Biff Bronson

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Biff Bronson

Good natured hero Biff Bronson and his comic sidekick Dan Druff appeared in More Fun Comics from #43 (May 1939) to #67 (May 1941). Neither man had any super powers; both were regular guys who wore ordinary business suits, and who had adventures. Dan, who loves to eat, anticipates Tubby Watts in Johnny Quick, who debuted later in the same comic book with "Riddle of the Crying Clown" (#71, September 1941).

The Mechanical Marching Men (1940). Writer: Al Sulman. Art: Joe Sulman. Biff and Dan fight against the Wizard, a crooked scientist who tries to take over and loot using his army of mechanical robots. This is a fun little tale, naïve in its telling, but full of a period charm.

The Stolen Pearls (1940). Writer: Al Sulman. Art: Joe Sulman. Dan is framed for the theft of a pearl necklace. Funny story, in which Dan's mother shows up.