Mr. Risk

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Mr. Risk

Mr. Risk appeared from (Vol. 3, #2) (July 1942) through (Vol. 8, #6) (July 1949) in Super-Mystery Comics. He had previously appeared in Our Flag Comics #5 (April 1942), and he also appeared in the omnibus Four Favorites #6, 9 and 10 (1942-1943). Mr. Risk was more or less a detective; he had no super-powers or costume.

The Butlers Did It (1946). (Title made up by me.) A suitor tells Mr. Risk that he is suddenly not allowed to see his society girl-friend - that the new butlers won't let him in the house.

The two butlers are built like gorillas. They look sharp in their tuxedo-like formal wear, with elaborate tailcoats. This was an era in which everyone in the US wanted to dress up in formal clothes.

Both Mr. Risk and the young suitor Bob Horne are in sharp double-breasted clothes. Mr. Risk wears his dressy suit with an ascot, not a tie - an unusual figure of style that gives him upper class dash, and makes him stand out in a crowd.

The courtroom is full of tall, vertical windows. which repeat at intervals. These strong verticals are prominent in the compositions.

Mystery on the Docks (1946). Tale signed "DOC". (Title made up by me.) Mr. Risk investigates jewel smugglers in New York City's docks. While the story never says so, the recognizable New York City bridges in the art make clear where this tale is set.

As in the previous tale, the art is strongly atmospheric, vividly conveying different locations. There are a lot of verticals in the art, which anchor the compositions.

Mr. Risk takes on risky situations for other people. As he explains, "I'm not a trouble shooter! I merely assume risks when others are in danger." It's a strange gimmick. But it is mildly different and original - enough to hang a series on.