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Curtis Harrington

A big thanks to Mike Lewis for enabling me to see Darkroom on the big screen.

Curtis Harrington: Subjects

Technology: Movies: Culture: Metaphysics: Society: Relationships: Animals: Plants: Beverages and social events: Transportation: Suspense: Identity: Atmosphere: Beach and Sea: Prints:

Curtis Harrington: Structure and Influences

Structure: Influences:

Curtis Harrington: Visual Style

Machinery and Spectacle: Movable Doorways: Architecture: Miniatures: Streetlights: Mirrors: Octagons: Grids of Rectangles: Straight-Line Designs: Curved Geometry: Camera Movement: Visual Style: Composition: Depth Staging: Color (see also sections above on "rose as a gift", "red flowers"): Costumes:


Here are ratings for various films directed by Curtis Harrington. Everything at least **1/2 is recommended.

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