FUGUE W: Russell Lewis D: Tom Vaughan

4-28-13 ROCKET W: Russell Lewis D: Craig Viveiros

1- 3-16 RIDE W: Russell Lewis D: Sandra Goldbacher

1-24-16 CODA W: Russell Lewis D: Oliver Blackburn

1-29-17 HARVEST W: Russell Lewis D: Jim Loach

2-11-18 CARTOUCHE W: Russell Lewis D: Andy Wilson

2-18-18 PASSENGER W: Russell Lewis D: Jim Field Smith

2-25-18 COLOURS W: Russell Lewis D: Robert Quinn

3- 4-18 QUARTET W: Russell Lewis D: Geoffrey Sax

2-20-19 PYLON W: Russell Lewis D: Johnny Kenton

2-24-19 CONFECTION W: Russell Lewis D: Leanne Welham

3- 3-19 DEGUELLO W: Russell Lewis D: Jamie Donoughue

3- 5-23 UNIFORM W: Russell Lewis D: Nirpal Bhogal

Father Brown


1-25-13 THE BLUE CROSS W: Paul Matthew Thompson D: Ian Barber

1- 6-15 THE CURSE OF AMENHOTEP W: Jude Tindall D: Matt Carter

1- 8-15 THE SIGN OF THE BROKEN SWORD W: Stephen McAteer D: Ian Barber

1- 9-15 THE LAST MAN W: Jude Tindall D: John Greening

1-13-15 THE KEMBLEFORD BOGGART W: Jonathan Neil D: John Greening

1-15-15 THE TRUTH IN THE WINE W: Kit Lambert D: Ian Barber

1-16-15 THE JUDGMENT OF MAN W: Paul Matthew Thompson D: Ian Barber

1-21-15 THE PARADISE OF THIEVES W: Rob Kinsman D: Diana Patrick

1-22-15 THE DEADLY SEAL W: Dan Muirden D: Diana Patrick

1-23-15 THE OWL OF MINERVA W: Jude Tindall D: Matt Carter

1- 8-16 THE DAUGHTER OF AUTOLYCUS W: Jude Tindall D: Paul Gibson

12-18-17 THE TREE OF TRUTH W: Jude Tindall D: Paul Gibson

1- 7-19 THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY W: Jude Tindall D: Paul Gibson

1-14-19 THE SACRIFICE OF TANTALUS W: Kit Lambert D: Dominic Keavey

1-18-19 THE HONORABLE THIEF W: Kit Lambert D: Paul Gibson

1- 6-20 THE CELESTIAL CHOIR W: W: Kit Lambert D: Paul Gibson

1-14-20 THE RIVER CORRUPTED W: Kit Lambert D: Jennie Paddon

1-17-20 THE TOWER OF LOST SOULS W: Tahsin Guner D: Dominic Keavey

1- 5-22 THE REQUIEM FOR THE DEAD W: Michelle Lipton D: John Maidens

1-10-22 THE NEW ORDER W: Neil Irvine D: Jo Hallows

1-14-22 THE RED DEATH W: Kit Lambert D: John Maidens

1-13-23 THE COMPANY OF MEN W: Dominique Moloney D: Paul Riordan

2- 3-23 THE HIDDEN MAN W: Tahsin Guner D: Michael Lacey

2-17-23 THE SHOW MUST GO ON W: Sarah-Louise Hawkins D: Miranda Howard-Williams

3- 3-23 THE WHEELS OF WRATH W: Matthew Cooke & Vincent Lund D: Dominic Keavey

Mystery: British Isles


3-26-95 THE GREAT LOCHDUBH SALT ROBBERY W: Daniel Boyle D: Nicholas Renton

4- 9-95 THE BIG FREEZE W: Dominic Minghella D: Patrick Lau

4-30-95 A BIT OF AN EPIC W: Julian Spilsbury D: Sid Roberson


2- 5-00 BEYOND THE GRAVE W: Douglas Watkinson D: Moira Armstrong

10-17-04 DEAD IN THE WATER W: Douglas Watkinson D: Renny Rye

7-22-09 THE DOGLEG MURDERS W: Andrew Payne D: Richard Holthouse

1- 6-16 HABEAS CORPUS W: Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths D: Alex Pillai

1-18-17 RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW W: Lisa Holdsworth D: Steve Hughes

5-13-18 DEATH BY PERSUASION W: Chris Murray D: Alex Pillai

12-1-19 THE POINT OF BALANCE W: Nicholas Hicks-Beach D: Audrey Cooke


9-17-10 IT SMELLS OF BOOKS W: J.C. Wilsher D: Martyn Friend


3-31-13 THE CAGE W: David Kane D: Stuart Orme


1- 8-12 THE HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE W: Mark Gatiss D: Paul McGuigan

1- 5-14 THE SIGN OF THREE W: Stephen Thompson & Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss D: Colm McCarthy


