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Alan Crosland

Alan Crosland is a Hollywood film director. He spent much of career on "romantic melodramas": non-comedy films about the struggles of characters to find romance. They often have to fight villains' schemes and terrible obstacles. Alan Crosland also made other kinds of films, such as mystery thrillers, and social commentary dramas.

Alan Crosland made two key early sound films that led to the birth of "talkies": Don Juan (1926) and The Jazz Singer (1927).

Some common subjects in the films of Alan Crosland:

Society: People in the arts: Technology: Settings: Architecture: Costumes:

The Flapper

The Flapper (1920) stars the once famous Olive Thomas.


Massacre (1934) is a ferocious social protest movie, about Native American rights. It should be better known.

Massacre recalls silent films supporting Native American rights, such as The Vanishing American (George B. Seitz, 1925) and Redskin (Victor Schertzinger, 1929).