12-26-14 AGATHA RAISIN AND THE QUICHE OF DEATH Scr: Stewart Harcourt D: Geoffrey Sax

6-14-16 AGATHA RAISIN AND HELL'S BELLS Scr: Stewart Harcourt D: Geoffrey Sax

6-21-16 AGATHA RAISIN AND THE WELLSPRING OF DEATH Scr: Stewart Harcourt D: Paul Harrison

7-19-16 AGATHA RAISIN AND THE WITCH OF WYCKHADDEN Scr: Chris Murray D: Geoffrey Sax


3- 9-18 ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT W: Kit Lambert D: Piotr Szkopiak


2- 8-22 LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER! W: Dominique Moloney D: Merlyn Rice

2-15-22 MY BROTHER'S KEEPER W: Kit Lambert D: John Maidens

2-22-22 SCOOP! W: Dan Muirden D: Paul Gibson

2-22-22 SONG FOR THE DEAD W: Oliver Frampton D: John Maidens

3- 1-22 QUEEN OF THE KITCHEN W: Tahsin Guner D: Merlyn Rice

3- 8-22 SISTER TOWN W: Oliver Frampton D: Dominic Keavey

4-18-23 ST GEORGE'S DEFENCE W: Kit Lambert D: Merlyn Rice

Mystery: New Zealand and Australia


3- 2-12 MURDER ON THE BALLARAT TRAIN Scr: Elizabeth Coleman & Deb Cox D: Kate Dennis Based on the novel by: Kerry Greenwood

3- 9-12 THE GREEN MILL MURDER Scr: Michael Miller D: Kate Dennis Based on the novel by: Kerry Greenwood

3-30-12 RUDDY GORE W: Liz Doran D: David Caesar

9-20-13 DEAD MAN'S CHEST W: John Banas D: Ken Cameron

11-8-13 DEATH ON THE VINE W: Chris Corbett D: Catherine Millar

5-15-15 MURDER & THE MAIDEN W: Ysabelle Dean D: Tony Tilse

5-22-15 MURDER & MOZZARELLA W: Chris Corbett D: Peter Andrikidis

6-19-15 GAME, SET & MURDER W: Elizabeth Coleman D: Daina Reid


10-11-15 CATCH OF THE DAY W: Greg McGee D: Mike Smith

10-31-16 THE BLACK WIDOWER W: Tim Balme D: Mark Beesley

11-20-16 A MERRY BLOODY CHRISTMAS W: Tim Balme D: Murray Keane

11-12-17 THE SCARECROW W: Greg McGee D: Josh Frizzell


2-16-17 THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT W: Chris Corbett D: Jennifer Leacey

2-23-17 CONTROL THEORY W: Elizabeth Packett D: Jennifer Perrott

3- 2-17 UNIFORM MOTION W: Elizabeth Coleman D: Jennifer Perrott

3-16-17 THE UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE W: Chris Corbett D: Jonathan Brough

White Collar


10-23-09 PILOT W: Jeff Eastin D: Bronwen Hughes

10-30-09 THREADS W: Clifton Campbell D: Dennie Gordon

11-13-09 FLIP OF THE COIN D: W: Jeff Eastin & Joseph C. Muscat Timothy Busfield

1-26-10 BAD JUDGEMENT W: Jeff Eastin & Joseph C. Muscat D: John T. Kretchmer

2-23-10 BOTTLENECKED W: Jeff Eastin & Tom Garrigus D: Phil Abraham

3- 2-10 FRONT MAN W: Rashad Raisani D: Michael Smith

7-13-10 WITHDRAWAL W: Jeff Eastin D: Tim Matheson

7-20-10 NEED TO KNOW W; Joe Henderson D: Sanford Bookstaver

8- 3-10 BY THE BOOK W: Alexandra McNally D: Michael Smith

8-10-10 UNFINISHED BUSINESS W: Jeff Eastin D: Tricia Brock

8-24-10 PRISONER'S DILEMMA W: Mark Goffman D: Vincent Misiano

1-18-11 BURKE'S SEVEN W: Joe Henderson D: Michael Smith

2- 1-11 WHAT HAPPENS IN BURMA W: Hy Conrad D: John T. Kretchmer

2- 8-11 COUNTERMEASURES W: Jim Campolongo D: Michael Smith

2-22-11 PAYBACK W: Mark Goffman D: Russell Lee Fine

6-14-11 WHERE THERE'S A WILL W: Mark Goffman D: Sanford Bookstaver

6-28-11 DENTIST OF DETROIT W: Channing Powell & Matthew Negrete D: Dennie Gordon

7-12-11 SCOTT FREE W: Joe Henderson D: Tricia Brock

7-19-11 TAKING ACCOUNT W: Daniel Shattuck D: Michael Smith

7-26-11 AS YOU WERE W: Matthew Negrete D: David Straiton

1-17-12 CHECKMATE St: Joe Henderson & Alexandra McNally Scr: Joe Henderson D: John Kretchmer

1-31-12 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH W: Jeff F. King D: Andrew McCarthy

2- 7-12 PULLING STRINGS W: Channing Powell D: Anton Cropper

2-21-12 STEALING HOME St: Mark Goffman Scr: Mark Goffman & Jim Campolongo D: Tim DeKay

2-28-12 JUDGEMENT DAY W: Jeff Eastin D: Russell Lee Fine

7-17-12 MOST WANTED W: Mark Goffman D: Paul Holahan

7-31-12 PARTING SHOTS W: Alexandra McNally D: Robert Duncan McNeill

8-21-12 IDENTITY CRISIS W: Channing Powell D: David Straiton

2-19-13 SHOOT THE MOON W: Matthew Negrete & Bob DeRosa D: Russell Lee Fine

10-31-13 ONE LAST STAKEOUT W; Joe Henderson D: Russell Lee Fine

11-14-13 MASTER PLAN W: Alexandra McNally D: Jeff F. King

12-5-13 QUANTICO CLOSURE W: Nick Thiel D: Willie Garson

12-12-13 DIGGING DEEPER W: Jessica Grasl & Julian Meiojas D: Sanford Bookstaver

1-30-14 DIAMOND EXCHANGE W: Jim Campolongo & Nick Thiel D: Russell Lee Fine

Pacific Blue


C: Marilyn Vance-Straker Created by Bill Nuss

3 -2-96 (Pilot: Navy woman joins force, man's brother wants him to leave, be broker; Captain, bike on ledge, final car shop raid) W: Bill Nuss D: Ralph Hemecker

3-16-96 NO MAN'S LAND (Nazi, knows law, tagger graffiti artist) W: Tom Szollosi D: Michael Levine

3-23-96 OVER THE EDGE (Thrill gang of armored car robbers) W: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle D: Corey Michael Eubanks

4-27-96 MOVING TARGET (T.C.'s old girlfriend, protective custody; Palermo has officer box life guard, Rocky spoof) W: Bill Nuss D: Mickey Dolenz

4-20-97 RUMPLESTILTSKIN (Counterfeiters, FBI Agent Tim Stone: David Lee Smith) W: Donald Marcus D: John B. Moranville

8-17-97 RAVE ON (Jessie at Rave, Victor knows) W: David Kemper D: Michael Levine

10- 5-97 MATTERS OF THE HEART (Skaters, anti-drug, T.C. as Cyclist, chase through arcade, merry go round, Yuppie baby broker, little girl) W: Emily Skopov D: Terence H. Winkless

11- 2-97 COP IN A BOX (T.C. captured under sand, family searches: Andy Buckley, Richard Herd) W: William Bigelow D: Scott Lautanen

12-14-97 AVENGING ANGEL (Dream, questions about rounded life, Korean twin vigilantes) W: David Kemper D: Terence H. Winkless

1-11-98 ARMED AND DANGEROUS (Illegal weapons sold at school, Jesse shot) Scr: David Kemper & Emily Skopov St: Terri Treas & Michael Zand D: Michael Levine

2- 1-98 HOUSE PARTY (Hostages in Precinct station, SWAT, Criminals in Police Uniforms, T.C. as SWAT Cop) W: David Kemper D: Michael Levine

Hawaii Five-0


1-23-11 KAI E'E (TIDAL WAVE) W: Melissa Glenn & Jessica Rieder D: Duane Clark

2-20-12 KUPALE (DEFENDER) W: Noah Nelson & Lisa Schultz D: Steve Boyum

12-17-12 KAHU (GUARDIAN) W: Noah Nelson D: Bryan Spicer

1-21-13 HANA I WA 'IA (SCANDAL) W: Mike Schaub D: Larry Teng

4-15-13 OLELO PA'A (THE PROMISE) W: Peter M. Lenkov & Ken Solarz D: Joe Dante

12-13-13 HO'ONANI MAKUAKANE (HONOR THY FATHER) W: Peter M. Lenkov & Ken Solarz D: Larry Teng

4- 4-14 HO'I HOU (REUNITED) W: Christina M. Kim D: Sylvain White

1- 9-15 UA'AIHUE (STOLEN) W: David Wolkove D: Jeffrey Hunt

11-13-15 PIKA PAO 'IOLE (THE ARTFUL DODGER) St: Peter M. Lenkov Scr: Steven Lilien & Bryan Wynbrandt D: Joel Surnow


2-12-16 HOA 'INEA (MISERY LOVES COMPANY) W: Matt Wheeler D: Peter Weller

2-19-16 KE KOA LOKOMAIKA'I (THE GOOD SOLDIER) W: Carmen Pilar Golden & Sue Palmer D: Bryan Spicer

4- 1-16 KANAKA HAHAI (THE HUNTER) St: Travis Donnelly Scr: Matt Wheeler D: Eagle Egilsson

4- 8-16 MALAMA KA PO'E (CARE FOR ONE'S PEOPLE) W: Ken Solarz & Bill Haynes D: Brad Tanenbaum

4-15-16 KA HAUNAELE (RAMPAGE) St: Steven Lilien & Bryan Wynbrandt Scr: Sean O'Reilly D: Jerry Levine

2- 3-17 KA PA'ANI NUI (BIG GAME) W: Helen Shang D: Bryan Spicer

Burn Notice


9-11-08 DOUBLE BOOKED W: Craig O'Neill & Jason Tracey D: Tim Matheson

2-19-09 TRUTH & RECONCILIATION W: Alfredo Barrios, Jr. D: Ernest R. Dickerson

6-11-09 QUESTION AND ANSWER W: Alfredo Barrios, Jr. D: John T. Kretchmer

7-23-09 SHOT IN THE DARK W: Ben Watkins D: Ernest R. Dickerson

8- 5-10 CENTER OF THE STORM W: Ryan Johnson & Peter Lalayanis D: Colin Bucksey

8-12-10 HARD TIME W: Alfredo Barrios, Jr. D: Dennie Gordon

12-16-10 OUT OF THE FIRE W: Craig O'Neill D: Marc Roskin

12-16-10 LAST STAND W: Matt Nix D: Stephen Surjik

7- 7-11 MIND GAMES W: Michael Horowitz D: Scott Peters



C: Greg LaVoi

10-31-97 IN CONCERT (Recording contract, Mark Harelik as crooked manager, Ice-T as Redneck Rap singer) W: Ethlie Ann Vare D: Allan Arkush

11- 7-97 CON ARTIST (Art heists, underground vault, FBI agent undercover) W: Gerry Conway D: Jim Charleston

1- 9-98 CONFIDENCE MAN (Firepower guru Paul Johansson, coals, woman con) W: Tom Spezialy & D: Frederick King Keller

1-16-98 CON-TRA BAND (Kowalski kidnapped, SWAT team, FBI agents, Ice-T arrested) W: Clyde Phillips D: Richard Compton


4-29-11 ALL THAT GLITTERS W: Gwendolyn M. Parker D: Michael Pressman

11-30-12 HIGHER EDUCATION W: Ian Biederman D: Robert Harmon

10-4-13 THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS W: Kevin Wade D: John Behring


6-26-13 GOOD LOVIN' W: Bill Chais & Jay Shore D: David Grossman

7-24-13 CONTROL W: Matt McGuinness D: Michael Zinberg

9-10-14 DEEP THROAT W: Alex Berger D: Colin Bucksey

9-17-14 DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY W & D: Bill Chais


1- 5-15 KILL SCREEN W: Nicholas Wootton & Paul Grellong D: Jace Alexander

2- 9-15 LOVE BOAT W: Elizabeth Beall & Kim Rome D: Sam Hill

3-30-15 CROSSROADS W: David Foster & Rob Pearlstein D: Kevin Hooks

10-12-15 ROBOTS W: David Foster & Nicholas Wootton D: Sylvain White

11-16-15 US VS. UN VS. UK W: Scott Sullivan & Nick Santora D: Omar Madha

3-14-16 TICKER W: Rob Pearlstein D: Mel Damski


8-6-16 OH HOSTAGE! MY HOSTAGE! W: Brian Chamberlayne D: Steve Boyum


10-21-16 TOOTHPICK W: Nancy Kiu D: Bobby Roth

11-18-16 CHISEL W: Bret VandenBos & Brandon Willer D: Brad Tanenbaum

12-9-16 PLIERS W: Brian Durkin D: Lee Rose

2- 3-17 FISH SCALER St: John Turman Scr: Craig O'Neill and David Slack D: Eagle Egilsson

12-15-17 BULLET + PEN W: Marqui Jackson D: Carlos Bernard

1-12-18 CO2 SENSOR + TREE BRANCH St: Timothy J. Lea Scr: Marqui Jackson & Andrew Karlsruher D: Brad Turner

4-6-18 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN + GREY DUFFLE St: Andrew Klein Scr: Andrew Karlsruher D: Sharat Raju


10-12-16 CONDONE UNTIDIEST THREATS W: Christina M. Kim D: Rob Seidenglanz

10-26-16 RESOLVES ELEVEN MYTHS W: Eric Buchman D: Jeff F. King

2-15-17 BORROW OR ROB W: Eric Buchman D: Laura Belsey

2-22-17 DRAW O CAESAR, ERASE A COWARD W: Christina M. Kim D: Darnell Martin

12-8-17 ADORING SUSPECT W: Eric Buchman D: Glen Winter